Wednesday, September 20, 2006

When George was still driving around drunk

I don't get all this talk about George W. Bush and his so-called "War On Terror." It is my opinion he is trying to cover his ass because he actually is complicit in the attacks on USS Cole and New York. My instincts tell me that someone, such as Microsoft and accomplices, revealed my covert military activities in the 1980s and that revelation triggered the attacks on the Cole and New York. If no one had revealed our secret activities, none of those retaliatory attacks would have taken place. I am guessing they are trying to make me the scapegoat and that is why so much craziness has been going on around me all these years.

Thanks to ABC World News Now the other morning for playing a clip of Ronald Reagan at the UN in 1986. I have been wondering for a couple years if the date September 22nd meant anything special to me and this may be it. Reagan gave a speech primarily about the Soviet threat to our peace, but he also addressed the threat of terrorism and that the U.S. military was actively working to counter it. I found the transcript of the speech on the Reagan archive website and I have listed the relevant portion below as well as some other speeches I reviewed:

Address to the 41st Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, New York
September 22, 1986

In addition to regional disputes, the grave threat of terrorism also jeopardizes the hopes for peace. No cause, no grievance, can justify it. Terrorism is heinous and intolerable. It is the crime of cowards -- cowards who prey on the innocent, the defenseless, and the helpless. With its allies and other nations, the United States has taken steps to counter terrorism directly, particularly state-sponsored terrorism. Last April the United States demonstrated that it will defend its interests and act against terrorist aggression. And let me assure all of you today, especially let me assure any potential sponsors of terrorism, that the American people are of one mind on this issue. Like other civilized peoples of the world, we have reached our limit. Attacks against our citizens or our interests will not go unanswered. We will also do all in our power to help other law-abiding nations threatened by terrorist attacks.

The President's News Conference
May 7, 1986

Q. Mr. President, you came to Tokyo saying that you didn't want a grandiose statement on terrorism, you wanted action. Now you have your statement, but your fellow summit leaders say that nothing really has changed. What actions do you expect, if any?

The President. Well, I find it difficult to believe that the people that I've been meeting with, the heads of state, would have indicated anything otherwise; because what we have agreed upon is that terrorism is a threat to all of us. It is an attack upon the world. The determination of terrorists who murder and maim innocent people in pursuit of some political goal, and that the way to deal with it is not individually or unilaterally but to deal with it together. And this was the sense of the agreement that we arrived at, that we are going to act together with regard to opposing terrorism, to isolate those States that provide support for terrorism, to isolate them and make them pariahs on the world scene, and even, if possible, to isolate them from their own people.

Q. If I may follow up, sir. There were no sanctions or joint actions specified. Could you tell us what action you do expect?

The President. We discussed at great length specific actions and all. But the statement was one to simply say that we together will decide upon what is appropriate, depending on the acts, what is the most effective thing to do in the instance of further terror incidents. And we didn't think that it was, perhaps, useful to put all of that into a public statement, telling the terrorists exactly what it was we intended to do.

Remarks at a White House Meeting With Members of the American Business Conference
April 15, 1986

Before discussing the topic at hand, let me talk to you briefly about the events that took place last night. Yesterday, as you know, pilots of the air and naval forces of the United States spoke to the outlaw Libyan regime in the only language that Colonel Qadhafi seems to understand. They performed courageously. Two of our airmen are missing. But let us be clear: Yesterday the United States won but a single engagement in the long battle against terrorism. We will not end that struggle until the free and decent people of this planet unite to eradicate the scourge of terror from the modern world.

Terrorism is the preferred weapon of weak and evil men. And as Edmund Burke reminded us: In order for evil to succeed, it's only necessary that good men do nothing. Yesterday we demonstrated once again that doing nothing is not America's policy; it's not America's way. America's policy has been and remains to use only force as a last result -- or resort, I should say. We would prefer not to have to repeat the events of last night. What is required is for Libya to end its pursuit of terror for political goals. The choice is theirs.

Yet let us not underestimate the reach of Qadhafi's terror. He's tried to subvert half a dozen countries on his own continent of Africa and has had Libyan students and dissidents murdered in faraway capitals. And I would remind the House voting this week that this archterrorist has sent $400 million and an arsenal of weapons and advisers into Nicaragua to bring his war home to the United States. He has bragged that he is helping the Nicaraguans because they fight America on its own ground. We do not underestimate the brutality of this evil man, but Colonel Qadhafi ought not to underestimate either the capacity or legitimate anger of a free people.

Remarks at the Heritage Foundation Anniversary Dinner
April 22, 1986

…So, let's remember this, too: The vast majority of the people in Nicaragua want nothing to do with communism or the militarism it engenders. The day is coming when the democratic promises of the revolution of 1979 will be fulfilled and Nicaragua will be free.

The only point I'm making here is this: We've been talking about the idea of freedom, about expanding its frontiers, since the beginning of this administration. So no one should be surprised that our policies and programs have followed suit. Freedom is on the march; we pledge solidarity to those who seek to make it their own.

In much the same way, no nation -- friend or foe, ally or adversary -- should be surprised by the events of last week and the United States Government's determination to protect American lives and the world from terrorism. I could recite here a long list of speeches and statements by myself and Cabinet officers outlining the terrorist danger, presenting the evidence of collaboration among certain terrorist States and making clear to those States that we would not tolerate what amounts to acts of war against the American people. Only last summer, in an address to the American Bar Association, I outlined the terrorist network, citing evidence the United States Government had accumulated as well as private scholars in the field such as Dr. Avigdor Haselkorn. I carefully outlined the interconnection among those terrorist States and issued the most solemn warnings to their leaders.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Homeless Veteran Of Microsoft

I can't go home until Microsoft and accomplices, such as cowardly Dave Reichert, are charged with treason, which they are guilty of.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Nine-Eleven. A symbol of treason by the ultra-greedy and the spineless politicians that can only get elected by posing as real men.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bill Gates - Joystick General

Bill Gates gambled that his corrupted politicians would back him up as he manipulated the legal system. I assume he has been threatening libel if anyone reports the truth about his criminal activities. He would get away with it as long as his corrupted political conspirators held my life in limbo.

They have also been exposing me to somewhere in some form of media, I guess on the internet. The purpose is to let the enemies I made in the military know where I was so that they would kill me. My current life was intended to be a protective identity, sort of a witness protection program. I still don't know where this is all happening. It is some secret website known to everyone but me. But I know it has been going on for years and continues to this very minute.

My symbolic memories suggest that I worked with Bill Gates well before Microsoft became a succesful company and he cheated me out of an employment contract we had. If the symbolism of my memories are a guide, then I was the first employee of Microsoft.

I am thinking that my memories of working with the UNIVAC computer actually represents some work I did for Microsoft, I guess in the 1970s.

I do not believe it is a coincidence that Paul Allen has a close resemblance to my employer at the time. His name was Rich Molck. I couldn't believe he was going to cheat me out of the contract. I believe that my memories of working for Rich Molck actually represent working for Paul Allen and they broke my employment contract, probably in 1977, because of their greed.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Time's Up

I got the impression that time is up for Microsoft and conspirator's. I don't know what is going to happen next but it is now obvious what they have been up to and the next stage is to bring them to justice for their treason.

Their input was recorded and they received a fair trial. Those that are guilty will find out when their guilty judgments are unsealed. They didn't even have to waste money on lawyers thanks to a new kind of trial system.