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"If only these feelings of mine wouldn't keep getting in the way, right?"


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Stampede Pass

I must have been lying in bed for over four hours last night and could not fall asleep for that much time and longer because I started thinking during the night last night that Stampede Pass is where I materialized after the L-1011 Stargazer spiraled down from over forty thousand feet after breaking into pieces and then crashed with such force that it virtually vaporized on contact with that ground. I started thinking of how that scene with "Picard" and his wife announcing that dinner was ready could be a detail I created to represent the details I read about the source of the name for Stampede Pass, as well as how "Kirk" mentions that he smell something burning in the kitchen. I thought over many details last night as I hoped to fall asleep and I was thinking of how the dialog with the statue in the 1996 film "Star Trek: First Contact" is about how after I understood that my aircraft was unflyable because, for one reason, a wing had just broken off due to impact with debris from the Pegasus rocket that had just exploded in front of my windshield, I was turned around part ways in my seat as the pilot and I had my had outreached to shake the hand of Kerry Burgess and I spoke that flying with had been an honor but the aircraft was spinning too fast for us to shake hands. When I materialized at Stampede Pass I felt as though I had materialized about one inch or two above the ground and I found myself standing there in the woods on that dirt road with absolutely no idea where I was and I was standing there with my hand still reaching out to shake his hand.

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Red Storm Rising (1986)

Tom Clancy

31 – Demons

But now he stood in front of the mirror, looking at a man with hollow eyes who wished his wife were there.

Morris went out to the kitchen of his one-story house and went mindlessly through the process of making coffee. The morning paper was on the doorstep, and he found himself reading stories about the war that he knew to be inaccurate or out of date. Things were happening much too fast for reporters to keep up. There was an eyewitness account from an unnamed destroyer about a missile that had leaked through her missile defenses. An "analysis" piece explained how surface warships were obsolete in the face of determined missile attacks and asked where the fleet's vaunted carriers were. That, he thought, was a pretty good question.

Morris finished his coffee and returned to the bathroom for a shower. If he had to be awake, he thought, he might as well be at work. He had one set of undress whites in the closet. He donned them a few minutes

"Red Storm Rising"

later and walked out to his car. It was already first light when he drove to the Norfolk Navy Base.

Red Storm Rising (1986)

Tom Clancy

31 – Demons

Forty minutes later he was in one of several operations rooms, where the positions of convoys and suspected submarine locations were plotted. On the far wall the threat board listed estimated Russian assets and the numbers and types of kills accumulated to date. Another wall showed losses. If the intel guys were right, he thought, the war at sea had the look of a draw-but for the Russians a draw was the same as a win.

"Good morning, Commander," COMNAVSURFLANT said. Another man who had not slept very much. "You look a little better."

Better than what? Morris wondered.

"We have some good news for a change."


The B-52 crews were nervous despite the heavy fighter escort. Five thousand feet above them, a full squadron of F-14 Tomcats flew top cover, having just refueled from KC-135 tankers. The other squadron was tanking now for their part in the mission. The sun was just peeping above the horizon, and the ocean below them was still dark. It was 0300 local time, when human reaction times are at their worst.


The alarm klaxon jolted the sleeping Russian pilots off their cots. Their ground crews took fewer than ten seconds to begin preflight procedures as the airmen climbed the steel ladders into their cockpits and plugged in their helmet radios to learn what the emergency was.

"Heavy enemy jamming activity to the west," the regimental commander announced. "Plan Three. Repeat: Plan Three."

In the control trailer, radar operators had just seen their radar screens turn to a cluttered nightmare of white-noise jamming.

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