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Time After Time


Time After Time Season 1 Episode 3

Out of Time

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 12, 2017 on ABC

John gives Herbert 12 hours to repair the time machine and bring it to him. While Herbert and Jane try to find a key component, John meets an intriguing woman.

AIRED: 3/12/17

Springfield! Springfield!

Time After Time

Out of Time

It's not that I don't see the appeal of surgery, I just figured out very early on that I'd be terrible at it.
Oh, nonsense.
You have a surplus of talent.
The rest is just practice, repetition.
Oh, no.
No way.
What you do is a form of performance.
With my work, I spend most of my time thinking.
I wander in 1,000 different directions, and then, only when I'm as ready as I'll ever be, then I test.
Yes, but if you don't like how it goes, you test a different way.
Step and repeat.
I don't get that luxury.
No, but you're completely in the moment.
You have a human being lying in front of you their body open, their heart beating.
It's [Sighs] Yes, you have your talent and your training, but it's your instinct, your courage of precision.
Surgery is primal.
I guess there is an addictive quality to it, knowing that a life is in you hands.
[Laughs] There it is, the hero complex I was talking about.
Sometimes I fear the drive to do what I do doesn't always come from a place of heroism.
Where does it come from? It's about power, isn't it? Control.
Who lives, who dies.
Forgive me.
Hey, I know a lot of surgeons.
At least you're honest about it.
Most are too egotistical to truly see themselves.
The only reason our brains tell us we're flawed is so that we find a way to be better.
Besides there's nothing wrong with the occasional evil thought.
Somewhere you have to be? More like a deadline I've promised to keep.
Well thanks for the drink.
Leaving so soon? You just said you have a deadline.
Something tells me I'm going to make it.

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