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The Form of Things Unknown to Patti Davis



Kerry Burgess


JOURNAL ARCHIVE: posted by H.V.O.M at 11:31 AM Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I have been thinking for a while that I was on the USS Roberts as well when it was damaged in the Persian Gulf. I recall dreaming about that one night 4 or 5 years ago. I had thoughts and the dream that I was on the Roberts when it hit an anti-ship mine and if I am interpreting my symbolic “memories” correctly, I towed away the remaining mines that were floating nearby because another hit probably would have sunk the ship. I have “memories” of being in a boat and being thrown against the bulkhead when I hit a large, round metallic object floating in the water. Also in that “memory” I was towing that large round, metallic object with my boat. But I have thoughts that in reality, I was swimming in the Persian Gulf with a rope tied to me and the mines and I towed them away like that to be detonated at a safe distance with rifle fire. I have also had thoughts that a shark took a couple of bites on my ankle when I was swimming to tow away the mines. After I finished with that exercise, I transferred over to the USS Wainwright. I think in reality I was at the time the Commanding Officer of a SEAL Platoon and I reportedly directly to the Commanding Officer of the Wainwright during the military engagement with the forces opposing us. In my symbolic “memory,” I was the phone-talker for the CO of Wainwright during Special Sea and Anchor Detail. I think I was on the USS Roberts because my girlfriends last name was Roberts.

[JOURNAL ARCHIVE 27 February 2007 excerpt ends]

JOURNAL ARCHIVE: Friday, October 19, 2007 Posted by H.V.O.M at 7:10 PM

She is wearing a blouse that looks just like a comforter I slept under for a lot of these years I have been deployed from home on this assignment.

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From 5/4/1964 ( premiere US TV series episode "The Outer Limits"::"The Forms of Things Unknown" ) To 10/9/2009 is 16594 days

16594 = 8297 + 8297

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 7/21/1988 ( from the official United States Navy documents of Kerry Burgess: "Small Arms Operator" ) is 8297 days

From 7/31/1917 ( the Battle of Passchendaele begins during World War 1 ) To 6/13/2005 is 32094 days

32094 = 16047 + 16047

From 11/2/1965 ( my known birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA ) To 10/9/2009 is 16047 days

From 9/14/2002 ( at Overlake hospital in Bellevue Washington State the announced birth of Phoebe Gates the daughter of Microsoft Bill Gates the transvestite and Microsoft Bill Gates the 100% female gender as born to brother-sister sibling parents and Microsoft Bill Gates the Soviet Union prostitute ) To 10/9/2009 is 2582 days

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 11/27/1972 ( Richard Nixon - Remarks on Plans for the Second Term ) is 2582 days

From 7/6/1951 ( premiere US film "Take Care of My Little Girl" ) To 10/9/2009 is 21280 days

21280 = 10640 + 10640

From 11/2/1965 ( my birth date in Antlers Oklahoma USA and my birthdate as the known official United States Marshal Kerry Wayne Burgess and active duty United States Marine Corps officer ) To 12/20/1994 ( in Bosnia as Kerry Wayne Burgess the United States Marine Corps captain this day is my United States Navy Cross medal date of record ) is 10640 days

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Stargate Universe Season 1 Episode 3

Air (3)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2009 on Syfy

AIRED: Oct 09, 2009


The Dead Kings


All the dead kings came to me
At Rosnaree, where I was dreaming,
A few stars glimmered through the morn,
And down the thorn the dews were streaming.

And every dead king had a story
Of ancient glory, sweetly told.
It was too early for the lark,
But the starry dark had tints of gold.

I listened to the sorrows three
Of that Eire passed into song.
A cock crowed near a hazel croft,
And up aloft dim larks winged strong.

And I, too, told the kings a story
Of later glory, her fourth sorrow:
There was a sound like moving shields
In high green fields and the lowland furrow.

And one said: ‘We who yet are kings
Have heard these things lamenting inly.’
Sweet music flowed from many a bill
And on the hill the morn stood queenly.

And one said: ‘Over is the singing,
And bell bough ringing, whence we come;
With heavy hearts we’ll tread the shadows,
In honey meadows birds are dumb.’

And one said: ‘Since the poets perished
And all they cherished in the way,
Their thoughts unsung, like petal showers
Inflame the hours of blue and grey.’

And one said: ‘A loud tramp of men
We’ll hear again at Rosnaree.’
A bomb burst near me where I lay.
I woke, ’twas day in Picardy.











In the observation room with the huge windows which Rush found earlier, Chloe is sitting on the floor looking out as space rushes past. She still has tears running down her face. Scott comes in and sits down on the floor next to her.

ARMSTRONG: I can't believe my dad has gone. I watched him die, and I still just can't accept it.

(Scott struggles for something to say, then looks at her.)

SCOTT: Tell me about him.


SCOTT: The man died so I could live. I'd like to know a little more about him.

(Chloe sniffs and gathers her thoughts.)

ARMSTRONG: No matter how tired he was, or how long he'd worked, or what was going on in his life, he always had time to listen to me. I'd go on and on, but he never preached. He never told me what to do even though sometimes I wished he would. He would just listen, and then he would tell me that he loved me. The best part was, if I'd had a fight with my mom, he never took sides.


Dark City (1998)


John Murdoch: I know this is gonna sound crazy, but what if we never knew each other before now... and everything you remember, and everything that I'm supposed to remember, never really happened, someone just wants us to think it did?

Emma Murdoch: But how can that be true? I so vividly remember meeting you.

The Best of Both Worlds Part 2 [ Star Trek: The Next Generation ]

Stardate: 44001.4

Original Airdate: Sep 24, 1990

PICARD [on viewscreen]: Your resistance is hopeless, Number One.

The Outer Limits - Original Season 1 Episode 32

The Forms of Things Unknown

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 04, 1964 on ABC

AIRED: 5/4/64

Francis Ledwidge

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Francis Edward Ledwidge (19 August 1887 – 31 July 1917) was an Irish war poet from County Meath. Sometimes known as the "poet of the blackbirds", he was killed in action at the Battle of Passchendaele during World War I.

Poetry and war

Ledwidge continued to write when feasible throughout the war years, though he lost much work, for example, in atrocious weather in Serbia. He sent much of his output to Lord Dunsany, himself moving on war assignments, as well as to readers among family, friends and literary contacts.

On 31 July 1917, a group from Ledwidge's battalion of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers were road-laying in preparation for an assault during the Third Battle of Ypres, near the village of Boezinge, northwest of Ieper (Ypres). While Ledwidge was drinking tea in a mud hole with his comrades, a shell exploded alongside, killing the poet and five others. A chaplain who knew him, Father Devas, arrived soon after, and recorded "Ledwidge killed, blown to bits."

The Outer Limits - Original Season 1 Episode 32

The Forms of Things Unknown

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 04, 1964 on ABC


Control Voice: (closing narration) Murder, madness, and other lurking horrors are the raw certainties that await you in the depths of the unknown. And no switch of time, no twist of plan can cancel your meeting with it. For some night, in some blind panic, you will venture into the world of dark reality. And on that night, you will keep your rendezvous with the unknown.


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