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Legal experts see no criminal trouble for Clinton thus far

Aug 31, 5:29 PM (ET) [ Monday 31 August 2015 ]


WASHINGTON (AP) — Experts in government secrecy law see almost no possibility of criminal action against Hillary Clinton or her top aides in connection with now-classified information sent over unsecure email while she was secretary of state, based on the public evidence thus far.

Some Republicans, including leading GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, have called Clinton's actions criminal and compared her situation to that of David Petraeus, the former CIA director who was prosecuted after giving top secret information to his paramour. Others have cited the case of another past CIA chief, John Deutch, who took highly classified material home.

But in both of those cases, no one disputed that the information was highly classified and in many cases top secret. Petraeus pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor; Deutch was pardoned by President Bill Clinton.

By contrast, there is no evidence of emails stored in Hillary Clinton's private server bearing classified markings. State Department officials say they don't believe that emails she sent or received included material classified at the time. And even if other government officials dispute that assertion, it is extremely difficult to prove anyone knowingly mishandled secrets.

"How can you be on notice if there are no markings?" said Leslie McAdoo, a lawyer who frequently handles security-clearance cases.

Clinton's critics have focused on the unusual, home-brew email server Clinton used while in office and suggested that she should have known that secrets were improperly coursing through an unsecure system, leaving them easily hackable for foreign intelligence agencies. But to prove a crime, the government would have to demonstrate that Clinton or aides knew they were mishandling the information — not that she should have known.

A case would be possible if material emerges that is so sensitive Clinton must have known it was highly classified, whether marked or not, McAdoo said. But no such email has surfaced. And among the thousands of documents made public, nothing appears near the magnitude of the Top Secret material Petraeus and Deutch mishandled.

Trump, last week, argued differently, saying Petraeus' case involved "far less important documents." Clinton's documents, he told Fox News, "were more highly secret, they were more important, there were more of them. It's really General Petraeus on steroids."

Petraeus, a married former four-star general who headed the CIA from 2011-2012, admitted he gave his biographer and lover, Paula Broadwell, journals containing Top Secret information. These included "the identifies of covert officers, war strategy, intelligence capabilities and mechanisms, diplomatic discussions, quotes and deliberative discussions from high-level National Security Council meetings . and discussions with the president of the United States," according to court documents.

Petraeus also admitted lying to the FBI, while his emails showed he knew the journals contained highly classified information.

He pleaded guilty to one count of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material, a misdemeanor. Though eligible for up to one year in prison, he was sentenced to two years' probation and a $100,000 fine. Broadwell didn't publish the material.

Deutch ran the agency from 1995-1996. He took Top Secret information home and stored it on computers connected to the Internet, something he also did when he worked at the Pentagon. In January 2001, he agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling government secrets, but Bill Clinton pardoned him before the Justice Department could file the case.

Another Clinton administration official, Samuel "Sandy" Berger, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in 2005 after admitting to removing five classified documents involving a terrorism study from a National Archives facility. Berger served four years as Clinton's national security adviser.

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner, now says her use of home email server for government business was a mistake. Last year she provided about 30,000 emails to the State Department, which is public releasing another batch Monday. The department is only publishing documents after scrubbing them of any classified or sensitive information.

Two government inspectors have told Congress they found material in the emails was secret at the time it was sent to Clinton and "never should have been transmitted via an unclassified personal system."

The State Department and the Clinton campaign dispute that the material was classified at the time.

At least one email involved the CIA drone strikes, government officials have told the Associated Press. The counterterrorism program is a poorly kept secret, but a secret nonetheless. Another email appeared to reference a highly classified matter, the officials said, though there was some question about whether the information came in through classified or open channels.

Emails posted on the State Department's web site, made public under the Freedom of Information Act, show diplomats commonly slipping and discussing classified information over email. Unlike an intelligence agency, the department seeks to operate in the open when it can.

But arguing that violations are common isn't a valid defense for ordinary government employees, said Bradley Moss, a lawyer who often represents such people. They face discipline "all the time, in far more nuanced disputes than this," he said.

Although political controversy has centered on Clinton's use of private email instead of an unsecured government account, the distinction matters little in the context of classified information. Clinton says State Department rules allowed her to use private email and officials knew about it.

But another law could be relevant. Under the Federal Records Act, destroying official records can be a crime. Clinton ordered around 32,000 emails deleted from her server because she said they were personal. The server was then wiped, making the emails unretrievable.

"If one person has a copy of one of those deleted emails, and it was about government business, the whole game changes," said Kel McClanahan, a lawyer and expert in government records.

Springfield! Springfield!

Three Days Of The Condor (1975)

He's with the Company! Why...?

I'm not interested in "why", more in "when", sometimes "where". Always "how much". I suspect he was becoming an embarassment.

From 1/13/1946 ( the "Dick Tracy" watch introduced ) To 9/24/1975 ( premiere US film "Three Days of the Condor" ) is 10846 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 7/14/1995 is 10846 days

From 9/24/1975 ( premiere US film "Three Days of the Condor" ) To 7/14/1995 is 7233 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 8/22/1985 ( premiere US TV series "Hometown" ) is 7233 days

From 10/19/1944 ( Japan formally organizes the kamikaze forces during World War 2 ) To 7/14/1995 is 18530 days

18530 = 9265 + 9265

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 3/16/1991 ( my first successful major test of my ultraspace matter transportation device as Kerry Wayne Burgess the successful Ph.D. graduate Columbia South Carolina ) is 9265 days

From 3/3/1959 ( the birthdate in Hawaii of my biological brother Thomas Reagan ) To 11/11/1988 ( Ronald Reagan - Remarks at the Veterans Day Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier ) is 10846 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 7/14/1995 is 10846 days

From 3/3/1959 ( the birthdate in Hawaii of my biological brother Thomas Reagan ) To 11/11/1988 ( premiere US film "Iron Eagle II" ) is 10846 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 7/14/1995 is 10846 days

From 5/8/1961 ( premiere US TV series "Whispering Smith" ) To 1/17/1991 ( the date of record of my United States Navy Medal of Honor as Kerry Wayne Burgess chief warrant officer United States Marine Corps circa 1991 also known as Matthew Kline for official duty and also known as Wayne Newman for official duty ) is 10846 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 7/14/1995 is 10846 days

From 5/8/1961 ( premiere US TV series "Whispering Smith" ) To 1/17/1991 ( RACKETEER INFLUENCED AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS US Title 18 - the Persian Gulf War begins as scheduled severe criminal activity against the United States of America ) is 10846 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 7/14/1995 is 10846 days

The American Presidency Project

William J. Clinton

XLII President of the United States: 1993-2001

Remarks at the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Virginia

July 14, 1995

Thank you so much. Director Deutch and Mrs. Deutch, Deputy Director and Mrs. Tenet, Members of Congress, members of the Aspin Commission who are here, men and women of the intelligence community: I can't help thinking here at the Central Intelligence Agency that if we were giving intelligence awards today they would go to the people back there under the trees. [Laughter] Congratulations to all of you for your adaptation of the natural environment to the task at hand.

Before I begin my remarks today I'd like to take care of an important piece of business. Just a month ago it was with regret but great gratitude for his 32 years of service to our country that I accepted the resignation of Admiral Bill Studeman as the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence. Today it is with great pleasure that I award him the President's National Security Medal. Admiral Studeman, Mrs. Studeman, please come up.

This is the highest award a member of our intelligence community, military or civilian, can receive. And no one deserves it more and the honor it represents. Most of you are well aware of Bill's extraordinary and exemplary career in the Navy, at the National Security Agency, and then here at the CIA. Let me say that as Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, he served two Presidents and three DCI's. For two extended periods he took on the responsibilities of Acting Director. He provided continuity and leadership to this community at a time of change and great challenge. Here, in Congress, and throughout the executive branch, he earned a reputation for integrity, competence, and reliability of the highest order. He has dedicated his professional life to making the American people safer and more secure. And today it is only fitting among those who know best the contributions he has made to our country to award him this medal as a small measure of thanks for a job well done and a life well lived.

Thank you, Admiral.

You know, as the Studemans make their way back to their chairs, I have to tell you that even though I have a lot of important things to say, I am loathe to make this speech in this heat. Once in the middle of a campaign for Governor I went up to a place in northeast Arkansas to make a speech for a county judge who was determined that I had to come to celebrate this road that he had built with funds that I gave him. He neglected to tell me that the road ended in the middle of a rice field. [Laughter] The only people that are laughing are the people that understand what this means. In the summertime in a rice field, there is nothing but heat and mosquitos. And a swarm of mosquitos came up in the middle of his introduction, literally hundreds of thousands of mosquitos. It was so bad that people were slapping at their cheeks and their legs and blood was streaming down people's faces and cheeks. And this judge was one of the rare people that mosquitoes would never bite. I had been Governor for 10 years; these people knew me better than he did. He took 6 minutes to introduce me. It seemed like it was 6 years. [Laughter] And I finally was introduced, and I gave the following speech: Folks, I have a good speech, if you want to hear it, come to the air-conditioned building down there. If we don't get out of here, we'll all die. If you reelect me, I'll kill every mosquito in the county. [Laughter] I have to tell you that after that I never received less than two-thirds of the vote in that county. [Laughter]

So I'm loath to give this speech. But I will cut it down and say what I have to say to you because it's very important that I say these things and very important that America know that you're here and what you're doing.

Fifty-four years ago, in the weeks that led up to Pearl Harbor, there was a wide range of intelligence suggesting a Japanese attack that made its way to Washington. But there was no clear clearinghouse to collect the information and to get it to the decisionmakers. That is what led President Truman to establish a central intelligence organization.

In the years since, the men and women of the CIA and its sister agencies have done more than most Americans will or can ever know to keep our Nation strong and secure and to advance the cause of democracy and freedom around the world.

Today, because the cold war is over, some say that we should and can step back from the world and that we don't need intelligence as much as we used to, that we ought to severely cut the intelligence budget. A few have even urged us to scrap the central intelligence service. I think these views are profoundly wrong. I believe making deep cuts in intelligence during peacetime is comparable to canceling your health insurance when you're feeling fine.

We are living at a moment of hope. Our Nation is at peace; our economy is growing all right. All around the world, democracy and free markets are on the march. But none of these developments are inevitable or irreversible, and every single study of human psychology or the human spirit, every single religious tract tells us that there will be troubles, wars, and rumors of war until the end of time.

Now instead of a single enemy, we face a host of scattered and dangerous challenges, but they are quite profound and difficult to understand. There are ethnic and regional tensions that threaten to flare into full-scale war in more than 30 nations. Two dozen countries are trying to get their hands on nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. As these terrible tools of destruction spread, so too spreads the potential for terrorism and for criminals to acquire them. And drug trafficking, organized crime, and environmental decay threaten the stability of new and emerging democracies and threaten our well-being here at home.

In the struggle against these forces, you, the men and women of our intelligence community, serve on the front lines. By necessity, a lot of your work is hidden from the headlines. But in recent months alone, you warned us when Iraq massed its troops against the Kuwaiti border. You provided vital support to our peacekeeping and humanitarian missions in Haiti and Rwanda. You helped to strike a blow at a Colombian drug cartel. You uncovered bribes that would have cheated American companies out of billions of dollars. Your work has saved lives and promoted America's prosperity. I am here today first and foremost to thank you and your families for the work and sacrifices you have made for the security of the United States of America.

I want to work with you to maintain the information and the intelligence advantage we have and to meet the demands of a new era. Today our Government is deluged with more and more information from more and more sources. What once was secret can now be available to anybody with cable TV or access to the Internet. It moves around the world at record speed. And in order to justify spending billions of dollars in this kind of environment on intelligence and to maintain our edge, you have to deliver timely, unique information that focuses on real threats to the security of our people on the basis of information not otherwise available.

That means we have to rethink what we collect and how we organize the intelligence community to collect it. We must be selective. We can't possibly have in a world with so many diverse threats and tight budgets the resources to collect everything. You need and deserve clear priorities from me and our national security team.

Earlier this year I set out in a Presidential decision directive what we most want you to focus on, priorities that will remain under constant review but still are clear enough at the present time. First, the intelligence needs of our military during an operation. If we have to stand down Iraqi aggression in the Gulf or stand for democracy in Haiti, our military commanders must have prompt, thorough intelligence to fully inform their decisions and maximize the security of our troops. Second, political, economic, and military intelligence about countries hostile to the United States. We must also compile all source information on major political and economic powers with weapons of mass destruction who are potentially hostile to us. Third, intelligence about specific transnational threats to our security, such as weapons proliferation, terrorism, drug trafficking, organized crime, illicit trade practices, and environmental issues of great gravity.

This work must be done today, and it is vital to our security. But it cannot be immune to the tough budget climate in which we are all living. That's why I'm pleased that more than every before, our intelligence agencies are cooperating to work efficiently and to eliminate duplication. You are already implementing on or ahead of schedule 33 streamlining recommendations set out by Vice President Gore and former DCI Woolsey as well as changes proposed by Director Deutch. Acting apart, our agencies waste resources and squander opportunities to make our country more secure. But acting together, they bring a powerful force to bear on threats to our security.

Let me also say that I believe there is no zero sum choice to be made between the technological and human dimensions of intelligence. We need both, and we will have both. We've used satellites and signals to identify troop movements, to point agents in the right direction, to tap into secret important conversations. Today, some of your extraordinary in-house innovations are available for broader use, and I am interested in learning more about them: imagery technology, developed for the cold war, now being used in aid to natural disaster relief; imagery technology with great hope for the fight against breast cancer. We have to keep moving on this kind of technological frontier.

But no matter how good our technology, we'll always rely on human intelligence to tell us what an adversary has in mind. We'll always need gifted, motivated case officers at the heart of the clandestine service. We'll always need good analysts to make a clean and clear picture out of the fragments of what our spies and satellites put on the table.

And if we're going to continue to attract and keep the best people, we have to do a better job of rewarding work. I think the best way to do that is for the community leadership to demonstrate to you that excellence of performance, equal opportunity, and personal accountability are the only standards that will count when it comes to promotion. And that is what Director Deutch has pledged to do.

Let me say that I know the Ames scandal has colored a lot of what is the current debate over the future of the CIA. I imagine most of you who work here think that the Ames scandal has colored what the average American thinks about the CIA, although my guess is that you're probably overestimating that and underestimating the common sense and balance of an average American citizen. It's important that we don't minimize the damage that Ames did or the changes that need to be made to prevent future scandals. But Aldridge Ames was a terrible exception to a proud tradition of service, a tradition that is reflected in the 59 stars that shine on the CIA's memorial wall in honor of those who gave their lives to serve our country.

So we owe it to all of you in the intelligence community and to the American people to make sure we act on the lessons of his treason but also to remind the American people that the people who work for the Central Intelligence Agency are patriotic Americans who have made a decision that they are going to devote their careers to keeping this country safe and strong. And I thank you for that.

As soon as Ames was brought to justice, I ordered a comprehensive reexamination in both internal and external studies of our counterintelligence operations. As a result, we changed the way intelligence community does its business. Each agency now requires more attention and continuous training in counterintelligence and evaluates its employees more thoroughly and frequently.

Above all, we are insisting that those involved in an operation take responsibility for its integrity. That requires careful advanced planning that integrates counterintelligence into everything you do from day one. This isn't just about safes and locks, it's about designing operations that minimize the possibility of a security breakdown.

Director Deutch and I want to ensure that these new policies are carried out carefully so that we can avoid creating a climate of suspicion that embitters rather than empowers you. As we guard against a repeat of the Ames episode, we have to be careful not to produce a culture so risk averse that case officers refuse to take chances and analysts are afraid to speak their minds. You must not be paralyzed by the fear of failure.

This administration will continue to support bold and aggressive actions by the intelligence community consistent with the laws of the land, consistent with our interests, and consistent with our values. I applaud Director Deutch's plan, for example, to issue new rules on dealing with foreign agents suspected of human rights abuses. We owe you clear guidance on this issue. And as a country, we have to resolve it in the right way.

Finally, we owe the American public and Congress a full role in the debate over the future of intelligence. For over 40 years, bipartisan support for the work you perform has been central to your success. That support and the confidence of the American people were built on the unique oversight and consultative role Congress plays in intelligence. That's why Director Deutch and I will take with the utmost seriousness the concerns and suggestions of both the Congress and the Aspin commission.

Every morning I start my day with an intelligence report. The intelligence I receive informs just about every foreign policy decision we make. It's easy to take it for granted, but we couldn't do without it. Unique intelligence makes it less likely that our forces will be sent into battle, less likely that American lives will have to put at risk. It gives us a chance to prevent crises instead of forcing us to manage them.

So let me say to all the men and women of our intelligence community, I know and you know the challenges we face today will not be easy, but we know that you are already working every day to increase the security of every American. You are making a difference. Now we have to work together, and I have to support you so that we can meet the challenge of doing this work even better with even more public support and confidence in its integrity and longterm impact. That is my commitment to you as you renew your commitment to America in a world fraught with danger but filled with promise that you will help us to seize.

Thank you very much, and God bless you all.

NOTE: The President spoke at 11:45 a.m.

Dorothea Puente

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dorothea Helen Puente (January 9, 1929 – March 27, 2011) was a convicted American serial killer. In the 1980s, Puente ran a boarding house in Sacramento, California, and cashed the Social Security checks of her elderly and mentally disabled boarders. Those who complained were killed and buried in her yard. Newspapers dubbed her death house landlady.

Arrest and imprisonment

On November 11, 1988, police inquired after the disappearance of tenant Alvaro Montoya, a developmentally disabled schizophrenic whose social worker had reported him missing. After noticing disturbed soil on the property, they uncovered the body of tenant Leona Carpenter, 78. Seven bodies were eventually found, and Puente was charged with a total of nine murders, convicted of three and sentenced to two life sentences.

During the initial investigation, Puente was not immediately a suspect, and was allowed to leave the property, ostensibly to buy a cup of coffee at a nearby hotel. Instead, after buying the coffee, she fled immediately to Los Angeles, where she befriended an elderly pensioner she met in a bar. The pensioner, however, recognized her from police reports on television and called the authorities.

United States Strategic Bombing Survey [Pacific]

Interrogation of Japanes Officals





Interrogation of: Captain INOGUCHI, Rikibei, IJN, Chief of Staff of First Air Fleet throughout the PHILIPPINE Campaign.

Interrogated by: Lt. Comdr. J. A. Field Jr., USNR, and Lt. Comdr. R. P. Aikin, USNR.

Allied Officers Present: Captain S. Teller, USN, Lt. R. Garred, USNR.


Captain INOGUCHI discusses the origin, philosophy, and history of the Kamikaze Corps, with particular reference to the PHILIPPINE Campaign. The interrogation contains some specific facts on Japanese air strength in the PHILIPPINE and OKINAWA operations, and on Japanese air order of battle, but in general is of most interest as a picture of the state of mind that gave rise to Kamikaze.


Q. What was your position in the Philippines in 1944-1945?

A. Operations and Plans, Staff of First Air Fleet.

Q. Was the First Air Fleet combined with the Second Air Fleet during the time of our attacks there?

A. At the beginning they were separate. 22 October they combined with the Second Air Fleet. They had a single staff but remained under separate operation. Kamikaze was begun by the First Air Fleet.

Q. Were the plans of the First Air Fleet and surface forces combined in the SHO Operations?

A. They were.

Q. Who made the plans for coordination?

A. The Imperial Headquarters (Daihonei). Admiral TOYODA was the Senior Navy Member of Imperial Headquarters.

Q. Does the plan cover the complete SHO Operation?

A. The entire study of the SHO Operation is not in the plan. It is divided into three phases (3 plans), but the whole plan was directed at the same objective.

Q. I am not so much interested in the Kamikaze, but in the air cover for Admiral KURITA's fleet. Is this covered in the plan?

A. Yes, it is covered in the plan. Due to bad weather they never received cover and the Air Fleet was not able to get into the air. There was a very bad cloud bank between LUZON and BATANGAS. U.S. planes. of your Task Force were able to escape through this cloud bank.

Q. Where were your planes on LUZON?

A. NICHOLS Field -- and we had an insufficient number of aircraft in the command to complete the mission.

I would like to read you the history of Kamikaze which I have prepared and perhaps you will find the answer to your questions in it.

Admiral ONISHI ordered the organization of the Kamikaze on 19 October 1944. They were ready to go on 20 October, but no opportunity presented itself. On 25 October the first Kamikaze attack was made, having a great morale-raising effect. Although the attacks were ordered by the Commander in Chief (1st Air Fleet), in fact it was originated by the feeling of all combatants in the PHILIPPINE Area. All were beginning to think that there was no way but suicide to save the situation; there were many volunteers.


Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995)

Release Info

USA 14 July 1995

Springfield! Springfield!

Three Days Of The Condor (1975)

Is that why he's still in flight?
Still, he may be an innocent.
But then, why didn't he
come in gently, with Mr Wicks?
"Tentrex Industries". - It's a cover.
I work for the CIA.
Jesus, your assignment for today
was to go out and kidnap a girl.
Look it up. "Tentrex Industries".
And look up the number for the CIA in
New York. - You mean it's listed?
Under US Government Agencies.
Is this what you do?
This photography?
It's the same number.


2-Way Wrist Radio

The 2-Way Wrist Radio is a radio communications device used by Dick Tracy and his friends. Developed by Diet Smith's blind son Brilliant.

The wrist radio was introduced on January 13, 1946. Brilliant died in late 1948. It became a 2-Way Wrist TV in 1964.


Dick Tracy Wrist Radio

Dick Tracy was the police detective hero of a comic strip created by Chester Gould. The strip made its debut on October 4, 1931, in the Detroit Mirror. Gould wrote and drew the strip until 1977. On January 13, 1946 the 2-Way Wrist Radio, worn as a wristwatch by Tracy and members of the police force, became one of the strip's most immediately recognizable icons.


JUN 18, 2014 @ 6:03 AM

A Very Short History Of The Internet Of Things

January 13, 1946 The 2-Way Wrist Radio, worn as a wristwatch by Dick Tracy and members of the police force, makes its first appearance and becomes one of the comic strip’s most recognizable icons.


Three Days of the Condor (1975)

Release Info

USA 24 September 1975


Three Days of the Condor (1975)

Full Cast & Crew

Robert Redford ... Joseph Turner

Whispering Smith Season 1 Episode 1

The Blind Gun

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 08, 1961 on NBC

Sheriff Tom "Whispering" Smith (Audie Murphy)

AIRED: 5/8/61

Springfield! Springfield!

Three Days Of The Condor (1975)

[ Joubert: ] Did you touch anything else?

From 5/18/1946 ( Reggie Jackson ) To 9/24/1975 ( premiere US film "Three Days of the Condor" ) is 10721 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 3/11/1995 is 10721 days

The American Presidency Project

William J. Clinton

XLII President of the United States: 1993-2001

Statement on the Withdrawal of Michael Carns and the Nomination of John Deutch To Be Director of Central Intelligence

March 11, 1995

Homer Defined [ The Simpsons ]

Milhouse: Bart, my mom won't let me be your friend any more. That's why you couldn't come to the party.

Bart: What's she got against me?

Milhouse: She says you're a bad influence.

Bart: [slams his hand on the table] Bad influence, my ass! How many times have I told you? Never listen to your mother!

- posted by H.V.O.M - Kerry Wayne Burgess 5:18 PM Pacific Time Spokane Valley Washington USA Monday 31 August 2015

"I always thought you needed a little humiliation. Or was it humility?"

The Best of Both Worlds Part 2 [ Star Trek: The Next Generation ]

Stardate: 44001.4

Original Airdate: Sep 24, 1990

RIKER: Course to Station McKinley ready and laid in, sir.

PICARD: Make it so, Number One.

(Picard picks up his tea, then stiffens and puts the cup down again. He goes to the window and stands looking out)

Family [ Star Trek: The Next Generation ]

Stardate: 44012.3

Original Airdate: Oct 1, 1990

Captain's Log: Stardate 44012.3 The Enterprise remains docked at McKinley Station, undergoing a major overhaul and refit following the Borg incident. I am confident that the ship and her crew will soon be ready to return to service.

The Best of Both Worlds Part 2 [ Star Trek: The Next Generation ]

Stardate: 44001.4

Original Airdate: Sep 24, 1990

PICARD [on viewscreen]: The knowledge and experience of the human Picard is part of us now.

The Best of Both Worlds Part 2 [ Star Trek: The Next Generation ]

Stardate: 44001.4

Original Airdate: Sep 24, 1990

PICARD [on viewscreen]: Preparation is irrelevant. Your people will be assimilated as easily as Picard has been. Your attempt at a delay will not be successful, Number One. We will proceed to Earth, and if you attempt to intervene, we will destroy you.

The Best of Both Worlds Part 2 [ Star Trek: The Next Generation ]

Stardate: 44001.4

Original Airdate: Sep 24, 1990

PICARD [on viewscreen]: Discussion is irrelevant. There are no terms. You will disarm all your weapons and escort us to Sector zero zero one where we will begin assimilating your culture and technology.

Family [ Star Trek: The Next Generation ]

Stardate: 44012.3

Original Airdate: Oct 1, 1990

PICARD: You don't know, Robert. You don't know.

Family [ Star Trek: The Next Generation ]

Stardate: 44012.3

Original Airdate: Oct 1, 1990

PICARD: I should have been able to stop them! I tried. I tried so hard

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Close Encounters of the Third Kind

I verified those check-out prices with the price listed on the shelves and the values match.

I must be a sociopath. That's all that makes sense.



Adama: Like we did with the Cylons. We decided to play god, create life. (We see Starbuck listening in her cell.) When that life turned against us, we comforted ourselves in the knowledge that it really wasn't our fault, not really. You cannot play god, then wash your hands of the things that you've created. Sooner or later, the day comes when you can't hide from the things that you've done anymore.

From 11/15/1977 to 6/3/1989 is 4218 days

From 11/25/1993 to 6/13/2005 is 4218 days

From 5/24/1993 to 12/10/2004 is 4218 days

From 6/14/2002 to 12/31/2013 is 4218 days

From 11/17/1994 to 6/5/2006 is 4218 days

From 3/16/1991 to 10/2/2002 is 4218 days

From 10/28/1994 to 5/16/2006 is 4218 days

From 3/16/1979 to 10/2/1990 is 4218 days

From 5/21/1992 to 12/8/2003 is 4218 days

From 12/8/2003 to 6/26/2015 is 4218 days

From 11/20/1972 to 6/8/1984 is 4218 days


Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)


Project Leader: He says the sun came out last night. He says it sang to him.








The American Presidency Project

George Bush

XLI President of the United States: 1989 - 1993

Statement on the Chinese Government's Suppression of Student Demonstrations

June 3, 1989

It is clear that the Chinese Government has chosen to use force against Chinese citizens who were making a peaceful statement in favor of democracy. I deeply deplore the decision to use force against peaceful demonstrators and the consequent loss of life. We have been urging -- and continue to urge -- nonviolence, restraint, and dialog. Tragically, another course has been chosen. Again, I urge a return to nonviolent means for dealing with the current situation.

The United States and People's Republic of China over the past two decades have built up through great efforts by both sides a constructive relationship beneficial to both countries. I hope that China will rapidly return to the path of political and economic reform and conditions of stability so that this relationship, so important to both our peoples, can continue its growth.


Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)


Roy Neary: You can't fool us by agreeing with us.

The World Clock – Time Zone Converter – results

At the specified time, local time in Washington DC was 13 hours behind Beijing

Location Local time Time zone UTC offset

Beijing (China - Beijing Municipality) Sunday, June 4, 1989 at 12:05:00 AM UTC+9 hours

Washington DC (U.S.A. - District of Columbia) Saturday, June 3, 1989 at 11:05:00 AM EDT UTC-4 hours

Corresponding UTC (GMT) Saturday, June 3, 1989 at 15:05:00

Los Angeles Times

Protests For Democracy in Tiananmen Square; Troops Fire on Beijing Crowds

At Least 100 Dead, 400 Hurt; Square Is Recaptured

June 04, 1989 Jim Mann and David Holley Los Angeles Times Staff Writers

BEIJING -- Chinese troops of the People's Liberation Army opened fire with automatic weapons early today on huge crowds of civilians in Beijing, killing at least 100 of them and perhaps many more, according to medical and diplomatic reports, in a successful effort to recapture Tian An Men Square from pro-democracy demonstrators.

At least 400 people were reported wounded.

For China, it was a fundamental turning point. The Communist Party leadership headed by the aging Deng Xiaoping made the decision that no matter how high the costs to its image at home or abroad, it had to overwhelm with a force the students and other demonstrators who had challenged the power and legitimacy of the regime.

The gunfire began shortly after midnight and continued until well after dawn. There was gunfire all over Beijing, from the central Tian An Men Square area to the areas outside the main tourist hotels to the outskirts of the city.

At times, the firing was indiscriminate. At about 5:30 a.m. today, for example, a military convoy of about 100 vehicles--including tanks, armored personnel carriers, trucks and jeeps--swept past the Beijing Hotel toward Tian An Men Square, firing at bystanders.

Los Angeles Times

TURMOIL IN CHINA: Protests For Democracy : Pro-Regime Slogans Adorn Hotels and Restaurants Serving Foreigners : Red Propaganda Banners Blossom in Beijing

June 03, 1989 JIM MANN Times Staff Writer

BEIJING — Colonel Sanders is a bourgeois liberal.

That, at least, was the message China sought to convey Friday as red propaganda banners like those that appeared earlier this week to adorn the facades of Beijing hotels were unfurled outside the city's first Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet.

"Maintain Order in the Capital!" exhorted one banner of Chinese characters done in white-on-red colors that almost matched the hues of the familiar logo of the fast-food chain.

"Maintain Unity and Stability!" urged another, which was hung so that its bottom edge covered a picture of Col. Sanders from his hairline to his nose.

The Colonel had lots of company.

Diners in search of haute cuisine also found political banners Friday hanging high above the front doors of Maxim's, a pricey Beijing branch of the famous Paris restaurant.

"Firmly Take the Socialist Road!" said one of the banners hanging above the restaurant opened in 1983 by Pierre Cardin, the decidedly unsocialistic French fashion designer and entrepreneur.

In the last few days, most of the hotels in Beijing that cater to a foreign clientele have put up similar banners. These political placards are seldom seen on other buildings here.

It does not seem to make any difference whether the hotels and restaurants are foreign-owned or Chinese.

The Beijing Hotel, which is owned by the Chinese government, has been sporting banners that say, "Oppose Bourgeois Liberalization With a Clear-Cut Stand!" and "Long Live the Great, Glorious, Correct Chinese Communist Party!"

Many Questions

What is the reason for the banners? What do they mean? Why are they being put up primarily on establishments for foreigners?

Such questions cannot be answered with any certainty. Under the terms of the martial-law regulations now in effect, foreign reporters are generally not permitted to interview Chinese officials or scholars who might offer explanations.

At Kentucky Fried Chicken, an official who declined to give his full name told one Western visitor that the banners outside his door were put there because "it was demanded." Asked why, the official replied nervously, "I can't tell you, because martial law prevents any interviews."

According to a witness, when a foreign tourist outside Maxim's asked a young Chinese man what he thought of the new propaganda banner, the man quickly replied: "I can't tell you. There are a lot of plainclothes police around here."

On the surface, the most obvious explanation is that the Chinese regime is tapping the age-old strain of xenophobia, or fear of foreigners, as an explanation for this spring's student demonstrations and the country's current political turmoil.

"Among some people in the leadership, there's a desire to make Western culture, or just the United States, a scapegoat," one Western diplomat said Friday.

Unlikely Explanation

But this explanation doesn't seem to fit too well. At least so far, the regime has been extremely reluctant to blame the student demonstrations on foreign influences. When Chinese leaders have attempted to blame someone else besides the students themselves, their targets have been not foreigners but rivals for power within the Chinese Communist Party.

"The students feel they have one man supporting them in the central authorities and therefore, the turmoil is deteriorating," said President Yang Shangkun in one recent speech. He was referring to Communist Party General Secretary Zhao Ziyang.

Another possible explanation is that banners at the hotels and restaurants are an outgrowth of the continuing power struggle and factionalism within the Communist Party leadership.

Beijing insiders note that the director of the Beijing Municipal Tourism Bureau, which has authority over the city's hotels and restaurants for foreigners, is Bo Xicheng. He is the son of Bo Yibo, one of the elderly Communist Party leaders who are now spearheading a new ideological campaign against "bourgeois liberalization."

One other interpretation, admittedly a Machiavellian and conspiratorial one, is that the banners are some Beijing officials' way of covertly undermining the efforts by the regime to impose martial law here.

The red banners flying outside the hotels and restaurants pay lip service to the current ideological campaign. No one in the Chinese leadership could possibly criticize someone who put up placards praising the leadership of the Communist Party.

Undermine Regime

Yet at the same time, the big red banners undermine the regime's efforts to assure foreign tourists and investors that everything is going smoothly in China. Whoever put up the banners at places like Kentucky Fried Chicken managed, whether intentionally or not, to expose the contradiction between China's renewed denunciations of "bourgeois liberalization" and its continued efforts to court the West.

Out of apparent concern for the effect of martial law on tourism, the government-run New China News Agency reported Friday night that "China's travel agencies, hotels and other tourism-related institutions are operating normally."

According to the Chinese news account, a spokesman for China's National Tourism Administration said that travel programs for overseas tour groups are being conducted normally.

"Causing slight changes in tour programs is the temporary closure of Beijing's Forbidden City and a few other places in the center of the capital," the spokesman said. Nevertheless, he said, local travel services "offer alternative attractions."


Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

Release Info

USA 15 November 1977 (New York City, New York) (premiere)


Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

Full Cast & Crew

Richard Dreyfuss ... Roy Neary

Springfield! Springfield!

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
I beg your pardon,
but my English is not good too.
I want to share with you now...
...the breakthrough
that happened in India.
We think it means something.
We think it is important.
To help you learn, I am using the hand
sign created by Zoltn Kodly.
Kodly developed these signs
to teach music to deaf children.
Hi, how are you? You came here too?
Yes. Jillian Guiler.
Roy Neary.
Sorry about what happened.
-Good night!
Look at you.
You got the same burn.
Yeah, but it's better on you.
You got it all over at least.
I gotta tan the other side tonight.

Springfield! Springfield!

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

-What are we saying to each other?
It seems they're trying to teach us
a basic tonal vocabulary.
It's the first day of school.
Take everything from the lady.
Follow her pattern note for note.
We have a translation airlock
on their audio signal.
We're taking over
this conversation now.
Let's go! Come on!
I am Claude Lacombe.
Frank Taylor...
...Lieutenant, United States
Navy Reserve...
...0641 99.
Lieutenant, welcome home.
This way to debriefing.
Harry Ward Craig...
...Captain, United States Navy...
...043431 .
would you come right this way?
Welcome back, Navy. Welcome back.


Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)


Project Leader: [over a loudspeaker at The Dark Side of the Moon] Could we have the lights in the arena down 60 percent, please... 60 percent.

[the lights go down and running lights turn on one at a time up the runway]

Project Leader: I don't think we could have asked for a more beautiful evening, do you? Okay, watch the skies please... We now show uncorrelated targets approaching from the north-northwest.


Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)


David Laughlin: We didn't choose this place! We didn't choose these people! They were invited!

Claude Lacombe: They belong here more than we.

JOURNAL ARCHIVE: - posted by H.V.O.M - Kerry Wayne Burgess 07:21 AM Pacific Time Seattle USA Tuesday 12 March 2013 -

I thought about that later and I decided she was glaring at me because she was possibly expected me to club her with my fist, which I did not.

[JOURNAL ARCHIVE 12 March 2013 excerpt ends]


Second Chances (TV Series)

Pilot (1993)

Release Info

USA 25 November 1993


Second Chances: Season 1, Episode 1

Pilot (25 Nov. 1993)

TV Episode

Connie Sellecca ... Dianne Benedict

Release Date: 25 November 1993 (USA)


Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)


[last lines]

Barry Guiler: Goodbye.

Second Chances

Stardate: 46915.2

Original Airdate: 24 May, 1993 [ Star Trek: The Next Generation ]

[Lt Riker's quarters]

(The Lieutenant is in a fresh gold uniform, and finishing a meal when the doorbell rings)

RIKER 2: Come in.

TROI: Hello, Will.

(He sweeps her off her feet, literally, and kisses her)

RIKER 2: Imzadi.

TROI: Will.

RIKER 2: I never thought I'd see you again.

TROI: We need to talk.

RIKER 2: You're on board because of him.

TROI: No. Commander Riker and I are friends. Close friends, but nothing more. Why don't we sit down? Do you remember the last time we saw each other?

RIKER 2: Like yesterday. The Janaran Falls on Betazed.

TROI: It was the day before you started your tour on the Potemkin.

RIKER 2: And we were going to meet on Risa, six weeks later.

TROI: We never did.

RIKER 2: I know.

TROI: No, what I mean is, Commander Riker and I never did. You see, he earned a promotion very quickly.

RIKER 2: I know that too. 'For exceptional valour during the evacuation of the research station on Nervala Four'. I looked at his service record.

TROI: He chose to make his career a priority. There wasn't much time for anything else.


Second Chances

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Episode: TNG 250 - Second Chances

Season 6 Ep. 24

Air Date: 05/24/1993

JAG Season 10 Episode 9

The Man on the Bridge

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 10, 2004 on CBS

AIRED: 12/10/04


JAG (TV Series)

The Man on the Bridge (2004)

Plot Summary

A biowarfare expert disappears, apparently by suicide; Harm, Mac, and the FBI investigate. A woman Marine has filed a petition to allow women to compete with men in boxing; Bud investigates, and the general changes his mind in a ring.

JAG Season 10 Episode 9

The Man on the Bridge


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 10, 2004 on CBS


Harm: Buying into Agent Benton's theory of kidnapping now, Mac?

Mac: Not necessarily, suicide still tops the list.

Harm: Can't find the trigger.

Mac: Family history of depression and suicide- Kohler showed the signs, Harm, isolation and the inability to sustain relationships...

Harm: That could be either one of us.

FBI Agent Benton: You understand the FBI has lead here, Commander?

Harm: As long as you understand the dangers of creating a turf war by not co-operating.

Mac: Ah, love is in the air.

JOURNAL ARCHIVE: From: Kerry Burgess

Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2012 11:21 PM

To: 'Chad Trammell'

Subject: RE: The Fly 1986

The final scenes were not as predictable as I predicted, although that is arguable after having watched all of it.

I recall watching certain scenes towards the end of the 2002 film “The Ring” and feeling impressed at how “I did not see that coming.” And after that I made a quick run-through of the numbers.

The earliest premiere date is listed as 10/2/2002.

I was surprised by scenes that associate with that date. I ran the numbers after watching those scenes. The date 10/25/1994 associates with the 10/10/1973 premiere US TV movie “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.”

“Barnyard Actor” and 12/25/1991.

“Blazing Saddles” and 6/27/1994.

[JOURNAL ARCHIVE 27 December 2012 excerpt ends]

JOURNAL ARCHIVE: From: Kerry Burgess

Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2012 10:36 PM

To: 'Chad Trammell'

Subject: RE: The Fly 1986

“The Ring” seems pretty pointless and predictable, and I thought that before I remembered dialog that happens after the 42 minute point and now at the barn scene.

But I just thought of something: 7 days from today. I had earlier calculated that difference. But what just struck me is the precisely one week today is 1-3-13.


I bought that DVD and watched it when a major plot element, that I had absolutely no conscious awareness about forms that pattern.

A while earlier I was trying to remember if that was the same grocery store checkout lane where I got the ’33.59’ receipt. I still don’t recall for certain. I know it that one or the one next to it. The same side of the self-checkout lanes where there are three computer terminals on each side.

What does it mean? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Those are deliberate coincidences. Those are coincidences that were created deliberately by forces I understand but that I cannot describe in precise detail.

A message in a bottle found by a person who was born alone on a deserted island.

[JOURNAL ARCHIVE 27 December 2012 excerpt ends]


The Ring (2002)


[first lines]

Katie: I hate television. Gives me headaches. You know, I heard there's so many magnetic waves traveling through the air, because of TV and telephones, that we're losing, like, ten times as many brain cells as we're supposed to. Like, all the molecules in our heads are all unstable. All the companies know about it, but they're not doing anything about it. It's, like, a big conspiracy.


The Ring (2002)

Release Info

USA 2 October 2002 (Hollywood Film Festival)

From 3/16/1991 ( my first successful major test of my ultraspace matter transportation device as Kerry Wayne Burgess the successful Ph.D. graduate Columbia South Carolina ) To 10/2/1994 is 1296 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official Deputy United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 5/21/1969 ( the Princeton University doctor of medicine degree graduation of my biological brother Dr Thomas Reagan MD ) is 1296 days

[ See also: ]

The Simpsons Season 6 Episode 4

Itchy & Scratchy Land

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 1994 on FOX

The Simpson family takes a vacation to Itchy & Scratchy Land. When the robotic Itchys and Scratchys go haywire, the Simpsons must find a way to escape the island.

AIRED: 10/2/94

From 3/16/1991 ( my first successful major test of my ultraspace matter transportation device as Kerry Wayne Burgess the successful Ph.D. graduate Columbia South Carolina ) To 10/28/2002 is 4244 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official Deputy United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 6/16/1977 ( Wernher von Braun dead ) is 4244 days

[ See also: ]

George W. Bush

Remarks in Alamogordo, New Mexico

October 28, 2002

The President. Thank you all very much. Hola.

Audience members. Hola.

The President. Si. Thank you all for coming today. It's a beautiful day here. Of course, every day is a beautiful day in New Mexico. I love to come to a part of the country where the cowboy hat is—the cowboy hat, instead of the tie, is a part of the work uniform. It kind of reminds me of home, right around the corner from here.

They tell me I'm the first President ever to come to Alamogordo.


Windtalkers (2002)

Release Info

USA 14 June 2002

Springfield! Springfield!

Windtalkers (2002)

Now, Saipan is Japanese soil,
and there's 30,000 of 'em dug in.
They're gonna fight for every square inch,
because it's their home,
but we're gonna take it away from 'em!
Yeah! Kill me some Japs!
We're gonna be in front
of the whole damn division.
We're gonna be the eyes and the ears.
We're gonna be
sniffin' out enemy positions,
coordinating the naval gunfire -
exactly what we've been training to do
for the last four months. All right?
Now, we got some new radiomen
from headquarters.
There's a Private Whitehorse...
and Yahzee...
and a couple of sergeants,
Enders and Henderson,
who, if I'm understanding
these orders correctly,
will be covering our Navajos' asses.

The American Presidency Project

Barack Obama

XLIV President of the United States: 2009 - present

881 - Proclamation 9075 - National Stalking Awareness Month, 2014

December 31, 2013

By the President of the United States of America

A Proclamation

Each January, we draw attention to a crime that will affect 1 in 6 American women at some point in their lives. Although young women are disproportionately at risk, anyone can be a victim of stalking—regardless of age, sex, background, or gender identity. While many victims are stalked by ex-partners, sometimes the perpetrators are acquaintances or even strangers. During National Stalking Awareness Month, we extend our support to victims and renew our commitment to holding their stalkers accountable.

Stalkers seek to intimidate their victims through repeated unwanted contact, including harassing phone calls, text messages, or emails. Cyberstalking is increasingly prevalent, with more than one quarter of stalking victims reporting being harassed through the Internet or electronically monitored. Many victims suffer from anxiety, depression, and insomnia, and some are forced to move or change jobs. Stalking all too often goes unreported, yet it also tends to escalate over time, putting victims at risk of sexual assault, physical abuse, or homicide.

My Administration remains dedicated to pursuing justice for victims of stalking and ensuring survivors receive the support they need. Last March, I was proud to sign the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act. Every time we renew this landmark legislation, we improve it, and this time was no exception. This renewal expanded protections for Native American and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender victims of stalking, domestic violence, and sexual assault. It amended the Clery Act to require colleges to report crime statistics on stalking, continued to allow relief for immigrant victims, and strengthened support and training programs that have proven effective in helping law enforcement bring offenders to justice.

We also stand behind the tireless advocates who provide essential services to victims. Along with law enforcement, prosecutors, court personnel, and survivors, these devoted women and men are links in a chain that has made a difference—one person, one family, one case at a time. This month, let us resolve to strengthen this chain, bring stalkers to justice, and give hope to everyone who has suffered from this crime.

Now, Therefore, I, Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim January 2014 as National Stalking Awareness Month. I call upon all Americans to recognize the signs of stalking, acknowledge stalking as a serious crime, and urge those affected not to be afraid to speak out or ask for help. Let us also resolve to support victims and survivors, and to create communities that are secure and supportive for all Americans.

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this thirty-first day of December, in the year of our Lord two thousand thirteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-eighth.



Star Trek: Generations (1994)

Release Info

USA 17 November 1994 (Hollywood, California) (premiere)


Dr. Harley Rutledge

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Dr. Harley D. Rutledge, 80, of Cape Girardeau died Monday, June 5, 2006, at Missouri Veterans Home.

UFOs Northwest

UFO Researcher Harley Rutledge Dies

Solid state physicist, Harley Rutledge, Ph.D., at work during Project Identification in 1970s at Southeast Missouri State University.

Harley Rutledge, Ph.D., age 80, died at the Missouri Veterans Home in Mt. Vernon, on Monday, June 5, 2006. Dr. Rutledge was former Chairman of the Physics Department at Southeast Missouri State University. He gained national attention in 1973 when he organized "Project Identification" to track and photograph, if possible, unidentified aerial objects being seen by hundreds of residents in Franklin County, Missouri. The summary of his study was published in a book entitled, Project Identification © 1980 by Dr. Rutledge. His goal was a scientific study of velocity, distance and size of objects, many recorded on videotape.

Linda Moulton Howe talked to Dr. Rutledge often while she was producing the 1980 TV documentary, A Strange Harvest for KMGH-TV in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Rutledge had hundreds of anomalous photographs, many he had taken himself. He acknowledged that mixed with all the sightings reports were calls to law enforcement in Missouri about bloodless, trackless animal mutilations, sometimes linked to the presence of unidentified aerial craft.

JOURNAL ARCHIVE: From: Kerry Burgess

To: Kerry Burgess

Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 5:55:42 PM

Subject: Re: I don't know if I am winning or losing an effort by the Borg to assimilate my mind.

Kerry Burgess wrote:
I don't know if I am winning or losing an effort by the Borg to assimilate my mind. I have this sense of dread I can't explain. But there is something........I can't put my finger on it, something, something, something, what is it? I had the strongest feeling this morning that I don't know who I am. Then it just clicked back. It just turned off. I think it was something someone on tv said while they were listening to me. I find myself thinking about that part in that 1998 Star Trek movie where Data realizes he is missing some memory chips. And I heard someone just the other day saying something similar. I keep my headphones on to block out stuff like that, but......what am I missing? What other clues are there that I've missed? Are people telling me this all to help? Do I need help? All I know is I need to get the hell out of here. Goddamn it, when do I get out of HERE!!!!!!

[JOURNAL ARCHIVE 16 May 2006 excerpt ends]


Stargate (1994)

Release Info

USA 28 October 1994

Battlestar Galactica Episode 1

Battlestar Galactica:The Mini-Series

AIRED: 12/8/03

The American Presidency Project

Barack Obama

XLIV President of the United States: 2009 - present

464 - Eulogy at the Funeral Service for Pastor Clementa C. Pinckney of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina

June 26, 2015

The President. Giving all praise and honor to God.

The Bible calls us to hope. To persevere and have faith in things not seen. "They were still living by faith when they died," Scripture tells us. "They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance, admitting that they were foreigners and strangers on Earth."

We are here today to remember a man of God who lived by faith.

The Real World Season 1 Episode 1

This is the True Story...

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 21, 1992 on MTV - Music Television

AIRED: 5/21/92


Leoben: What is it about this place? What's it doing to me?

Adama: Must be your allergies.

Leoben: I don't have allergies.

Adama: I didn't think so. What you got are silica pathways to the brain, or whatever it is you call that thing you pretend to think with. It's decomposing as we speak.

Leoben: It's the storm, isn't it? It puts out something. Something you discovered has an effect on Cylon technology. That's it, isn't it? And this is a refuge, that's why you put a fleet out here. Last ditch effort to hide from the Cylon attack. Right, well, that's not enough Adama. I've been here for hours.


Gremlins (1984)

Release Info

USA 8 June 1984


Gremlins (1984)

Full Cast & Crew

Phoebe Cates ... Kate Beringer


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1972)

Release Info

USA 20 November 1972 (Los Angeles, California)

Springfield! Springfield!

The China Syndrome (1979)

Ted? Can I see you a sec?
I wanted to get your impressions
of one phase here.
Just after the turbine trip,
did you feel a vibration?
The steam line closure.
No, that's here. I mean later.
More of a vibration.
Right here. It's relief valve 14.
I don't think so.
Didn't they ask you about this?
They asked us not to discuss it.
Ha, ha. That's during the investigation.
Is this part of the investigation?
What's the matter?
I was in there
for twice as long as anyone else.
You Navy guys have credentials,
but I'm a 25-year company man.
I knew nothing nuclear before.
You tell me, where do you think
the axe of "human error" will fall?


The China Syndrome (1979)

Release Info

USA 16 March 1979


The China Syndrome (1979)

Full Cast & Crew

Jack Lemmon ... Jack Godell

The American Presidency Project

George Bush

XLI President of the United States: 1989 - 1993

Remarks at the Presentation Ceremony for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching

October 2, 1990

To our Secretary of Energy, Jim Watkins, delighted to see you sir; and Ted Sanders, the Under Secretary of Education; Fred Bernthal; Dr. Bill Phillips; and all of you here in the Rose Garden.

I am very pleased to have this opportunity to join you today and add my congratulations to those that you have already received. Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science and Math Teaching have been presented for the past 8 years to secondary schoolteachers, but this is the first year that elementary schoolteachers have also received these awards. So, you are the pioneers in what will be a continuing effort to honor the achievement of this nation's many outstanding schoolteachers.

You are a very select group -- 107 teachers from the more than 1 1/2 million elementary school instructors in this country. For many students, you represent their very first exposure to science and math, which gives you a vital responsibility. Most kids who go on to become scientists or engineers first became interested in those subjects in elementary school or junior high. And most often, the reason they do is because they are exposed to a teacher like you -- like each one of you -- someone who can speak their language, communicate with them, spark their imagination, and evoke the sense of wonder that is inherent in science and math.

Kids are natural-born scientists, but too many of them lose interest when their only exposure to science is through long lists of facts. And you've discovered how to bring out the fun in science and math, and in so doing, you provide a model and an inspiration for elementary schoolteachers everywhere.

You're also helping to meet a crucial national need. We live in an increasingly complex and competitive world, and the link between science and technology and our standard of living is stronger today than ever before. At a time when our international position in certain key industries is being challenged, we face impending shortfalls of qualified scientists and engineers. The students who can fill those shortfalls are in the classrooms right now, and we must ensure that they are given the education and the encouragement that they need.

Just a little over a year ago, I met with the Nation's Governors at Charlottesville for the first education summit, a first step towards building a strong partnership among this administration, the Governors, educators, parents and, indeed, community leaders. And this historic event resulted in a sense of direction and national goals for individual and collective efforts to improve the quality of education for all Americans.

Well, three of those goals directly involve science and math. By the year 2000, American students must demonstrate competency in five critical subjects, including science and math, with their progress measured in grades 4 and 8 and 12. We must also make American students the first in the world in science and math by the year 2000. And we must ensure that every adult American must be able to read and have the skills, including technological skills, to compete in a global economy.

So, these are ambitious goals, but they are faithful to the ambitions of this country. And as a people, we've set tough goals before: to send men to the Moon or to serve the cause of freedom abroad. And we know that when the challenge is great, great things happen in America.

Already, a great many things are happening at the Federal, State, and local level. The Department of Energy and NASA are opening up their research labs to students and teachers so that they can experience cutting-edge science firsthand. And the Department of Education and the National Science Foundation are working together and with the States on strengthening research, assessment, and curricula. Equally exciting are things that are happening in the States themselves.

But achieving the goals that I announced last January will require that everyone get involved. That means parents; it means teachers, school administrators, businesses, and universities.

Parents really are especially important. And it is very difficult for you as teachers to go out and do your job if you don't get help from parents, and that's why we want to see parental empowerment in education. We must make American education the best it can be, and that takes two things: greater parental involvement and, in my view, greater choice in education.

Reading about your accomplishments makes me confident that we will succeed. The letters of recommendation that helped bring you to Washington are really spectacular; and they give ample testimony to your ingenuity, your determination and, indeed, enthusiasm. In one letter, the parents of a kid named Woody write: "When we used to ask Woody what happened in school, he would tell us about recess. And now he tells us about science." You know, that really is a wonderful, wonderful statement about Woody's teacher, it seems to me. Another one, another letter, writes of a teacher who "studies with the mind of a scholar; perceives through the eyes of a child; and communicates with the voice of an understanding, compassionate, and energetic motivator." And all of the letters are unanimous about one thing: the enthusiasm that each one of you bring to the classroom, an enthusiasm that goes beyond the classroom, that touches everyone that you know.

You are truly remarkable people, and you're able to take children and lift them up and inspire them and broaden their horizons and then aim them off in new directions. So, the country owes you an immense debt of gratitude. But your real rewards can't be printed on some scroll, one piece of paper. The real rewards are the students who will remember you and what you have done for them for the rest of their lives.

Thank you all very much for being here today, and God bless each and every one of you for your wonderful commitment to the young people of this country. Thank you.

Note: The President spoke at 1:35 p.m. in the Rose Garden at the White House.

The American Presidency Project

George Bush

XLI President of the United States: 1989 - 1993

Address to the German People on the Reunification of Germany

October 2, 1990

It is with great pleasure that I congratulate Chancellor Kohl and the German people at this historic moment. And it is my distinct honor to address the people of the united Germany.

In Berlin and Bonn, from Leipzig in the east to western towns along the Rhine, people are celebrating the day that all of Germany has been waiting for, for 45 long years. For the world, those 45 years were a time of tension and turmoil. For your nation, fate was particularly cruel. For 45 years, at the heart of a divided continent stood a divided Germany, on the fault line of the East-West conflict, one people split between two worlds.

No more. Today begins a new chapter in the history of your nation. Forty-five years of conflict and confrontation between East and West are now behind us. At long last the day has come: Germany is united; Germany is fully free.

The United States is proud to have built with you the foundations of freedom; proud to have been a steady partner in the quest for one Germany, whole and free. America is proud to count itself among the friends and allies of free Germany, now and in the future. Our peoples are united by the common bonds of culture, by a shared heritage in history. Never before have these common bonds been more evident than in this past year as we worked in common cause toward the goal of German unity. Today, together, we share the fruits of our friendship.

In this past year, we've witnessed a world of change for the United States, for the united Germany, for the Atlantic alliance of which we are a part. Even as Germany celebrates this new beginning, there is no doubt that the future holds new challenges, new responsibilities. I'm certain that our two nations will meet these challenges, as we have in the past, united by a common love of freedom. Together, building on the values we share, we will be partners in leadership.

This day, so full of meaning for Germany, is full of meaning for the world. Meters away from the walls of the Reichstadt, scene of the first session of the newly united German Parliament, stood the Berlin Wall, the stark and searing symbol of conflict and cold war. For years, free men and women everywhere dreamed of the day the Berlin Wall would cease to exist, when a world without the Wall would mean a Germany made whole once more -- when Germany, united and sovereign, would contribute in full measure as a force for peace and stability in world affairs.

Today the Wall lies in ruins, and our eyes open on a new world of hope. Now Germany is once more united. Now the Wall no longer divides a nation and a world in two. The last remnants of the Wall remain there at the heart of a free Berlin, a ragged monument in brick and barbed wire, proof that no wall is ever strong enough to strangle the human spirit, that no wall can ever crush a nation's soul.

Today the German nation enters a new era; an era, in the words of your national anthem, of "unity and justice and freedom." At this moment of celebration, as we look forward with you to a future of hope and promise, let me say, on behalf of all Americans, may God bless the people of Germany.

Springfield! Springfield!

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

All I want to do is know
what's going on.
Nothing's going on!
It's just one of those things.
Which things? Which things?
-I don't want to hear about this.
-This is very important!
I won't let it lay here.
I'm gonna call somebody!
I'm not listening. I'm not listening.
I saw something last night
that I can't explain.
I saw something last night
I can't explain.
I'm going out there again tonight.
No, you're not.
Yes, I am.
No, you're not.
Yes, I am.
No, you're not.
Do they live on the moon?
They got bases there so at night
they can come through your window.
This isn't a moon burn, goddamn it!

JOURNAL ARCHIVE: - posted by H.V.O.M - Kerry Wayne Burgess 09:04 AM Pacific Time somewhere near Seattle Washington USA Thursday 20 March 2014 -

"When I was home after my first tour, it was worse."

Well, looking at Google Maps Streetview I feel fairly certain I would not be able to see it if I walked down there now. For one thing, there is a big sign on the other side of the street that usually catches my sight when I get to the point I might be able to see it. I can think of a lot of reasons why I would not see it unless I walked maybe a hundred yards closer to it. Houses and trees on that side of the street probably obscure the line of sight to it.

[JOURNAL ARCHIVE 20 March 2014 excerpt ends]

082915_a_svwlw_ (2643).jpg

082915_a_svwlw_ (2651).jpg

082915_a_svwlw_ (2664).jpg

082915_a_svwlw_ (2959).jpg

082915_a_svwlw_ (3002).jpg

JOURNAL ARCHIVE: Posted by H.V.O.M at 7:55 PM Thursday, December 08, 2011

Also, despite how I tell myself often that I am ready and mentally prepared to take the big step into that great big empty world where I can finally get some privacy today was a wake up call. The reality of non-reality is something that the human mind, at least my own human mind, cannot understand until actually in the presence of such new wisdom. Sometimes I think that only someone as dumb as myself can be. Something. I don't know.

So, but anyway, what I gave strong thought to throughout today is again a notion that I thought about before and that I was trying to recall just how extensively I had thought it through on past occasions and I cannot recall very much but what I was thinking again about today and seemingly really for the first time to really give it serious consideration is that I my sense of reality as I sit here today is a complete fabrication and that is consistent was thoughts that have been present in my mind the past couple of days or more. The notion is that this entire universe that I perceive, which includes all of you, is a complete fabrication. I actually was feeling, and still do to the same extent as earlier today, that I actually exist in the very distant future of this present day and the world I am living in is some kind of hallucination I am now experiencing for the purpose of scientific research. I don't feel like going into a lot more detail about it right now.

[JOURNAL ARCHIVE 08 December 2011 excerpt ends]

JOURNAL ARCHIVE: Posted by H.V.O.M at 2:05 PM Thursday, December 08, 2011

A dream I had this morning is the reason I make this observation and I believe this information is strongly in the public interest.

Severe criminal activity directed at my personal property and that is being allowed to go unchecked by the law enforcement establishment in King County Washington State, specifically, and other places of the United States has created a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States of America.

There was a lot of stuff in the dream and just weird. As I am confounded with trying to write something else here I will skip ahead to the reason for this paragraph. Unlike in the 1982 film referenced below, the tunnel I saw was a clean and well-constructed tunnel of concrete and steel. There was a lot of stuff going on in the dream at the time - Thomas Reagan was flying around above us in some kind of spacecraft-type of craft that I have thought about several times today since the dream and I really just did not want to go into a lot of detail about that dream this morning. The reason I was going to go into the tunnel is because on the other side of the tunnel, which was very long was a computer terminal or personal computer and from that computer device I could produce a short text message in the sky above the city we were at. So I started down into the tunnel and down to the level of the tunnel as it progressed in the direction of the other side but then I stopped and did not go down there. The reason I did not go down there was because I was worried that someone would cut off the power while I was down there and I would be in complete darkness probably about half way through the tunnel. Then I came back up and I was yelling at a soldier wearing the camouflage uniform of a major and I was yelling at him because the road barricade he was in charge of had caused a loose elephant to go in the wrong direction. Not really sure what that was about. There was a lot of other stuff that just doesn't seem to matter. Back during the tunnel scene I could visualize that message I was going to produce in the sky above the city, where everyone could read the three-word phrase, but I do not recall the full message now and that also did not seem to really matter overall.

I was wrestling with a deer with a large rack of horns at one point in that dream. That's what it was and I woke up from that.

[JOURNAL ARCHIVE 08 December 2011 excerpt ends]

082915_a_svwlw_ (1497).jpg

Springfield! Springfield!

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

Welcome back, Navy. Welcome back.
-Craig, Harry Ward.
-''Captain, United States Navy...
...043431 1 .''
Disappeared off Chicken Shoals


Joe, nobody else needs to die.
We can go, we can get out of here!
We got orders!
They told us to hold the position,
and that's what we're going to do!
Get up, Marines!
Hold the goddamn position!


Behind you!
Watch out!

082915_a_svwlw_ (1591).jpg

082915_a_svwlw_ (1599).jpg

082915_a_svwlw_ (1607).jpg

082915_a_svwlw_ (1609).jpg

From 12/20/1994 ( in Bosnia as Kerry Wayne Burgess the United States Marine Corps captain this day is my United States Navy Cross medal date of record ) To 2/20/1996 is 427 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 1/3/1967 ( Jack Ruby dead ) is 427 days

From 9/1/1964 ( Lyndon Johnson - Executive Order 11174 - Establishing the Presidential Service Certificate and the Presidential Service Badge ) To 12/20/1994 ( in Bosnia as Kerry Wayne Burgess the United States Marine Corps captain this day is my United States Navy Cross medal date of record ) is 11067 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 2/20/1996 is 11067 days

[ See also: ]

The American Presidency Project

William J. Clinton

XLII President of the United States: 1993 - 2001

Statement on the Balkan Peace Process

February 20, 1996

This afternoon I met with my senior national security team to review the situation in Bosnia. I received a report on this weekend's meeting in Rome with the Presidents of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia.

I am pleased that in Rome, the Balkan leaders recommitted themselves to keeping peace on track. The parties pledged to resume contacts with the NATO-led Implementation Force, to reunify Sarajevo on schedule, to release all remaining war prisoners, to remove any remaining foreign forces, to cooperate in the investigation and prosecution of war crimes, and to strengthen the Bosnian-Croat Federation and reunify Mostar.

From 12/20/1994 ( in Bosnia as Kerry Wayne Burgess the United States Marine Corps captain this day is my United States Navy Cross medal date of record ) To 9/17/2000 is 2098 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official Deputy United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 8/1/1971 ( premiere US film "The Omega Man" ) is 2098 days

From 10/3/1993 ( the Battle of Mogadishu Somalia begins with my personal participation United States of America Delta Force operation ) To 9/17/2000 is 2541 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official Deputy United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 10/17/1972 ( Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visits Yugoslavia ) is 2541 days

From 10/25/1994 ( Susan Smith kills her two children and dumps them in her car in the John D. Long Lake near Union South Carolina ) To 9/17/2000 is 2154 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official Deputy United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 9/26/1971 ( Susan Smith ) is 2154 days

[ See also: ]

The American Presidency Project

William J. Clinton

XLII President of the United States: 1993-2001

Remarks at the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia

September 17, 2000

Thank you very much. The final sentence of the preamble: "We do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States." Today we come to ordain and establish this Constitution Center

From 1/18/1991 ( premiere US film "Flight of the Intruder" ) To 8/29/2015 is 8989 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 6/13/1990 ( demolition of the Berlin Wall officially begins ) is 8989 days



A Look Back: 25 Years Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall

On November 9, 1989, after serving as the symbol of the Cold War for decades, the Berlin Wall fell. Its demise signaled the dawn of change not only in Eastern Europe, but the world.

The Berlin Wall started as a barbed wire fence built by the communist East German state (with approval from the Soviet Union) to stop the flow of refugees from East Berlin into West Berlin. For years, the CIA had predicted the East German government would take stern measures to stop border crossers but did not have tactical forewarning that a barrier would be put up starting on August 13, 1961. Stretching 96 miles long, the fence eventually evolved into the now familiar 12 foot high concrete wall, built in 45,000 separate sections, each four feet wide.

The Berlin Wall divided East Berlin and West Berlin for 28 years, from 1961 until November 1989. Typical for totalitarian states, the East German government declared the Wall to be a necessary defense against Western aggression. In reality, the Wall was intended to stop East Germans from seeking freedom in the West. In 1962, a second barrier was placed 100 yards back, creating a no-man’s land, widely known as the “death strip,” useless for defense against the West but clearly intended to prevent escape. It was booby-trapped with tripwires, offered no cover, and provided a clear field of fire to the watching guards. Even so, some 5,000 East Berliners escaped into the western half of the city. Tragically, an estimated 200 people died trying. Although the East German government always denied having a “shoot to kill” policy, the border guards were told to treat attempted defectors—even women and children—as criminals and stop them by whatever means necessary.

The Wall proved a propaganda disaster for the Soviet bloc as a whole. It became a powerful symbol of communist tyranny that Western leaders, starting with President John F. Kennedy, frequently denounced. In 1987, Ronald Reagan gave his famous speech at the Brandenburg Gate, at which he challenged Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall.”

Two years later, during the summer of 1989, communist Hungary removed its border restrictions with Austria, and in September, more than 13,000 East German tourists in Hungary escaped to Austria. Demonstrations broke out all over East Germany. The long-time leader of East Germany, Erich Honecker, who in January had predicted that the Berlin Wall would stand for “a hundred more years,” resigned on October 18, replaced by Egon Krenz. By November 4, 1989, the protests had increased significantly, with a million people gathered that day in Alexanderplatz in East Berlin. Meanwhile, the wave of refugees leaving East Germany for the West had increased through Czechoslovakia, tolerated by the new Krenz government and the communist regime in Prague.

To ease the complications, the Krenz government decided on November 9, 1989, to allow refugees and even private travelers to exit directly through crossing points between East Germany and West Germany, including West Berlin. The new regulations were to take effect the next day, on November 10, to allow time to inform the border guards. However, no one told the East German government spokesman, who had not been briefed on the situation but simply had been handed a note to announce that East Berliners would be allowed to cross the border with proper permission. He read the note aloud at the end of the conference and, when asked when the regulations would come into effect, he replied, “As far as I know, effective immediately, without delay.” Nobody, including the East German government, knew that on November 9, 1989, the Wall would start coming down.

Tens of thousands of East Berliners heard the spokesman’s statement live on East German television and soon flooded the checkpoints in the Wall, demanding entry into West Berlin. The surprised and overwhelmed border guards tried to call their superiors, but no East German official was willing to take personal responsibility for issuing orders to use lethal force. Faced with the swelling crowd, the guards finally yielded, opening the checkpoints and allowing people through with little or no identity checking. Ecstatic East Berliners were soon greeted by West Berliners on the other side in a celebration of freedom and reunion. As a result, November 9 is considered the date the Wall fell.

In the days and weeks that followed, people came to the Wall with sledgehammers to chip off souvenir pieces. The first concrete section of the Wall was removed on the 12th. By June 13, 1990 the wall was officially dismantled, and on October 3, 1990 East and West Germany were reunified. The collapse of the Soviet Union would soon follow.

While it is often repeated by some that the CIA and the US Intelligence Community (IC) missed the fall of the Soviet Union, assessments from the time tell a different story. With the demise of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet system in crisis, the CIA in 1989 assessed the Soviet Union under Gorbachev would not survive. In 1990, the IC released a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), in which it stated, “the Soviet Union as we have known it is finished.(PDF)” (The NIE is an assessment by as many as 17 government agencies and departments regarding a national, regional or transnational issue of high importance, such as the Soviet Union, and is normally briefed to the President and other very senior officials). By the spring of 1991, the CIA warned of a future coup against Gorbachev, how it would take place, and the likelihood of the Soviet Union’s collapse—all accurate predictions of what happened soon after. On December 25, 1991, Gorbachev resigned and the Soviet Union ceased to exist

Springfield! Springfield!

Flight Of The Intruder (1991)

Red River, Paul Doumier Bridge.
Then you follow the main
boulevard, you go right to it.
People's Resistance Park.
It's right across the square
from the national assembly.
SAM City, man.
You guys must be nuts.
The air force won't give me
any pictures of downtown.
I'd have to send for 'em.
That would be like
robbing a bank
and using your own car
for the getaway.

- posted by H.V.O.M - Kerry Wayne Burgess 10:40 AM Pacific Time Spokane Valley Washington USA Monday 31 August 2015