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From 2/6/1911 ( Ronald Reagan ) To 11/20/1985 ( from the official United States Navy documents of Kerry Burgess: "CO,NEPTDCEN ADV LTR 1-86" ) is 27316 days

27316 = 13658 + 13658

From 11/2/1965 ( the known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA of Kerry Burgess ) To 3/26/2003 is 13658 days


FEB. 4 2015 6:47 PM

Brian Williams Still Has a Lot of Questions to Answer About His Iraq Helicopter Story

By Ben Mathis-Lilley

Update, 11:00 p.m.: Brian Williams apologized on-air tonight for claiming that he was in a helicopter hit by an RPG in Iraq, but the version of events he gives in his apology is vague in a way that avoids addressing the main accusation of the soldiers quoted in Stars and Stripes questioning his accounts of events. Those soldiers, in Stars and Stripes' telling, say that not only was Williams not in a helicopter that was hit by an RPG, but that he was nowhere near the helicopters that were actually fired upon.

Said Williams tonight: "I made a mistake in recalling the events of 12 years ago. … I want to apologize. I said I was traveling in an aircraft that was hit by RPG fire. I was instead in a following aircraft. We all landed after the ground fire incident." Williams' apology is reminiscent of his original reporting on the incident in 2003, which the Washington Post's Erik Wemple has located and posted. Stars and Stripes wrote today that Williams—post-apology—still believes that this initial account is accurate.

In the initial account (given on both the Nightly News and a Dateline episode on March 26, 2003), Williams clearly states that he was part of a group of helicopters that was fired upon while performing a mission:

We are one of four Chinook helicopters flying north this morning, third in line. As we head toward the drop point the Iraqi landscape looks quiet. We can see a convoy of American troop carriers and supply vehicles heading north.
This 2003 account, like Williams' apology, implies the helicopters landed together after ground fire:

All four choppers dropped their load and landed immediately.

However, Stars and Stripes' piece says unequivocally that Williams' helicopter was not part of the group that was fired upon—not third in line, and not part of the line at all.

... Crew members on the 159th Aviation Regiment’s Chinook that was hit by two rockets and small arms fire told Stars and Stripes that the NBC anchor was nowhere near that aircraft or two other Chinooks flying in the formation that took fire. Williams arrived in the area about an hour later on another helicopter after the other three had made an emergency landing, the crew members said.

The soldiers quoted by Stars and Stripes say that they recall being upset at the time by the inaccuracies in this 2003 version of events.

It's also worth noting that, in his 2003 account, Williams says he knew about the ground fire because of "radio traffic" and from information he learned "on the ground." However, in 2007 and 2008 blog posts on the incident, Williams speaks as if he saw the fire himself:

Wayne and I were riding along as part of an Army mission to deliver bridge components to the Euphrates River, so that the invading forces of the 3rd Infantry could cross the river on their way to Bagdhad. We came under fire by what appeared to be Iraqi farmers with RPG's and AK-47's. The Chinook helicopter flying in front of ours (from the 101st Airborne) took an RPG to the rear rotor, as all four of our low-flying Chinooks took fire.

In his apology statement today, Williams said that re-reading his 2008 post helped him remember what had actually happened. But his 2007-2008 versions of events don't seem to be in line with Stars and Stripes' account or his own disputed 2003 account.

I've reached out to an NBC Nightly News representative about the continuing inconsistensies and will post any response they make.

Original post, 6:45 p.m.: NBC News anchor Brian Williams has recanted a claim, made on air on Jan. 30, that he was aboard a helicopter in Iraq that was hit by rocket-propelled grenade fire—but his recantation itself is still at odds with the version of events given by soldiers.

In the course of introducing a Jan. 30 segment about a veteran he'd met in Iraq, Williams said that the helicopter he was traveling in during a 2003 trip to Iraq "was forced down after being hit by an RPG." In a new statement, Williams admitted that he was not on the helicopter that was hit, writing that he did not mean to dissemble and believes he confused his memory of the situation because he'd watched footage (taken by the NBC crew he was with) of the damaged helicopter multiple times.

However, Williams says he was reminded of the true version of events by reading a 2008 blog post he'd written which helped him remember that he was a passenger in "the Chinook behind the bird that took the RPG." In that post, Williams says that his helicopter and the one that was hit were flying together and implies that they were all forced down at once, writing that he himself saw "what appeared to be Iraqi farmers with RPG's and AK-47's."

According to the soldiers interviewed by Stars and Stripes, though, Williams' Chinook was nowhere near the fire and actually landed next to the fired-upon helicopters because of a sandstorm.

Williams and his camera crew were actually aboard a Chinook in a formation that was about an hour behind the three helicopters that came under fire, according to crew member interviews.

That Chinook took no fire and landed later beside the damaged helicopter due to an impending sandstorm from the Iraqi desert, according to Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Miller, who was the flight engineer on the aircraft that carried the journalists.

Williams made similar claims in a 2007 post, writing that the four helicopters took fire and landed together.

NBC also broadcast a segment on March 26, 2003 titled “Target Iraq: Helicopter NBC’s Brian Williams Was Riding In Comes Under Fire."

No footage of that segment has yet surfaced, but three soldiers interviewed by Stars and Stripes say they watched it and recall that it involved the false claim that Williams' helicopter had come under fire.

Channel 9

The History of Microsoft - 1985

Posted: Apr 16, 2009 at 5:25AM

By: Tina

November 20, 1985

Microsoft ships the retail version of Windows, an operating system that extends the features of the MS-DOS.

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The Americans - "a lifetime as an underachiever in the shadow of an accomplished father"

Battle of Najaf (2003)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Battle of Najaf was a major battle in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The first stage of the battle was fought when the US 3rd Infantry Division fought to surround the town. The second stage was fought when soldiers from the U.S. 101st Airborne Division fought to clear and secure the city.

Apache attack on March 24

On March 24, 32 AH-64D Longbow Apache attack helicopters of the 11th Aviation Regiment were tasked with carrying out a long range penetration mission against armored forces belonging to the Iraqi Republican Guard's Medina Division which was positioned outside Najaf. Rather than provide close air support near the front lines, the helicopters were going to be used in a manner similar to strike aircraft.

It is believed that Iraqi observers had the 11th AvR's forward assembly areas under observation. Regardless, when the helicopter forces of 1-227 AVN and 6-6 CAV approached Najaf that night, the city's power grid was shut down for several seconds as a signal that the helicopters were approaching.

From 8/28/1953 ( premiere US film "War Paint" ) To 1/17/1991 ( the Persian Gulf War begins ) is 13656 days

From 11/2/1965 ( the known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA of Kerry Burgess ) To 3/24/2003 is 13656 days

The New York Times

Antiaircraft Fire Described as 'Hornet's Nest'


Published: March 24, 2003

KUWAIT, March 24 - Having swept more than 300 miles over desert and mud in southern Iraq, an American army gathered itself south of Baghdad today, flinging artillery fire and airborne helicopter forces against the Medina Division of Iraq's Republican Guard, the outer ring of Saddam Hussein's final defense.

But withering antiaircraft fire described as a ``hornet's nest'' drove back an airborne force of more than 30 Apache helicopters, downing one in a farmer's field.

Iraqi television showed images of what it said were the two pilots. The Pentagon identified the missing crewmen as Chief Warrant Officer Ronald D. Young Jr., 26, of Georgia, and Chief Warrant Officer David S. Williams, 30, of Florida.

Nearly all the gunships sustained damage, and military commanders said they were disappointed in their initial failure to destroy the entrenched Iraqi forces from the air.

In Nasiriya, in central Iraq, 5,000 marines battled to cement control over the city, the scene of intense fighting on Sunday that left several marines and soldiers dead, and others wounded, captured or missing. Control of the Euphrates River crossroads and its bridges is vital to supporting and provisioning the army that raced over the river toward Baghdad this weekend.

``This will plainly be a crucial moment,'' Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain said of the battle that began Sunday night and carried into today.

Elsewhere, both Secretary General Kofi Annan of the United Nations and President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia expressed concern over a looming civilian crisis in Basra. There were intense efforts by the American-led invasion force to secure the port at Umm Qasr and clear mines so that an aid ship could bring relief supplies ashore.

In northern Iraq, an American bomber trying to take out a bridge reportedly hit a bus at the Syrian border, killing five civilians and wounding many more.

At a briefing in Qatar, the commander of the coalition forces, Gen. Tommy R. Franks of the United States Army, asserted that Sunday's casualties and setbacks were no surprise. Some analysts have expressed concern that the Army is strung out with inadequate protection for supply lines.

General Franks, speaking at the Central Command base in Qatar, said that coalition forces had intentionally bypassed enemy formations in a rapid dramatic drive toward Baghdad, though he said they had still managed to take 3,000 prisoners.

He spoke a day after American and British ground forces suffered their worst casualties so far - at least 20 American soldiers were missing or killed and 50 or more were wounded - battling determined forces on two fronts in what an American commander said were ``the sharpest engagements of the war.''

General Franks said fedayeen fighters - members of militia groups under the control of Saddam Hussein's son Uday - had been harassing American rear positions in southern Iraq.

``We know that the fedayeen has in fact put itself in a position to mill about, to create difficulties in rear areas,'' the general said, ``and I can assure you that contact with those forces is not unexpected.''

During his briefing, General Franks repeatedly emphasized that nothing he had seen so far had surprised him or was unexpected.

Asked if he and his commanders had underestimated the tenacity of Iraqi forces and their ability to communicate despite attacks on their command-and-control sites, he replied, ``There is nothing unexpected about it.''

General Franks also said he thought that Basra and Umm Qasr would be pacified ``within a very few days'' to allow the entry of humanitarian supplies. Late last week, American and British commanders said that both cities were under allied control.

The general also said that he was not surprised by the prevalence of lethal friendly fire nor that American forces had so far found no chemical or biological weapons.

American officials reported that one soldier in the Third Infantry Division was killed by a sniper today as the division consolidated its positions on a broad plateau north of Najaf.

After pushing deep into Iraq over three days, the division's units continued to clash with small pockets of Iraqi forces in and around their positions. There were few indications that the division's heavy armored brigades were prepared to move forward.

Instead, the American soldiers concentrated on establishing security over dozens of miles of scrub desert and on bringing up food, water and other supplies after a long march northward from the Kuwaiti border.

Army weapons inspectors began searching an ammunition depot seized on Sunday for evidence that Saddam Hussein's government had stored chemical weapons there. The First Brigade's second battalion seized the sprawling depot without a fight, capturing 93 prisoners, including one believed to be a general.

The depot - two-and-a-half miles by five-and-a-half miles in size - is on a Bush administration list of suspected chemical weapons sites, and it was one of the main objectives of the division's rapid advance over the escarpment north of Najaf.

Most of the American losses have occurred at Nasiriya, which is about 100 miles north of the Kuwaiti border. An Army maintenance convoy was ambushed there on Sunday, resulting in the death or capture of about a dozen soldiers, some of whose images were beamed around the world by Arab television. Fighting continued there today.

Later on Sunday, marines attacked the city, and during a fierce battle with about 500 Iraqi defenders, a rocket-propelled grenade struck a troop carrier, witnesses said, killing up to 10 troops.

Military officials said dozens more were wounded in the battle, and helicopters were seen ferrying the wounded out of the city.

Meanwhile, the main force of the allied army - the Army's Third Infantry Division and the First Marine Expeditionary Force - raced toward Baghdad, with the largest Army force passing Najaf. It paused on the way to Karbala for the night, about 100 miles south of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

In general, allied forces skirted centers of population, keeping their focus firmly on Baghdad. The central American objective of the war is the removal of Saddam Hussein's government from power and the subsequent disarmament of the country.

President Bush said he grieved with the parents of the soldiers lost in battle but he expressed confidence that the campaign would succeed.

General's Franks's deputy, Lt. Gen. John Abizaid, raised a number of alarms about the days ahead. Intelligence reports, he said, indicated that Iraqi troops were wiring explosives to bridges in Baghdad and placing other explosives ``against certain buildings in Shia neighborhoods,'' implying that the Iraqi government might be preparing to inflict civilian casualties and then blame allied bombing for the damage.

He also described scenes from today's fighting that appeared to enrage American commanders.

In one incident, Iraqi troops raised a white flag of surrender - only to attack their approaching captors with artillery fire. In another, he said, a group of civilians made motions to surrender and then opened fire when American marines came forward. Five marines were reported wounded.

Over all, the Iraqi tactics, while showing little coherent military organization, appeared to expose a potential weakness in the dash the American forces were making to Baghdad.

By skipping over cities, American forces appeared to have left their flanks and rear areas exposed to counterattacks by irregulars under the command of Republican Guard officers dispatched by Baghdad to galvanize resistance and slow the coalition advance.

Among the missing Americans were a dozen members of the Army's 507th Maintenance Company who took a wrong turn and drove into Nasiriya without an armored escort, military officials said. Their convoy was attacked by tank fire.

Iraqi television reports said a number had been taken prisoner, and Pentagon officials said that appeared to be true. State television broadcast interviews with five of the captives, which was rebroadcast around the world by Al Jazeera, the Arab satellite network based in Qatar.

The American prisoners appeared frightened. Some bore wounds. An interviewer asked them to state their names and their units. Other video showed the bodies of several soldiers as a smiling Iraqi rolled one body over to face the camera.


War Paint (1953)

Release Info

USA 28 August 1953


War Paint (1953)

Plot Summary

An Indian and his beautiful sister attempt to destroy a cavalry patrol trying to deliver a peace treaty to their chief.

Battle of Najaf (2003)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Apache attack on March 24

Heavy antiaircraft and small arms fire targeted the helicopters. Every single helicopter on the mission was hit and one even survived a direct hit from a rocket-propelled grenade. The flight turned back towards base, with some of the helicopters on fire and others running on one engine or shot full of holes. One Apache was brought down and crash-landed in a marsh. Combat search-and-rescue aircraft were unable to reach the crash site due to the heavy antiaircraft fire. The two crew, CWO Ronald Young Jr. and CWO David Williams, attempted to evade Iraqi forces by swimming down a canal. After swimming a quarter mile, they left the canal and tried to make a break across open ground towards a treeline. However, they were spotted in the bright moonlight by armed civilians and surrendered after being fired upon. They were handed over to Iraqi forces and would eventually be rescued in mid-April near Tikrit. The Iraqi government would show the helicopter on TV and claim that the helicopter had been shot down by a farmer with a bolt-action rifle, however due to the high volume of anti-aircraft fire and the armor of the Apache it is unlike that a single rifle could bring down an Apache. The downed helicopter was later destroyed by firing two MGM-140 ATACMS surface-to-surface missiles at it from long range to prevent its equipment being used by the Iraqis.

The failed attack would cause much controversy, with some arguing that the mission showed the Apache was ineffective at long range strikes due to lack of stealth and high vulnerability to ground fire due to lack of adequate armor, and that it should be limited to close air support missions. Others argued that the failure of the March 24 mission was due to poor planning and breaches of operational security rather than any defect in the Apache itself.

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Salmonberg Melrose

excite tv

The Simpsons (Repeat)

618 FXXPHD: Thursday, June 30 9:00 PM [ 9:00 PM Thursday 30 June 2016 Pacific Time USA ]

Sitcom, Animated

You Only Move Twice

Homer accepts a new job and moves the family to Cypress Creek, where the perfect setting soon turns sour.

Cast: Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Harry Shearer, Hank Azaria Executive Producer(s): James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, David Mirkin

Original Air Date: Nov 03, 1996

Springfield! Springfield!

The Simpsons

You Only Move Twice

Mr. Scorpio says productivity is up two percent and it's all because of my motivational techniques like doughnuts, and the possibility of more doughnuts to come.

I knew you'd do well, Homer.

Sports collectibles! Wow, a baseball made out of Secretariat!

[Gasps] Tom Landry's hat! And it's autographed! "To Berman's Dry Cleaning. Best wishes, Tom Landry."

Why don't you buy it?

I can't buy that. Only management-type guys with big salaries like me can afford things like that. [Gasps] Guys like me! I'm a guy like me!

Springfield! Springfield!

The Simpsons

You Only Move Twice

All right, team, it's the fourth quarter. The Lord gave us the atoms, and it's up to us to make 'em dance. Hey, if Tom Landry's hat doesn't motivate you then I should just quit right now.

I'm sorry. We're just a little tired, sir. We've been pushing ourselves real hard to get the reactor online.

Tired, eh? What you guys need is hammocks.

Uh, hi, Homer. What can I do for you?

Sir, I need to know where I can get some business hammocks.

Hammocks? My goodness, what an idea. Why didn't I think of that? Hammocks!

From 9/28/1956 ( premiere US film "The Best Things in Life Are Free" ) To 11/3/1996 is 14646 days

14646 = 7323 + 7323

From 11/2/1965 ( the known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA of Kerry Burgess ) To 11/20/1985 ( from the official United States Navy documents of Kerry Burgess: "CO,NEPTDCEN ADV LTR 1-86" ) is 7323 days

From 10/27/1943 ( Franklin Roosevelt - Message to Congress on the Education of War Veterans ) To 11/3/1996 is 19366 days

19366 = 9683 + 9683

From 11/2/1965 ( the known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA of Kerry Burgess ) To 5/7/1992 ( the first launch of the US space shuttle Endeavour orbiter vehicle mission STS-49 includes Kerry Wayne Burgess the United States Marine Corps officer and United States STS-49 pilot astronaut ) is 9683 days

From 8/22/1964 ( Lyndon Johnson - Remarks Upon Awarding the Silver Star Posthumously to Sgt. Harry A. Walling ) To 8/24/1995 ( Microsoft Windows 95 ) is 11324 days

From 11/2/1965 ( the known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA of Kerry Burgess ) To 11/3/1996 is 11324 days

From 10/2/1962 ( premiere US TV series "Combat!"::series premiere episode "Forgotten Front" ) To 10/3/1993 ( the Battle of Mogadishu Somalia begins ) is 11324 days

From 11/2/1965 ( the known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA of Kerry Burgess ) To 11/3/1996 is 11324 days

From 3/16/1991 ( the first successful major test of his ultraspace matter transportation device by Kerry Wayne Burgess the successful Ph.D. graduate Columbia South Carolina ) To 11/3/1996 is 2059 days

From 11/2/1965 ( the known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA of Kerry Burgess ) To 6/23/1971 ( premiere US film "Le Mans" ) is 2059 days

From 5/12/1991 ( Kerry Burgess was the winning race driver at the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix ) To 11/3/1996 is 2002 days

2002 = 1001 + 1001

From 11/2/1965 ( the known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA of Kerry Burgess ) To 7/30/1968 ( Lyndon Johnson - Remarks at a Ceremony Inaugurating a Pilot Program for the Training of Vietnam War Veterans as Teachers ) is 1001 days

The Simpsons Season 8 Episode 2

You Only Move Twice

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 1996 on FOX

AIRED: 11/3/96


The Best Things in Life Are Free (1956)

Release Info

USA 28 September 1956

Springfield! Springfield!

The Simpsons

You Only Move Twice

Mr. Smithers, may we offer you a ride to work?

[Chuckles] No, thank you. [Humming]

We're from Globex Corporation. We'd like to talk to you about an exciting employment opportunity in our nuclear division.

Flattered but spoken for.

We're prepared to offer you an impressive salary plus health benefits for you and your life partner.

The answer is no. What's wrong with this country? Can't a man walk down the street without being offered a job?

You Only Move Twice [ The Simpsons ]

Original airdate in U.S.: 3-Nov-96

TV: "Cypress Creek: The Tale of One City".

Homer: Uh, let's watch something else.

Marge: Homer, you're trying to talk us into moving to this place.

Homer: Oh, yeah, that's right. Let's watch this.

The promotional video is as crappy as you could imagine, picturing an ugly suburb, plagued with criminality, which turns into the perfect community; parking meters become trees, abandoned warehouses become coffee shops, and a bum becomes a mailbox.

Springfield! Springfield!

The Simpsons

You Only Move Twice

[ Otto: ] Oh, wow! Windows! [Chuckles] I don't think I could afford this place.

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Wayward Pines

Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 6

City Upon a Hill

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jun 29, 2016 on FOX

AIRED: 6/29/16

Springfield! Springfield!

Wayward Pines

City Upon a Hill

I was expecting Pilcher.

He's busy. He sent me. Don't worry, I walked, and I wasn't followed.

Would you even know if you were?



Kerry Burgess


Taken on June 9, 2016


I started wondering yesterday whether that Letter of Commendation from Captain Chandler actually refers to this event. I have been thinking of that part "displaying exception skill and resourcefulness, Petty Officer Burgess' attention to detail

[JOURNAL ARCHIVE 2006 excerpt ends]

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"Did you explain school to him?"

The American Presidency Project

Ronald Reagan

XL President of the United States: 1981 - 1989

Designation of Kathleen Wilson Lawrence as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Rural Telephone Bank

November 20, 1984

The President today announced his intention to designate Kathleen Wilson Lawrence to be a member of the Board of Directors of the Rural Telephone Bank, Department of Agriculture. She would succeed Ruth A. Reister.

Mrs. Lawrence has been serving as Deputy Under Secretary for Small Community and Rural Development at the Department of Agriculture since May of this year. In 1979 she formed the Lawrence Co., specializing in management consulting for political organizations and candidates. She served as campaign director for Governor Holton's 1978 Senate campaign and was northern Virginia director for the Obenshain and Warner Senate campaigns. Mrs. Lawrence was executive director of the National Federation of Republican Women in Washington, DC, in 1975. In 1968-1973 she was a staff assistant to the President in the White House Office of Public Liaison.

Mrs. Lawrence graduated from Queens College in 1960. She is married, has three children, and resides in Alexandria, VA. She was born December 7, 1940, in New York, NY.


Kerry Burgess



E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)


E.T.: Ouch.

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"Microsoft Squeezing Most From Promotion"

Arnie (TV series)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Original network CBS

Original release September 19, 1970 – March 6, 1972

Arnie is a television sitcom that ran for two seasons (1970–72) on the CBS network. It starred Herschel Bernardi, Sue Ane Langdon, and Roger Bowen.

Bernardi played the title character, Arnie Nuvo, a longtime blue collar employee at the fictitious Continental Flange Company, who overnight was promoted to an executive position. The story lines mainly focused on this fish-out-of-water situation, and on Arnie's sometimes-problematic relationship with his well-meaning but wealthy and eccentric boss, Hamilton Majors Jr. (Bowen). Because he still held his union card, Arnie could negotiate tricky management/labor situations that no one else could. Arnie's surname was presumably a pun on nouveau riche (which his promotion effectively made him), and possibly also on Art Nouveau.

In addition to Bernardi, Bowen, and Langdon (as Arnie's wife Lilian), cast members included Del Russel and Stephanie Steele as Arnie's son and daughter, Richard and Andrea; Elaine Shore as Arnie's secretary, Felicia; and Herb Voland as sour-tempered executive Neil Ogilvie.

In its first season, despite being the lead-in to The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Saturday nights and winning an Emmy nomination as best comedy series, Arnie received only fair Nielsen ratings.

From 11/20/1985 ( from the official United States Navy documents of Kerry Burgess: "CO,NEPTDCEN ADV LTR 1-86" ) To 8/24/1995 is 3564 days

3564 = 1782 + 1782

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 9/19/1970 ( premiere US TV series "Arnie" ) is 1782 days

From 1/30/1956 ( premiere US TV series episode "TV Reader's Digest"::"Cochise, Greatest of the Apaches" ) To 11/20/1985 ( from the official United States Navy documents of Kerry Burgess: "CO,NEPTDCEN ADV LTR 1-86" ) is 10887 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 8/24/1995 is 10887 days

[ See also: ]
[ See also: ]

Chicago Tribune

Windows Open To Let In The Hype

Microsoft Squeezing Most From Promotion

August 24, 1995 By Tim Jones and James Coates, Tribune Staff Writers.

Like innocents ambling about, just waiting to be victimized by the latest in promotional panhandling, we go through life bombarded with dubious pitches for everything from anti-aging creams to Cubic Zirconia.

But most-and maybe all-previous commercial efforts pale in comparison to the buildup for Thursday's worldwide launch of Windows 95, the revolutionary new personal computer operating system from the software giant Microsoft Corp., which is touting it like Wonder Bread.

Arnie Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Sep 19, 1970 on CBS

This comedy about the sudden status leap of a blue-collar worker features Herschel Bernardi in the title role, Roger Bowen as his smug, polo-playing boss and Elaine Shore as his roly-poly secretary (TV Guide)

AIRED: 9/19/70

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Season 1 Episode 1

Love is All Around

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 19, 1970 on CBS

Mary Richards decides to move to Minneapolis after being jilted by her fiancé and there joins her friend Phyllis. Mary's life changes forever when she applies for a secretarial job at WJM-TV, and when she moves into her new apartment.

AIRED: 9/19/70

TV Reader's Digest Season 2 Episode 16

Cochise, Greatest of the Apaches

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 1956 on ABC

Former Civil War leader General Oliver Otis Howard is sent by President Grant to meet with the Chief of the Apaches, Cochise, and end a 12-year war.

AIRED: 1/30/56


Google Maps

Water Ridge Pkwy

Charlotte, North Carolina

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Weirdest thing. I was trying to fall asleep earlier and my mind was churning trying to recall the precise details I had posted earlier. I remembered the detail about 1884 and I remembered what I had published here about 1985 but I just could not recall what that was connected to. As best I recall now that was what I was thinking about when I finally fell asleep.

So now, during the first half hour of 8 PM this evening of 29 June 2016 I started thinking about some recent posts I made enlightening you dullards about my service record and I decided to take a look again at those records for some new post to make here.

After shuffling a few pages I read closely a page I had seen before years ago but that I didn't pay much attention to.

And even then, after reading that relevant and compelling calendar date written in my documents, I still didn't connect the two events in my mind. I knew the date looked familiar but that's not a date that is locked into my declarative memory. The idea popped into my mind to see if I had many any past references to it. And there it is, just recently as 5 days ago.

JOURNAL ARCHIVE: - posted by H.V.O.M - Kerry Wayne Burgess 3:49 PM Pacific Time Spokane Valley Washington USA Friday 24 June 2016 -

From 8/7/1884 ( Billie Burke ) To 11/20/1985 ( Microsoft Windows 1.0 ) is 36994 days

36994 = 18497 + 18497

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 6/24/2016 is 18497 days

From 8/12/1939 ( premiere US film "The Wizard of Oz" ) To 4/3/1990 ( Edna Reindel deceased ) is 18497 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 6/24/2016 is 18497 days


Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

Release Info

USA 20 June 2016 (Los Angeles, California) (premiere)
USA 24 June 2016

[JOURNAL ARCHIVE 24 June 2016 excerpt ends]

12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 27, 2016 on Syfy

AIRED: 6/27/16

Springfield! Springfield!

12 Monkeys


Mother, the storms! You said there are still some safe places.
You know the path.
Why won't you lead us?


Burn After Reading (2008)


[last lines]

CIA Superior: What did we learn, Palmer?

CIA Officer: I don't know, sir.

CIA Superior: I don't fuckin' know either. I guess we learned not to do it again.

CIA Officer: Yes, sir.

JOURNAL ARCHIVE: posted by H.V.O.M at 2:50 PM Thursday, June 21, 2007

Original airdate
UK: November 15, 2004
US: February 4, 2005

You Can't Go Home Again

Lt. Starbuck crash-lands her Viper on a hostile planet

Starbuck finds herself on a barren world racked by violent winds.

Starbuck finds an oxygen supply

[JOURNAL ARCHIVE 21 June 2007 excerpt ends]

The Bellingham Herald

NOVEMBER 8, 2009 12:01 AM

Kamikaze pilot crashed into USS Zellars

Art Barnes, a fire controlman third class, was aboard the destroyer USS Zellars supporting the invasion of Okinawa when a kamikaze crashed into the port side of the ship on April 12, 1945.

The plane's 1,100-pound bomb tore through several bulkheads, then exploded on the starboard side, killing 43 crew members. Barnes suffered a gash across the bridge of his nose.

A businessman now retired in Bellingham, Barnes, 82, is the author of several books, including "In the Service of Our Country, the Ship and Her Men of the USS Zellars DD 777." He commissioned California artist Skip Rains to depict the event.

The Sentinel

Fire in the hole: GW Fire Controlman face demanding, rewarding career path

Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Loni Lopez USS George Washington Public Affairs Oct 21, 2014

USS GEORGE WASHINGTON, At Sea (NNS) -- The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) has a unique team of specially trained Sailors, Fire Controlman (FC), who detect and engage threats with weapons systems aboard the ship around the clock.

The mission of FCs is to effectively and efficiently defend their destroyer, cruiser or carrier by utilizing the Ship's Self Defense System (SSDS).

"Most people who have asked me about my rate think we're engineers or we're firefighters, but we are so much more than firefighters," said Fire Controlman Second Class Miguel Moreno, from Homestead, Florida. "We combine key aspects of an array of different rates to operate our equipment to provide a multitude of fire control support whether it is offensive or defensive through an ever-changing plethora of missions. We're the rate that puts the war in war ship."

FCs maintain and operate many of the ship's weapons systems aboard, such as the Rolling Airframe Missile Systems, Sea Sparrow Surface Missile Systems, Guided Missile Weapon System and the Close-In Weapons System 20-mm gun mounts.

"Our weapons systems work within a network [SSDS] to detect and engage threats," said Fire Controlman Third Class Semaj Roots from Shreveport, Louisiana. "Through the entire detect-to-engage sequence we are able to make calculated decisions in how to protect the ship and the Sailors aboard."

Unlike their counterparts on cruisers and destroyers, FCs stationed aboard aircraft carriers have a different focus.

"We are primarily defensive on our carrier whereas the cruiser or destroyer is often used as an offensive weapon," said Fire Controlman Third Class Kevin Hodges, from Naperville, Illinois. "We are here to ensure that our ship stays safe in the face of any threat we face through a layered system of security."

According to Moreno, one of the most rewarding aspects of being an FC is being able to protect the ship around the clock.

"The job can be very demanding, but it can be rewarding," said Moreno. "Keeping the ship and all of our embarked shipmates safe while providing our aggressive style of support and being technical experts makes it impossible to envision myself doing any other job in the Navy."

George Washington and its embarked air wing, Carrier Air Wing 5, provide a combat-ready force that protects and defends the collective maritime interests of the U.S. and its allies and partners in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.





DVD DISC - Season 8, Disc 4


This is Ancient technology. We'd need an Ancient to make it work.

Or someone…close.

[Carter smiles, catching that Daniel means O'Neill.]


[O'Neill steps out of the Stargate, hefting a large pack on his shoulder, his P-90 casually slung. He's wearing sunglasses. Maybourne and some of the villagers are waiting to greet him. At Maybourne's signal, musicians strike up a tune. Daniel and Teal'c are standing by the DHD, watching all of this unfold. O'Neill comes down the steps from the Stargate and strolls over to Maybourne.]

Jack! It's great to see ya! How long's it been?

Oh, since that time you got us stranded off-world and tried to kill me.

That takes me back! Aha, I guess congratulations are in order. You made general.

You made king!

Right, well, it's, uh, not a contest.



Kerry Burgess






DVD DISC - Season 8, Disc 4


Do you mind? These guys are torturing that ditty.

Right. Uh, take five, guys.
(the musicians break off)
I, uh, taught ‚ 'em that expression.


(leading O'Neill away)
I'm, uh, hoping that you can stay for a while, check out the sights.

[The only sight O'Neill is taking in are two pretty young villagers giggling nearby.]

Take in the culture. I want you to feel at home here.

Harry, you're aware of the fact that this place is gonna be overrun by a gaggle of bad guys soon?

Yeah, well, maybe.

Right. Carter told me about this prophecy stuff. It's not gonna go down that way, y'know.

Oh, come on, Jack, you've defeated System Lords before.

No! You've got to tell these people they've gotta start packing. We'll take as many as we can.

I can't. I already told them you'd save the day.


Tooting Tooters (1954)

Release Info

USA 13 May 1954


Tooting Tooters (1954)

Plot Summary

In this Columbia All-Star Comedy Andy Clyde is running a second-hand music store and his sister leaves her two boys with him. The boys and some of their friends start playing swing music and after a few numbers, Andy relents on his dislike of the style and starts leading the group, and ends up on a television show.


Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All (1982 TV Movie)

Release Info

USA 21 August 1982


Arabian Adventure (1979)

Release Info

USA 21 November 1979 (New York City, New York)


Cleopatra (1963)

Release Info

USA 12 June 1963 (New York City, New York) (premiere)


Windows (1980)

Release Info

USA 18 January 1980

From 11/20/1985 ( from the official United States Navy documents of Kerry Burgess: "CO,NEPTDCEN ADV LTR 1-86" ) To 2/4/2005 is 7016 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 1/17/1985 ( premiere US TV series episode "Mystery!"::"Praying Mantis 2" ) is 7016 days

From 4/18/1988 ( the United States Navy Operation Praying Mantis ) To 2/4/2005 is 6136 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 8/21/1982 ( premiere US TV movie "Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All" ) is 6136 days

From 5/13/1954 ( premiere US film "Tooting Tooters" ) To 2/4/2005 is 18530 days

18530 = 9265 + 9265

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 3/16/1991 ( the first successful major test of his ultraspace matter transportation device by Kerry Wayne Burgess the successful Ph.D. graduate Columbia South Carolina ) is 9265 days

From 6/12/1963 ( premiere US film "Donovan's Reef" ) To 9/14/2002 ( at Overlake hospital in Bellevue Washington State the announced birth of Phoebe Gates the daughter of Microsoft Bill Gates the transvestite and Microsoft Bill Gates the 100% female gender as born to brother-sister sibling parents and Microsoft Bill Gates the Soviet Union prostitute ) is 14339 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 2/4/2005 is 14339 days

From 6/12/1963 ( premiere US film "Cleopatra" ) To 9/14/2002 ( at Overlake hospital in Bellevue Washington State the announced birth of Phoebe Gates the daughter of Microsoft Bill Gates the transvestite and Microsoft Bill Gates the 100% female gender as born to brother-sister sibling parents and Microsoft Bill Gates the Soviet Union prostitute ) is 14339 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 2/4/2005 is 14339 days

From 2/4/2005 To 5/4/2005 ( the incident at the police department City of Kent Washington State after the voluntary approach of Kerry Burgess to report material criminal activity ) is 89 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 1/30/1966 ( premiere US TV series episode "Bonanza"::"Destiny's Child" ) is 89 days

From 9/4/1976 ( George Walker Bush the purveyor of illegal drugs strictly for his personal profit including the trafficking of massive amounts of cocaine into the United States arrested again by police in the United States ) To 2/4/2005 is 10380 days

10380 = 5190 + 5190

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 1/18/1980 ( premiere US film "Windows" ) is 5190 days

From 1/17/1991 ( the Persian Gulf War begins ) To 2/4/2005 is 5132 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 11/21/1979 ( premiere US film "Arabian Adventure" ) is 5132 days

Stargate SG-1 Season 8 Episode 13

It's Good To Be King

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2005 on Syfy

AIRED: 2/4/05



Stargate SG-1 / Season 8 / It’s Good To Be King

It’s Good To Be King

Original Air Date: 02/04/2005

Report from Tok'ra Intelligence: The war between Ba'al and the system lords has reached a critical stage. To escape Ba'al, Lord Ares is fleeing to a planet he once conquered, drained of Naquadah, then abandoned. Coincidentally, it's the same planet on which Brig. Gen. Jack O'Neill (at that time a colonel) granted his treacherous but likable old buddy, Col. Harry Maybourne, asylum from his enemies on Earth. O'Neill sends SG-1 to get Harry back so that the Goa'uld won't get him. When the team arrives, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c are confronted by a medieval hunting party armed with crossbows. The sentries take SG-1 to see their ruler, King Arkhan — who turns out to be none other than Harry Maybourne. Harry knows the Goa'uld are coming and knew that SG-1 would arrive. He claims to be able to "read" the future. His predictions have saved his people from meteor showers, floods and other disasters. Consequently, the people made him king — and Harry is loving every minute of it. What Harry is really reading are engravings, written in the language of the Ancients, carved on the stone walls of the remains of a temple. The writings are a record of the planet's history. They detail major events — some of which haven't happened yet.


Donovan's Reef (1963)

Release Info

USA 12 June 1963


Donovan's Reef (1963)

Full Cast & Crew

John Wayne ... Michael Patrick 'Guns' Donovan

Battlestar Galactica Season 1 Episode 5

You Can't Go Home Again (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2005 on Syfy


Kara: Like my new toy?

Lee: Boy, when you take a souvenir, you don't screw around.

Battlestar Galactica Season 1 Episode 5

You Can't Go Home Again (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2005 on Syfy


Number Six: (to Baltar) Guess you'll never get to find out if she's a real blonde.



Original Airdate: February 4, 2005 (USA)

Starbuck: Lords, it's Kara Thrace. I'm running a little low on O2 and I could use a lucky break. No? Okay, just thought I'd mention it. (as she reaches the top of the high ground, she sees the Raider in a valley below) Oh, frak.

Treehouse of Horror IX [ The Simpsons ]

Original Airdate on FOX: 25-Oct-1998

% Marge begins to retell the tale. One day, she was having a great
% time hanging laundry in the back yard, when Kang's spacecraft hovered
% ominously in the air. Using advanced alien devices (like a good
% length of rope), they bring Marge aboard the ship, and sit her on a
% couch.

Kang: Congratulations. You have been selected for our cross-breeding program.

Kodos: To put you at ease, we have recreated the most common spawning locations of your species. You may choose either [as Kodos lists the choices, he highlights a mock-up of each one] the back seat of a Camaro, an airplane bathroom, a friend's wedding, or the alley behind a porno theater.

Marge: I absolutely refuse to go along with this; [pause] but since I have no choice, I'll take the alley.



Original Airdate: February 4, 2005 (USA)

Starbuck: Lords, I owe you one. Looks like I found my ride out of here... (to the Raider) if I can fix you up.



a teacher of the highest academic rank in a college or university, who has been awarded the title Professor in a particular branch of learning; a full professor

the principal lecturer or teacher in a field of learning at a university or college; a holder of a university chair


1X01 - 33

Original Airdate: January 14, 2005 (USA)

OC Pilot: (O.S.) one other thing, Boomer: I've got a Dr. Amarak onboard. He claims he has an urgent matter to discuss with the President. He's been driving me crazy.

Boomer: Olympic Carrier, can you be more specific?

OC Pilot: (O.S.) I'm afraid I can't. He says he knows something about a traitor in our midst, and he's unwilling to share any more than that.

Colonial one

Baltar: Madam President, I strongly recommend that we cut off all wireless communication with that ship right away.

Roslin: W-what- why, why?

Baltar: Look, forgive me for being rude, (slaps the table) but wake up, all right?! The only reason the Olympic Carrier is still flying is because the Cylons let them survive. They've been tracking that ship all along. There's probably a cyclon agent aboard right now!

Roslin: Calm down! Start over.

Baltar: Please, Madam President, I implore you, listen to me. Cut off radio communication with that ship



Original Airdate: February 4, 2005 (USA)

Starbuck: First on the list: seal you up

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Caprica Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2010 on Syfy

AIRED: Jan 22, 2010

Springfield! Springfield!



And I didn't do it. Zoe did.

Zoe did?

Turns out she was kind of a chip off the old block.

Springfield! Springfield!



Out! What? It was as out as can be.
Do we need to turn on the line sensors? That's exactly what we're going to do, cheater-girl.
Serge: Yes, sir.
Activate the line sensors, please.
And the auto-umpire.
Serge: Of course, Amanda.
Come on, miss cheater.
Honey, don't go all immature on me just 'cause you know I'm better than you.
What's that, cheater? Sorry, I can't hear you, cheater.
Gods! If only the worlds knew what a baby you are.

- posted by H.V.O.M - Kerry Wayne Burgess 01:28 AM Pacific Time Spokane Valley Washington USA Thursday 30 June 2016

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Unless there's a resurrection."

12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 27, 2016 on Syfy

AIRED: 6/27/16

Springfield! Springfield!

12 Monkeys


See something you like, granny?

Not yet.

JOURNAL ARCHIVE: - posted by H.V.O.M - Kerry Wayne Burgess 09:26 AM Pacific Time USA Wednesday 08 August 2012 -


The Internet Movie Database

Memorable quotes for

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Interviewer: [recorded broadcast on the BBC news] The crew of Discovery One consists of five men and one of the latest generation of the HAL-9000 computers. Three of the five men were put aboard asleep, or to be more precise a state of hibernation. They were Dr. Charles Hunter, Dr. Jack Kimball and Dr. Victor Kaminsky. We spoke with mission commander Dr. David Bowman and his deputy, Dr. Frank Poole. Well, good afternoon gentlemen, how is everything going?

From 4/21/1926 ( my biological grandmother Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II ) To 4/2/1968 ( premiere US film "2001: A Space Odyssey" ) is 15322 days

15322 = 7661 + 7661

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official Deputy United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 10/24/1986 ( RACKETEER INFLUENCED AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS US Title 18 - premiere US film "Soul Man" ) is 7661 days

From 9/25/1968 ( Will Smith the known active participant of al Qaida violently against the United States of America ) To 10/24/1986 ( RACKETEER INFLUENCED AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS US Title 18 - premiere US film "Soul Man" ) is 6603 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official Deputy United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 12/1/1983 ( premiere US film "Scarface" ) is 6603 days


Release dates for

Soul Man (1986)

Country Date

USA 24 October 1986


Release dates for

Scarface (1983)

Country Date

USA 1 December 1983 (New York City, New York) (premiere)


Memorable quotes for

Scarface (1983)

Tony Montana: In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.


Memorable quotes for

Soul Man (1986)

Professor Banks: Mr. Watson, I am not a humorous man, but if you insist on taking up my class time making jokes, please see to it that they are funny.

[JOURNAL ARCHIVE 08 August 2012 excerpt ends]


From Beyond (1986)

Release Info

USA 24 October 1986


- posted by H.V.O.M - Kerry Wayne Burgess 9:31 PM Pacific Time Spokane Valley Washington USA Tuesday 28 June 2016

From Beyond


Pet Sematary (1989)


[Talking on the phone]

Gage: First I play with Judd, then mommy came, and I play with mommy. We play daddy, we had a awful good time! Now, I want to play with you...

Louis Creed: What did you do?

Gage: [laughs wickedly]

Louis Creed: What did you do!

Santuário Nacional de Cristo Rei

Pagina Oficial

História do Santuário Nacional de Cristo Rei

A 17 de Maio de 1959 (Dia de Pentecostes) perante a imagem de Nossa Senhora de Fátima, com a participação de todo o Episcopado Português, os Cardeais do Rio de Janeiro e de Lourenço Marques (Maputo), autoridades civis e de 300 mil pessoas, inaugurou-se o Monumento. Sua Santidade, o Papa João XXIII fez-se presente por Radiomensagem. Na ocasião, o Cardeal Cerejeira fez uma consideração eloquente: "Este será sempre um sinal de Gratidão Nacional pelo dom da Paz".

Springfield! Springfield!

Mr. Baseball (1992)

Four - Four tie in the bottom of the 9th. 2 on, 2 out, and a 3 and 2 count on Jack Elliot
who hit only .235 during the regular season
Shawn, this is really a tough spot for Elliot
to be in
Anytime you come off as hard a year as he had
seems like every little strike-out just comes back to haunt you at a moment like this
C'mon Jack! Park it!
Strike three!
the count at 3 and 3
Jack! C'mon it's a long season. Let's go!
Get in there and take another hack!
It looks like Elliot's really in a hole now
Yeah, you know this is the thing
that Elliot really didn't want
to fall behind in a count like this
Anytime you get that third strike on you
gets awfully tough to battle back
Strike four!
Strike four. And that one was a dandy.
He is really struggling out there
Get in here and hit
Let's go
Stay in there Jack!
You the man Jack, you the man!
Wow. Another forkball for strike five
Strike Six! much longer I can watch this. Does the league have a ruling on mercy killing?

Springfield! Springfield!

From Beyond (1986)

That's him.
Dr Edward Pretorious.
I don't care about his private life.
The Pretorious resonator.
- Is that how you hacked up Pretorious?
- That's where I hit it.
I knocked a fork off.
There it is.
What do you want me to do with him?
- Let him go.
- Are you crazy too?
He's reliving it - the night of
the murder. Let him go.
DA says you call the signals.

From 6/12/1939 ( the official dedication of the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown New York ) To 10/24/1986 ( premiere US film "From Beyond" ) is 17301 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 3/16/2013 ( --- ) is 17301 days

From 12/8/1941 ( Franklin Roosevelt - Address to Congress Requesting a Declaration of War with Japan ) To 4/21/1989 ( premiere US film "Field of Dreams" ) is 17301 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 3/16/2013 ( --- ) is 17301 days

From 5/17/1959 ( the Cristo Rei monument inauguaration ) To 3/16/2013 ( --- ) is 19662 days

19662 = 9831 + 9831

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 10/2/1992 ( premiere US film "Mr. Baseball" ) is 9831 days

From 11/18/1996 ( premiere US film "Star Trek: First Contact" ) To 3/16/2013 ( --- ) is 5962 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 2/28/1982 ( premiere US TV series episode "Nova"::"Life: Patent Pending" ) is 5962 days

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[ See also: ]


Mr. Baseball (1992)


Jack Elliot: C'mon, it ain't over till the fat lady sings!

Yoji Nishimura, Jack's Interpreter: [subtitle as he translates to the team] When the game is over, a fat lady will sing to us!


Women Are 19 Times More Likely to Land a Job Interview If They Wear a Low-Cut Shirt in Application Photo, Study Finds


06/28/2016 AT 02:15 PM EDT

according to


Mr. Baseball (1992)

Release Info

USA 2 October 1992


Mr. Baseball (1992)

Full Cast & Crew

Tom Selleck ... Jack Elliot


Star Trek: First Contact (1996)

Release Info

USA 18 November 1996 (Hollywood, California) (premiere)


Star Trek: First Contact (1996)

Full Cast & Crew

James Cromwell ... Zefram Cochran

NOVA Season 9 Episode 17

Life: Patent Pending

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 1982 on PBS

Life: Patent Pending, originally broadcast on February 28, 1982, documents the growing effects of genetic research and the ways its findings influence medicine and industry. It examines the impact on universities with genetic study programs, shows how scientists are creating new life forms, and discloses that some countries earmark more resources for genetic research than the United States does.

AIRED: 2/28/82


From Beyond (1986)

Release Info

USA 24 October 1986


Baseball’s Cooperstown Myth

JUNE 11, 2014 By Christopher Klein

For 75 years, baseball fans have pilgrimaged to Cooperstown, New York to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame, which is celebrating its diamond anniversary this week. The Hall of Fame was erected in the small village of Cooperstown because it was held up as the birthplace of baseball, but in reality the shrine to baseball’s gods was built on top of an elaborate creation myth.

On June 12, 1939, a constellation of baseball’s brightest stars and a crowd of 10,000 fans thronged a pastoral village of only 2,800 people nestled in the rolling hills of upstate New York. They had come to Cooperstown to celebrate the 100th birthday of the national pastime as well as the official dedication of the sport’s newly erected shrine. The fans packed into Main Street watched as the living members of the first classes of immortals inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, such as Babe Ruth and Cy Young, strode up the front steps of the new one-room museum as a band played “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” The heads of the American, National and minor leagues then severed the red, white and blue ribbons that stretched across the building’s entrance, and the Hall of Fame officially opened its doors to the public.

That afternoon, baseball’s legends from the past played an exhibition game against a team of future Hall of Famers at nearby Doubleday Field, built on the precise spot where the game was supposedly invented a century before. On that June day, Cooperstown’s baseball diamond was a true field of dreams, but it turns out that the idea of the village being the “birthplace of baseball” was the stuff of dreams as well.

Baseball arguments are as old as the sport itself, and at the turn of the 20th century a dispute about the game’s origins raged between sporting goods magnate and former baseball great Albert Goodwill Spalding, who argued that baseball was invented in the United States, and English-born Henry Chadwick, the grizzled baseball journalist who originated baseball’s modern scoring system, who claimed that the sport evolved from the English game of rounders. To settle the debate between the creationists and evolutionists, Spalding in 1905 formed a seven-man commission of ballplayers and politicians headed by former National League President Abraham G. Mills to study the origins of baseball.

Spalding hoped the commission would unearth proof that baseball was invented in America, and conveniently he soon found evidence for his preferred narrative in a letter to the editor penned by an elderly mining engineer from Colorado. In the letter published in the Akron Beacon Journal on April 4, 1905, 71-year-old Abner Graves recalled with remarkably detailed precision that as a 5-year-old boy growing up in Cooperstown he was present when 20-year-old Abner Doubleday took a walking stick to trace a diamond on a cow pasture owned by Elihu Phinney, concocted a set of rules and called his game “baseball.” In spite of his propensity for telling tall tales—he claimed to have been a Pony Express rider in 1852, although the mail service did not begin until 1860—Graves became the Mills Commission’s star witness. Although Doubleday was enrolled at West Point at the time and never mentioned any role in inventing baseball to Mills, who happened to have been his friend and arranged for his burial at Arlington National Cemetery, the Mills Commission after three years of study built its final conclusion upon Graves’s flimsy foundation by declaring: “The first scheme for playing baseball, according to the best evidence available to date, was devised by Abner Doubleday at Cooperstown, N.Y. in 1839.”

The genesis story of baseball’s invention in a Cooperstown cow pasture found numerous doubters at the time, some of whom believed Alexander Cartwright of New York’s Knickerbocker Base Ball Club developed the sport in the 1840s, but that skepticism has been bolstered by subsequent research by baseball historians. Bat-and-ball games date back to the ancient Egyptians, and references to baseball have been found in 18th-century English literature, including a Jane Austen novel. In 2004, baseball historian John Thorn discovered a 1791 bylaw in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, that prohibited playing baseball within 80 yards of the town’s new meetinghouse.

In spite of the doubters, Cooperstown doubled down on the Doubleday story during the Great Depression. In 1935, wealthy local philanthropist Stephen C. Clark purchased a darkened, torn and battered baseball from a farmer in nearby Fly Creek, New York. The hand-sewn baseball hardly looked to be worth the $5 Clark paid for it except that the farmer claimed to have discovered it in an old trunk in his attic that he said belonged to the teenaged Graves before he left upstate New York for the Gold Rush in 1848. Although he had no proof to support the claim, Clark decreed the baseball to be the one used by Doubleday when he invented the sport. Seeing baseball as the economic stimulus the town needed to survive the Great Depression, not to mention fill the rooms at his Otesaga Resort Hotel, Clark successfully pitched the idea to build a baseball museum in Cooperstown. The “Doubleday Ball” became the first artifact donated to the new baseball shrine, and when the Hall of Fame opened in 1939, it marked the ultimate fulfillment of Spalding’s misguided history.

Although the story based on a baseball of unknown provenance and the memory of an elderly man prone to tall tales was myth, Doubleday certainly was not. He fought in the Mexican-American War and was stationed at Fort Sumter in April 1861 when the first Confederate shot of the Civil War nearly struck him in the head. He aimed the cannon that fired the first Union shot of the war and led his troops into battle at Gettysburg, where a monument now stands in his honor. He died in 1893, unaware of the fame that would subsequently be bestowed upon him as the inventor of baseball. Ironically, when the Hall of Fame opened its doors on that spring day in 1939, Spalding, Cartwright and Chadwick were all honored as inductees, but 75 years later the man originally credited as the inventor of baseball has yet to be enshrined in Cooperstown.


Pet Sematary (1989)

Release Info

USA 21 April 1989


Field of Dreams (1989)

Release Info

USA 21 April 1989 (limited)


By H.P. Lovecraft

That Crawford Tillinghast should ever have studied science and philosophy was a mistake. These things should be left to the frigid and impersonal investigator for they offer two equally tragic alternatives to the man of feeling and action; despair, if he fail in his quest, and terrors unutterable and unimaginable if he succeed. Tillinghast had once been the prey of failure, solitary and melancholy; but now I knew, with nauseating fears of my own, that he was the prey of success. I had indeed warned him ten weeks before, when he burst forth with his tale of what he felt himself about to discover.

- posted by H.V.O.M - Kerry Wayne Burgess 7:05 PM Pacific Time Spokane Valley Washington USA Tuesday 28 June 2016

Because "Six Million Dollar Man" and "Capricorn One" weeded out the blabbers. DUH!

You've still got your Monkey Forehead Brow furrowed about the absence of stars in the sky above the Moon.

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excite tv

Perry Mason (Repeat)

304 KXLYDT2: Monday, June 27 11:30 PM [ 11:30 PM Monday 27 June 2016 Pacific Time USA ]

Drama, Mystery

The Case of the Avenging Angel

A rock 'n' roll musician is charged after a ruthless star-maker is slain during a recording session; guest Sue Ane Langdon.

Cast: Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale, William Hopper, Ray Collins Director(s): Jerry Hopper Producer(s): Ben Brady Executive Producer(s): Gail Patrick Jackson

Original Air Date: Mar 13, 1966

excite tv

The Twilight Zone (Repeat)

304 KXLYDT2: Tuesday, June 28 12:30 AM [ 12:30 AM Tuesday 28 June 2016 Pacific Time USA ]

Anthology, Science fiction, Fantasy, Suspense

The Prime Mover

A gambler exploits a friend's (Buddy Ebsen) telekinetic powers.

Cast: Dane Clark, Christine White, Buddy Ebsen Director(s): Richard L. Bare Producer(s): Buck Houghton

Original Air Date: Mar 24, 1961

Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Nation

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation are the Bitterroot Salish, Kootenai and Pend d'Oreilles (Upper Kalispel) (pronounced: “pond-oray”) tribes.

They were incorrectly called the Flathead Indians by the first Europeans who came to the area. The Flatheads call themselves Salish, meaning “the people”. These people never practiced head flattening, but the Columbia River tribes who shaped the front of the head to create a pointed appearance spoke of their neighbors, the Salish, as "flatheads" in contrast.


The first written record of the tribes is from their meeting with the Lewis and Clark Expedition (September 4, 1805). Lewis and Clark came there and asked for horses but eventually ate the horses due to starvation. The Flatheads also appear in the records of the Roman Catholic Church at St. Louis, Missouri, to which they sent four delegations to request missionaries (or "Black Robes") to minister to the tribe. Their request was finally granted, and a number of missionaries, including Pierre-Jean De Smet, S.J., were eventually sent. The Flatheads are also located in Sula, Montana.

The tribes negotiated the Hellgate treaty with the United States in 1855. From the start, treaty negotiations were plagued by serious translation problems. A Jesuit observer, Father Adrian Hoecken, said that the translations were so poor that "not a tenth of what was said was understood by either side." But as in the meeting with Lewis and Clark, the pervasive cross-cultural miscommunication ran even deeper than problems of language and translation. Tribal people came to the meeting assuming they were going to formalize an already-recognized friendship. Non-Indians came with the goal of making official their claims to native lands and resources. Isaac Stevens, the new governor and superintendent of Indian affairs for the Washington Territory, was intent on obtaining cession of the Bitterroot Valley from the Salish. Many non-Indians were already well aware of the valley's potential value for agriculture and its relatively temperate climate in winter. Because of the resistance of Chief Victor (Many Horses), Stevens ended up inserting into the treaty complicated (and doubtless poorly translated) language that defined the Bitterroot Valley south of Lolo Creek as a "conditional reservation" for the Salish. Victor put his X mark on the document, convinced that the agreement would not require his people to leave their homeland. No other word came from the government for the next fifteen years, so the Salish assumed that they would indeed stay in their Bitterroot Valley forever.

After the 1864 gold rush in the newly established Montana Territory, pressure upon the Salish intensified from both illegal non-Indian squatters and government officials. In 1870, Victor died, and he was succeeded as chief by his son, Chief Charlot (aka Charlo, Claw of the Little Grizzly). Like his father, Charlot adhered to a policy of nonviolent resistance. He insisted on the right of his people to remain in the Bitterroot Valley. But territorial citizens and officials thought the new chief could be pressured into capitulating. In 1871, they successfully lobbied President Ulysses S. Grant to declare that the survey required by the treaty had been conducted and that it had found that the Jocko (Flathead) Reservation was better suited to the needs of the Salish. On the basis of Grant's executive order, Congress sent a delegation, led by future president James Garfield, to make arrangements with the tribe for their removal. Charlot ignored their demands and even their threats of bloodshed, and he again refused to sign any agreement to leave. U.S. officials then simply forged Charlot's "X" onto the official copy of the agreement that was sent to the Senate for ratification.

Over time, the real reason for the Hellgate treaty meetings became clear to the Salish and Pend d'Oreille people. Under the terms spelled out in the written document, the tribes ceded to the United States more than twenty million acres (81,000 km²) of land and reserved from cession about 1.3 million acres (5300 km²), thus forming the Jocko or Flathead Indian Reservation. Conditions had become intolerable for the Salish by the late 1880s, after the Missoula and Bitter Root Valley Railroad was constructed directly through the tribe's lands, with neither permission from the native owners nor payment to them. Charlot finally signed an agreement to leave the Bitterroot Valley in November 1889. Inaction by Congress, however, delayed the removal for another two years, and according to some observers, the tribe's desperation reached a level of outright starvation. In October 1891, a contingent of troops from Fort Missoula forced Charlot and the Salish out of the Bitterroot and roughly marched the small band sixty miles to the Flathead Reservation.

The three main tribes moved to the Flathead Reservation were the Bitteroot Salish, the Pend d'Oreille, and the Kootenai. The Bitterroot Salish and the Pend d'Oreille tribes spoke dialects of the same Salish language.

A dispute over off-reservation hunting between a band of Pend d'Oreilles and the state of Montana's Fish and Game department resulted in the Swan Valley Massacre of 1908.

Though marked for termination in 1953 under the House concurrent resolution 108 of the US federal Indian termination policy, the Flathead Tribes were able to resist the government's plans to terminate their tribal relationship in Congressional hearings in 1954.


Perry Mason - The Case of the Avenging Angel

00:36:28 Man:10 MINUTES -- Recording studio, sandy chester tape.

00:36:31 Clete, you're going to give henny her 10% -- all the money ..

00:36:38 Or what?

00:36:39 Or you and I are through.

00:36:42 Right now.

00:36:47 Walt, you can call it off.

00:36:47 I'm not singin'.

00:36:49 You little jerk.

00:36:50 Eighty-six me out, will ya?

00:36:53 You do that and you'll never work again, never!

00:36:57 You can't afford to do that.

00:36:59 You've invested too much money on me already.

00:37:02 Me? invest in you?

00:37:03 Ha!

00:37:06 It's your father's dough.

00:37:06 He's your angel.

00:37:09 You're crazy!

00:37:09 I don't have a father!

00:37:12 Cameron: Yes, you do, sandy.

00:37:16 Sandy, allow me to introduce your old man, cameron burgess.

00:37:22 I didn't know you existed, sandy, until three months ago, when I received a letter from your aunt.

00:37:27 While your mother was alive, she forbid her sister to tell me.

00:37:33 And I wish it would've stayed that way.

00:37:35 Cameron: Well, i-i didn't want you to find out, Surely not this way.

00:37:40 Our deal was he wasn't to know.

00:37:43 Deals change.

00:37:46 Hey, clete, how about that echo?

00:37:48 We roll in five minutes, echo or no echo.

00:37:52 I-i just wanted to help you have a career.

00:37:56 I was afraid if you knew about me, ..wouldn't accept it.

00:38:01 Right!

00:38:02 And whatever I have taken without knowin' it, I want you to give back.

00:38:08 And you can call off all this -- The session, our deal, everything!

00:38:13 Now, listen, buster -- you read me loud and clear, or I'll throw you back in the gutter where you came from!

From 7/13/1940 to 5/13/1953 is 4687 days

From 5/13/1953 to 3/13/1966 is 4687 days

Perry Mason Season 9 Episode 22

The Case of the Avenging Angel

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Mar 13, 1966 on CBS

Perry must defend a goofy, untalented British kid whom someone thinks has the talent to be a pop singer but clearly doesn't. Then someone bumps off a shady promoter and the would-be pop idol gets blamed.

AIRED: 3/13/66

From 1/14/1913 ( William Howard Taft - Executive Order 1682 - Flathead Indians in the State of Montana ) To 3/13/1966 ( premiere US TV series episode "Perry Mason"::"The Case of the Avenging Angel" ) is 19416 days

19416 = 9708 + 9708

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 6/1/1992 is 9708 days

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Star Trek: The Next Generation

Episode: TNG 225 - Inner Light, The

Season 5 Ep. 25

Air Date: 06/01/1992

The Inner Light [ Star Trek: The Next Generation ]

Stardate: 45944.1

Original Airdate: 1 Jun, 1992

PICARD: Batai?

BATAI JR: Father?

PICARD: I get the feeling from your mother that you have something to tell me.

The Inner Light [ Star Trek: The Next Generation ]

Stardate: 45944.1

Original Airdate: 1 Jun, 1992

PICARD: Oh, it's me, isn't it? I'm the someone. I'm the one it finds.


Law and Order (1953)

Release Info

USA 13 May 1953


Law and Order (1953)

Full Cast & Crew

Ronald Reagan ... Frame Johnson


Perry Mason - The Case of the Avenging Angel

00:56:20 Shame about that boy -- ..

All Good Things [ Star Trek: The Next Generation ]

Stardate: 47988

Original Airdate: May 23, 1994

(Crusher leaves, Q appears as a ancient man with an ear trumpet)

Q: Eh? What was that she said, sonny? I couldn't quite hear her.

PICARD: Q? What is going on here? Where is the anomaly?

Q: Where's your mommy? Well, I don't know.


Patrick Stewart


Date of Birth 13 July 1940, Mirfield, Yorkshire, England, UK

Birth Name Patrick Hewes Stewart


Perry Mason - The Case of the Avenging Angel

00:41:18 Your honor, the state intends to show that this murder took place because the defendant in this case fell into the familiar show-business trap of believing his own press notices.

00:41:32 The decedent, cletus hawley, was a thoroughly established, highly proficient trainer and manager of talent.

00:41:40 He took an unknown boy, sanford "sandy" chester, under his wing, signed him to a personal contract, and then molded and trained him into an exploitable personality, ready to be launched on a successful career.

00:41:54 This boy, however, unfortunately developed an inflated sense of his own importance.

00:42:00 The star became too big for his mentor.

00:42:02 And when the manager, cletus hawley, now deceased, became disgusted with the behavior of his star and threatened to wreck his career on the very threshold of success, this boy, tragically and willfully, stabbed his manager to death.

00:42:23 Then the defendant's apparent success, his so-called career, was not based on any natural inherent talent or ability to perform, but on a carefully engineered and completely false buildup manufactured by you and cletus hawley?

00:42:40 It's routine.

00:42:41 And clete was a past master at it.

00:42:46 It's simple, really.

00:42:47 You hire a hundred screamers like those kids outside, plant the gig, and you can make an overnight sensation out of a wooden indian.

00:42:55 What about the girl on the billboard -- was that part of the buildup?

00:42:58 It turned out to be.

00:42:59 And it sure kicked the kid's career into orbit.

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