Sunday, December 31, 2006

Born of Tempest

I have often puzzled over the town of Hugo, OK, as it is the place that my own birth certificate indicates where my mother, Thedia, was born. I puzzled over how the first name of that "Hurley" character from "Lost " has a first name of "Hugo." I also thought it was curious that Hugo is the name of a hurricane I "remember" hitting Charleston, SC, when I was stationed there in the Navy and it destroyed my red, 1986.5 Nissan XP pickup. Even more curious is that Thedia's birthday, according to my "memory," is September 10th, which is the historical peak of hurricane activity in the Atlantic ocean. Another puzzling detail is that the copies of the birth certificates that I have now, which I ordered a few years ago to apply for a passport, have the date 9/10/2001, at the bottom, which I assume is the date they were copied. My passport, which I recieved the following year, is consistent with other theories about the so-called "birth marks," in the form of the issue date, and in the passport number itself, which I believe reflects my mission to the comet in July 1976.

Today, I was startled to realize something else about Hugo, OK. These lat/long coordinates, of which that point is within 2 miles of downtown Hugo, can't be a coincidence:

Latitude: 33° 59 Min. 59 Sec.
Longitude: -95° 33 Min. 0 Sec.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

"against his own people"

I am not really even sure any more if I have even been to that place. The only "memory" of that place in Arkansas I am reasonably sure of is when I remember being back there in 1999. It was a few months after I had started work at Microsoft and I found out that my maternal grandmother, Betty, or Bettie, Newman Burgess, had passed away and I flew back to my sister's house in Ashdown, AR, for the funeral, which was in Antlers, OK. I have been trying to figure which cemetery she was buried in but I can only vaguley remember the location west of Antlers, somewhere north of Highway 3. But, a couple days ago, I found an obituary listing for her and it was dated May 13, 1999. I don't know if that means she died on 5/13/99 or that her obituary was in the 5/13/99 edition of the Antlers newspaper. One really interesting detail I found the other day is the obituary for her first husband, Coleman Newman, my maternal grandfather. I don't "remember" going to his funeral but I "remember" that my mother, Thedia went out to Amarillo, Texas, for it. The really interesting part is that the obituary indicates he lived in Clarendon, Texas, which is east of Amarillo. I discovered that there is a Clarendon, Virginia, and that it is right next to Arlington National Cemetery, adding some weight to other theories I have, especially that I was "buried" at Arlington in 1986 because my family thought I had been killed-in-action that year. On the map, in between Arlington National Cemetery and Arlington Hall Station is Arlington Heights. In my "memory" of 1986, when I think they thought I was dead in reality, I had a girlfriend who was from a town named Arlington Heights. I met her one night when I was going to a Navy technical school and it had been a very bad day because I had failed a test. I think that is symbolic of being shot down by the Libyans somewhere over Africa. I have been thinking lately about how her name sounds kind of similar to "die-in" which then makes me think of "dying," which is meant to symolize that it was a time when my family thought I was dead and thus she was something like my girlfriend in the after-life.

So anyway, I am not really even sure when I ever even visited that town I "remember" going to high school and where I had that after school job, but I discovered something very interesting about it today. Following the numerical pattern of First Street, Fourth Street, and Fifth Street, that after-school job I had in Wilton, AR, at Mills Store, would have been on 3rd Street, which is labeled as Highway 59. Not sure if that building is still there, although it seems to be on this satellite image, but I looked at another one and it didn't seem to be there. The building was on the west side of Highway 59, and while I don't actually remember the name of that adjoining street, the map indicates it is Texarkana Avenue. As I have written, I think that job at Mills Store, which is listed on the earning history document from the Social Security Administration, actually represents my time as a Midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy, of which I have no conventional memory of ever attending. There are several elements of my "memory" about working at Mills Store that I believe are symbolic, though, that I did attend that institution. Some of those reasons are because of the "m.s." which reminds me of "Mills Store" and "Midshipman. The "Mills" also makes me think it represents the first syllable of "military." Then there is the documentation which indicates I worked at Mills Store for 4 calendar years, which were 1981, 1982, 1983, and 1984. Adding weight to the symbolism is that after that fourth year, I actually went on active duty with the U.S. Navy, although in my real memory, I was not a commissioned officer. Another symbolic element, I believe, is that Mills Store was a general hardware store and I find some interesting connections, in terms of symbolism, to the U.S.N.A. There is also that element I wrote about where my employer became the mayor of that town during my third year working for him and he put me in charge of a crew to fix potholes in the city streets.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Microsoft - World Class Identity Thieves

Identity theft is a term first emerging in U.S. literature circa 1996. The earliest internet references concern a lobby of the United States Federal Trade Commission for regulation concerning the criminal abuse of consumers' "means of identification".

Identity theft occurs so frequently that the Federal Bureau of Investigation cites it as
"America's fastest growing crime problem". Thieves steal and fraudulently use the names, addresses, social security numbers, bank account information, credit card numbers and other personal information of some 10 million Americans each year, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Learning about how thieves get your personal information is the first step toward protecting yourself from this devastating attack on your financial well-being.

Report Suspicious Activity
Review your credit report at least once a year and contact your creditors immediately if you note suspicious activity. (For more information on how to do this, see Consumer Credit Report: What's on It.) If, at anytime, you suspect that an attempt has been made to steal your identity, contact the authorities. File a police report, and file a complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, whom you can reach at 1-877-IDTHEFT.

Being the victim of identity theft can be extremely devastating not only because it's your money being stolen, but your name. Identity thieves can be very skilled at finding their targets and then exploiting their findings. For this reason, to protect yourself you need to stay all the more alert and knowledgeable.

United States Code
TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 47 > § 1028

§ 1028.

Fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents, authentication features, and information

(a) Whoever, in a circumstance described in subsection (c) of this section—

(7) knowingly transfers, possesses, or uses, without lawful authority, a means of identification of another person with the intent to commit, or to aid or abet, or in connection with, any unlawful activity that constitutes a violation of Federal law, or that constitutes a felony under any applicable State or local law;

(c) The circumstance referred to in subsection (a) of this section is that—

(3) either—
(A) the production, transfer, possession, or use prohibited by this section is in or affects interstate or foreign commerce, including the transfer of a document by electronic means;

(7) the term “means of identification” means any name or number that may be used, alone or in conjunction with any other information, to identify a specific individual, including any—

(A) name, social security number, date of birth, official State or government issued driver’s license or identification number, alien registration number, government passport number, employer or taxpayer identification number;

(f) Attempt and Conspiracy.— Any person who attempts or conspires to commit any offense under this section shall be subject to the same penalties as those prescribed for the offense, the commission of which was the object of the attempt or conspiracy.

United States Code
TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 73 > § 1512

§ 1512.

Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant

(j) If the offense under this section occurs in connection with a trial of a criminal case, the maximum term of imprisonment which may be imposed for the offense shall be the higher of that otherwise provided by law or the maximum term that could have been imposed for any offense charged in such case.

(k) Whoever conspires to commit any offense under this section shall be subject to the same penalties as those prescribed for the offense the commission of which was the object of the conspiracy.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Always in the middle

My second Christmas in a homeless shelter and they give out gifts to residents but it only reminds me that I have a home somewhere - if I could only remember where. I also find myself wondering where I was on December 24, 1986. That is the time I believe of my "Great Escape" from the Libyans after being shot down on 2/14/86. My theory for a while is that I traveled across the Sahara and made my way across Africa to Kenya, where I found an American installation. I may have stayed in a village in Darfur for a while, and there is also something about Turkana that seems important. I find myself thinking about how similar sounding are the names Texarkana and Turkana.

I went to high school in Ashdown, AR, or so my "memory" suggests, and to the south of Ashdown, on Highway 71/59, was Texarkana, Arkansas, and Texarkana, Texas. Most people that aren't from that area pronounce the name as "tex-R-kana" but it always, or it seems like always, has been important to me that it should be pronounced as "tex-er-kana." I think that detail was put into my mind so that I would someday puzzle over how Turkana and Texarkana sound similar. That puzzle got clearer when I connected it with something from the Star Trek: The Next Generation series, which premiered on 9/28/87, about 4 months after my theoretical return from my escape from the Libyans.

As I have puzzled over many of those details, I noticed something else very interesting. During that first year, the name of the security chief for the "Enterprise" was named "Tasha Yar." The name "Yar" is "Ray" spelled backwards. There is also the detail I read that "Tasha Yar" was from a colony named "Turkana." Then I read about the Turkana District in Kenya. That reinforced my theory that I traveled through the Darfur region in Sudan, then across the rest of Sudan, where I crossed the White Nile at Bor. I was studying the map around Bor and I saw some names that seemed familiar. Then I left Sudan and entered in the Turkana District. I haven't seen the movie, but I think Bruce Willis' "Tears Of The Sun," from March 2003, refers to that journey somehow. My theory is that I saved a village along the way to Kenya and that may be the source of the reference about "Tasha Yar" where she finds a cat. The cat, I believe, is some kind of "Tomcat" reference to me, where my real name is Thomas and I flew the F-14 Tomcat. Or so I believe. I can't actually remember any of that in the conventional sense.

I've tried searching my symbolic "memory" for clues but I can't "remember" anything specific about this time in 1986. I think that my family had a funeral around this time though, probably the previous month, because I "remember" that my step-brother died on 11/25/86 and I think I was taught that date about ten years ago because I had completely lost my memory. That long walk across the desert in 1986 probably cooked my brain a little bit and the head injuries I suffered later accumulated to the point of a complete loss. If I had not gone to work at Microsoft in 1998, I am certain I would have got those memories back a long time ago though. My theory about my family thinking I had died in Africa was reinforced when I looked up the location I "remember" that my father was buried. I am thinking that "memories" of my father actually represent me in a lot of ways. He drove a truck and was on the road a lot. That is probably how my kids remember me. I "remembered" that he was buried in Morrison, Oklahoma, which is in Noble County, and I found some interesting clues when I began to research that "memory." First I noticed that the graveyard is next to a road labeled as 3370 and I decided that the "33" is connected to me because of my real birthday of March 3rd. Then I noticed that the highway on the other side is Highway 412 and I think that is what I call mirrored-symbolism, or maybe just the closest we could find, to the date of 2/14/86 because 412 is 214 backwards.

All of this was further reinforced when I found a listing of the people buried at the cemetery, which included the person I "remember" as my father, Joseph Wayne Burgess. At the top of the list was something that appeared to be an incomplete listing but I decided that it was done to refer to me. The entry is: Ray G? Died: 15 Feb 19??

I have been trying for a while to "remember" precisely where he lived when I was a kid, but so far could only narrow it down to an area south of Asher, Oklahoma. I "remember" riding in a car and crossing over a long bridge over a river and I found a place on the map, which is the Canadian River, which is the only area, judging by the satellite photos, that can match my "memory." I can't "remember" anything about how far we drove to his house after crossing that river, but my theory was reinforced when I noticed there is a fork in the road in that area that is Highways 3W, 177, and 59.

Today I discovered something else very interesting that supports my "April 16" theory. To the west of the area where I think my father, Joseph Wayne Burgess, lived, is the town of Wayne, OK. I mapped out the route, along Highway 59, between where I think he lived and Wayne, OK. About half-way between those two points, running east-west, is where the road N3300 would intersect Highway 59, as illustrated, east and west.

In the town of Wayne, OK, which is also my middle name, and which is also consistent with my "April 16" theory, there are even two roads named Thomas Street and Ray Street, as illustrated, and I believe that is my real name.

I also do not think it is a coincidence that Bill Gates' Corbis is building a new campus at 5th and Republican in Seattle. The other co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, has a company named Vulcan that is located at 5th and King, in Seattle, and I do not think that is a coincidence and that those locations were selected to steal from my image. I suspect Paul Allen did something similar to the estate of Jimi Hendrix where he instigated a legal problem for the estate and then funded their legal fight. I suspect he did that because it was a cheaper approach than trying to buy out the copyrights and other intellectual property from the estate. Paul Allen's Experience Music Project, which aligns with 5th and Thomas, is next to the Children's museum. As I have written, The Children's Museum aligns, on the south-west corner, with 3rd and Thomas, and I believe that was intentional. It has something to do with my experience with Apollo 11 when I was ten years old.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Norm Maleng, Federal Inmate Number 003359

Norm Maleng: Arrest for murder
Dave Reichert: Arrest for murder
Steve Ballmer: Arrest for murder
Bill Gates: Arrest for murder

I will be pressing charges against the rest of you and you will be charged with murder.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bill Gates: The Terrorist In Control Of Your Computer

The distance from the Microsoft San Diego office to Black Eagle Drive, at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, maps out to 5.7 miles and I believe their intention was to create a connection with 5.9 miles. The Marine Corps Air Station Miramar is known as the "Top Gun" base that was immortalized by the Tom Cruise movie. I believe also that "Black Eagle" is a code name for my mission to the outer solar system from 11/2/75 to 4/14/77. The address for that Microsoft office includes "121" and, when you follow the link they provide to their office, "3033" in the zip code.

Microsoft Southern California District: San Diego, CA
9255 Towne Centre Dr., Suite 400
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: (858) 909-3800
Fax: (858) 909-3838

From the Microsoft office in Irvine, CA, to the Exit 9 of Highway 133, where Highway 133 also intersects nearby with I-5, is 5.9 miles, using Shortest Distance. I feel as though there is something else to find in this area, but I haven't figured it out yet. But that is really their whole point. It is being designed as a scavenger hunt. It is some kind of conspiracy to steal my life for a Microsoft-sponsored scavenger hunt.

Microsoft Southern California District: Orange County-Irvine, CA
Three Park Plaza, Suite 1800
Irvine, CA 92614
Phone: (949) 263-3000
Fax: (949) 252-8618

Of the 8 photo credits in the front cover of Rodger Claire's "Raid On The Sun," 5 of those photo's are credited to Bill Gates' Corbis. On page 73 of the paperback version, Rodger Claire writes that the Israeli Air Force pilots selected to fly the strike into Iraq in 1981 were sent to the United States Air Force Operational Training School for the F-16 at Hill Air Force Base, which is north of Salt Lake City, Utah. The distance from the Microsoft office in Salt Lake City to the Hill Air Force Base is 33.3 miles.

Microsoft Desert Mountain District: Salt Lake City, UT
123 Wright Brothers Dr., Suite 100

Salt Lake City, UT 84116
Phone: (801) 257-6400
Fax: (801) 257-6466

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bill Gates' House Of Cards

I am certain that Bill Gates grand larceny extends into Microsoft's financials as well. One clue that is true is the stock option buyback program they initiated a few years ago when I worked there. The low end of the grant price range of stock options they would buy back from employees was $33 per share. I remember that very well because my initial grant was at $32 per share. If I am not mistaken, one of the grants I did sell back was priced at $34 per share. There was also that 2/14/03 stock split I have written about as well as my salary on many occasions, which is suspicious.

Another example, as I wrote earlier, is the MSFT IPO itself. The IPO date of 3/13/86 is suspicious, even more so now that I have discovered their plans to steal my image and incorporate it into the Microsoft building maps. The operative clue in the IPO is that it is 10 days after my 3/3/86 birthday, which I probably spent as a POW, and it was 10 years after 1976, which is the year I believe I accomplished my objective in the outer solar system. I believe that the number "10" also factors in because I was 10 years old when I landed on the Moon with Apollo 11.

The MSFT stock closed at 133.56 on my first day of employment at Microsoft. I'm not sure if that was intended to be a precise miss for a value of 133.59, because it is 3 cents off, or they just couldn't control the results enough to produce a value of 133.59. But that was their intention.

There have been 9 stock splits of Microsoft and the first stock split of MSFT was a 2-for-1 split, which occurred on 9/18/87. The next split, also 2-for-1, was on 4/12/90. The difference between those dates is 937 days. That could also be expressed as 133 weeks, 6 days. Since those splits always occur on Fridays, the intent could be to get as close to 933 days as possible, since that would be only four days earlier. It would also be possible to target 933 days and to target 133 weeks, 5 days at the same time.

440 days between 4/12/90 and 6/26/91, where the former was a 2-for-1 and the latter a 3-for-2.

931 days or 133 weeks between the stock splits on 5/20/94 and 12/6/96, which were both 2-for-1's.

441 days between 12/6/96 and 2/20/98, which were both 2-for-1's.

Their goal was to incorporate the so-called "birth marks" and other relevant, notable dates about me into their financial data. All of that would generate consumer interest some day in the future and promote products related to them, which would produce a financial benefit for them and accomplices.

And it is official. Norm Maleng, King County Prosecutor, is an accomplice of domestic terrorists and guilty of treason, a hanging offense in the United States. I don't know what he has been doing, but I suspect it has been to protect Bill Gates, and others. The King County government itself is probably highly complicit in their criminal activities. He is actively protecting the crooked lawyers, dirty cops, corrupt politicians, of which there are probably many involved in protecting Microsoft/Corbis, and they are all facing the death penalty for their criminal activities.

Another reason to suspect that I was poisoned by Microsoft/Corbis is because of comments I made in my journal last year. I noted how the "Claire" character from "Lost," was 8 month's pregnant in that first episode, according to the transcripts, and how at the time, it had been 8 months since I quit Microsoft. Bill Gates reportedly made comments about how Kai-Fu had "f'ed" them and I think that is related somehow.

That doctor at the VA, when I realized that something was wrong with me after the latest attempt to poison me, first made a comment about how it was impossible that I had suffered such an affliction for 6 weeks. His comment about how I would appear, along with his gesture, suggesting that my abdomen would be severely extended as a result. In hindsight, I would probably look pregnant and that is why that doctor made those comments. Because that was the image Microsoft/Corbis was trying to produce so they could incorporate that image into the content they were creating about my life by stalking me for all these decades. The basic message is about revenge against me by Bill Gates, as well as to intimidate people watching about not speaking out against Bill Gates' criminal activities.

The larger problem is that everyone thinks I am some kind of historic figure. That means everyone I interact with knows they might become part of that historical record. That means they are trying to shape how they appear in that record. For example, when Bill Frist introduced that legislation, connected to my so-called "birth mark" of "3359," around the time I was in the VA hospital, calling for a repeal of taxes on ether, it was some kind of message to someone to retaliate against me for saying to reporters the previous year that the Republican party was dishonest and for comments that I intend to press charges against them.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

"At Microsoft, our passion is to steal your potential"

I wrote a while back about how the lottery numbers from "Lost" pointed directly at that first apartment Microsoft put me in when I moved out here after accepting their offer of employment. Yesterday I noticed that the apartment they put me into also aligns with 3rd street. There is another 3rd street nearby and the Microsoft Civica office building adjoins it. The Microsoft corporate apartment was SE 3rd Street and the Microsoft Civica is NE 3rd Street, so they are close to each other and running parallel to each other east-west, which forms a "3 3." The Microsoft corporate apartment is at the intersection of SE 3rd and 119th, where the "119" makes me think it was some kind of reference to 9-1-1. I lived there for a month, so that would be from about 12/7/98 to 1/7/98.

Microsoft Pacific Northwest District: Bellevue, WA
Civica Office Building
205 108th Ave. NE, Suite 400
Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone: (425) 705-1900
Fax: (425) 936-7329

The Microsoft office in Los Angeles, California, the state where Ronald Reagan was Governor from 1966 to 1975, whom I believe is my grandfather but cannot remember, is at the intersection of Grand and 3rd. The street address is 333 and the suite number is 3300.

Microsoft Southern California District: Los Angeles, CA
333 South Grand Ave, Suite 3300
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Phone: (213) 806-7300

At 3.5 miles from the Microsoft Conneticut office to the town of New Britain, Conneticut, it is close enough for me to believe that they selected that location to represent 3.3, or "33." They may have purchased something, or had someone secretly purchase something nearby, to produce a 5.9 mile marker.

Microsoft New England District: Farmington, CT
Pondview Corporate Center
74 Batterson Park Rd.
Farmington, CT 06032
Phone: (860) 678-3100
Fax: (860) 678-7414

For all these obvious clues that demonstrate that Microsoft is stealing my image, I am only finding the easy ones. Microsoft/Corbis's grand larceny is much more complex. They are developing their content by stalking me constantly and when they start selling the property they have stolen from me, all of what I have figured out so far will be just the tip of the iceburg. I am seeing that my family, including my children, are showing up in Microsoft/Corbis's attempts to steal my image for the financial gain of Microsoft/Corbis and accomplices. It may be that all this wasn't supposed to be revealed by them until decades from now so they are taking a lot of time to develop the content because there is going to be such a large market for it in the future. And they have a world audience to market to. They can, for example, play up on anti-American sentiment and that is why they revealed that I flew with Israel to Iraq in 1981. A lot of people that hate America would be very interested in buying and viewing that content. Bill Gates is thinking that there will be so much anti-American sentiment by that time that no one will really care that they had hidden cameras in my homes for all those years. People will still purchase and view whatever content they deliver regardless of just how badly Microsoft/Corbis was stalking me or because of the destruction Microsoft/Corbis caused as a result of selling their stolen product.

It is a win-win for Bill Gates and accomplices. He knows that people will still buy the property he has stolen from me regardless of how it wrecks my life. It is the same reason the paparazzi has such a lucrative appeal for people. If there wasn't a lot of money to be made in stalking celebrities, there wouldn't be so many people taking pictures of them. Bill Gates is the king of the paparazzi and he has billions to spend on crooked lawyers such as Brad Smith, dirty cops such as Dave Reichert, and corrupt politicians such as George W. Bush. There is something to all this that for Bill Gates is beyond money but I don't know what it is. Maybe he doesn't need any motivation and is doing it just because he is a sociopath.

One good example about how Microsoft has been developing content about me, by manipulating my environment, is to consider Vince Maraia, the former coworker I mentioned earlier and who has that book that they associated with my "birth marks." When Microsoft/Corbis starts selling their content that they developed while stalking me, Vince Maraia's name will come up a lot in the Microsoft/Corbis content, which I assume will distibuted primarily on the Internet. Vince's name will come up a lot because I talked to him on a regular basis and that will in turn generate advertisements in the Microsoft/Corbis content for his book. Microsoft/Corbis will have it programmed to do that. And he knows that even if I do fight my way through the dirty cops and corrupt politicians, he would have to do, what?, 6 months in a minimum security jail? Jail time no one will know about when his book is being sold because Microsoft lawyers are protecting him. At worst, he would probably only get home arrest for 6 months. So he gambles that he has to spend 6 months in jail, if that, and for that he gets a lot of promotion for his first book and then others, not to mention a lot of fancy stuff to put on his resume, etc. Pretty sweet deal.

He was only one example, too. Microsoft/Corbis had all kinds of people around me as catalyst for their content. Some, such as Vince Maraia would probably make money off it, others might not. When Microsoft/Corbis placed Vince Maraia in a cubicle next to me, they also placed a guy named Latimer in a cubicle across the aisle from me. I never wanted to say anything about it because I thought it would be cruel, but he bore a striking resemblance to the cartoon character "Peter Griffin" from the "Family Guy." Recently I read on the Smithsonian website about Lewis Latimer, who was an expert on the electric light and worked for Thomas Edison's company, which may be one of the reasons they placed him next to me, for reasons I will describe next.

The reason Microsoft/Corbis was putting all those people around me was to introduce certain topics and subjects into their content to generate interest by marketers and advertisers. One example is to consider the keywords that I found associated with the late Ilan Ramon, who was part of the 1981 strike on Iraq that I believe I was part of. I believe Microsoft/Corbis revealed a few years ago that I was a covert member of that team, the terrorists heard Microsoft reveal that detail, and that triggered the attack on the USS Cole and the 9/11 attacks. I found a photo of Ramon on the website of the pirates Corbis, which as I mentioned, they had Tom Devey working in my group because he resembled Ilan Ramon, and the keywords associated with that photo reveal a lot about their intentions. They had many keywords associated with his photo, and some are Astronaut, Colonel, Disaster and destruction, Eye contact, Fighter plane, Israel, Israeli armed forces, Jewish, Middle East, Military officer, Prominent persons, Space shuttle mission, State of Israel, War and military.

As Microsoft/Corbis has been stalking me all these years, as well probably as my children, they have been collecting all these photos of us and assigning keywords and categories to them based on details, characteristics, attributes, of the photos. Then advertisers review the content for those keywords, attributes, characteristics, and pay money to associate with those images. You, as a spectator, may not even have to pay anything to view those photos, but for every photo you view, you are making it profitable for the advertiser that is associated with those stolen images of me. An example would be of content they produced as they were stalking me that shows me going about my daily routine. They would show me driving in my Jeep a lot, going into Starbucks once or twice a day, the drive-thru at McDonalds. All of those occurrences would generate multiple photos and all of those companies would have an interest in associating with those photos. They could present photos of all the people I interacted with on any given day. And since those people were all placed there by Microsoft/Corbis, there would be interesting details and attributes and characteristics associated with those people that would produce interest based on the combinations. Those are only some basic example's and as that photo of Ilan Ramon demonstrates, there was a tremendous amount of combinations for them to work with.

So for people like Vince Maraia, it is win-win because they get all that attention and free publicity and notoriety. Meanwhile, they've tried killing me in the past, they are probably trying to kill me now, and they will most certainly try to kill me again in the future.

For me, when Microsoft/Corbis's treachery is finally revealed it will serve as a lesson that, despite the sense of satisfaction I got from all those years of fighting for peace, in the final judgment, humans are, fundamentally, as a collection, bad and not worth a person risking their own life to protect. As I watch as people are so eager to steal my privacy and as they demonstrate such great contempt for my life and for the safety of my family, I know that humans are not worth such personal risk. There at the end of it all will be the tribute to my life in the form of having it so thoroughly stolen by the ultra-greedy and the ungrateful. All because of those decades of sacrifice and great personal risk for the sake of peace.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


The Microsoft Cleveland office is 5.9 miles from the intersection of I-77 and E. Royalton Road/ Highway 82, which connects to the town of North Royalton, Ohio. The zip code for North Royalton is 44133.

Microsoft Heartland District: Cleveland, OH

Park Center III
6050 Oak Tree Blvd. S., Third Floor
Independence, OH 44131
Phone: (216) 986-1440
Fax: (216) 901-1208

They know they're busted

I get the feeling they are screwing with the map data to throw off the distance calculations. I started to get the sense that the Mason, Ohio, office was 5.9 miles from the intersection of Ronald Reagan Cross Highway and Highway 3. When I ran the mileage calculation with the MSN tool, it came out to 7.7 miles, another time it was 8.3 miles. I checked the route and it runs around in circles a couple times. I tried to manually map it out, but the line disappears, which is all completely abnormal behavior these past few minutes. They are busted and they know it. And if one hangs, they all hang.

X marks the spot

The piracy of my image by Microsoft/Corbis, supported by domestic terrorists Dave Reichert and George W. Bush, isn't confined solely to the Redmond campus area. And I am certain there is a lot more out there that I haven't found yet because I can only just now recognize about 10%, if that, of the details about my real identity. These examples illustrate primarily combinations of "59" and "33," my so-called "birth marks." There are some other relevant details present as well.

The Ft. Lauderdale Microsoft office is right next to I-95 Exit 33 and the zip code is 33309.

Microsoft Greater Southeast District: Fort Lauderdale, FL
6750 North Andrews Ave., Suite 400
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Phone: (954) 489-4800
Fax: (954) 491-1616

The Microsoft Birmingham office is next to I-459 and Highway 280, where 280 reminds me of 1982.

Microsoft Greater Southeast District: Birmingham, AL
One Perimeter Park Center S.Suite 100 N
Birmingham, AL 35243
Phone: (205) 970-6000

The Microsoft Tampa office is next to 589 which runs north-south. That address also lines up east-west with 590 across the bay, as illustrated. The zip code starts with "33."

Microsoft Greater Southeast District: Tampa, FL
3000 Bayport Drive, Suite 480
Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: (813) 281-3900
Fax: (813) 289-0034

The Microsoft Tulsa office adress indicates the office is on 63rd Place, but the map indicates that street is also 76th Avenue. Close by Microsoft Tulsa office is Explorer Park, which adjoins 58th and 76th. 59th is close. The "33" is in their address twice, along with numbers "76," "41" and "59." "Explorer" is a topic I wrote about a lot in my journal early on a few months ago.

Microsoft South Central District: Tulsa, OK
7633 E. 63rd Place, Suite 300
Tulsa, OK 74133
Phone: (918) 459-4580
Fax: (918) 459-4589

The Microsoft Austin zip code ends with "59." Also contains a "78" and a "87."

Microsoft South Central District: Microsoft Austin and Microsoft Technology Center–Austin, TX
Stonebridge Plaza, Building One
9606 N. Mopac Expressway, Suite 200
Austin, TX 78759
Phone: (512) 795-5300
Fax: (512) 343-8498

I measured that from the Microsoft Houston office, as illustrated in the link, to the nearby Highway 59 to the south is 5.9 miles.

Microsoft South Central District: Houston, TX
One Briar Lake Plaza
2000 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. S. #350
Houston, TX 77042
Phone: (832) 252-4300
Fax: (832) 252-4545

The Microsoft office in Malvern, Pennsylvania maps out to 60.5 miles from Princeton, NJ. That is close enough for me, considering all the others, to serve as proof that office was selected to be 59.0, 59.3, or 59.33 miles from Princeton University, where I believe I graduated in 1970 and the age of 11.

Microsoft Mid Atlantic District: Malvern, PA
Great Valley Corporate Center
45 Liberty Blvd., Suite 210
Malvern, PA 19355
Phone: (610) 240-7000
Fax: (610) 240-7111

The Microsoft office in Richmond, Virginia, is next to Highway 150. But across the river and not very far away, that same road is labeled as Highway 73. About 1.5 miles to the south of the office is a label for a place named Oxford, reminding me of my theory that I graduated Oxford in 1973, at the age of 14.

Microsoft Mid Atlantic District: Richmond, VA
9020 Stony Point Pkwy., Suite 170
Richmond, VA 23235
Phone: (202) 895-2000
Fax: (202) 364-8853

The intersection of 3rd and Thomas is only about 400 yards away from the Microsoft Phoenix office.

Microsoft Desert Mountain District: Phoenix, AZ
2929 N. Central Ave., Suite 1400

Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: (602) 280-8600
Fax: (602) 263-0007

The Microsoft New York Metro District office aligns with Philip Street and Elizabeth Avenue.

Microsoft New York Metro District: Iselin, NJ
194 Wood Avenue South (Prudential Building), Sixth Floor
Iselin, NJ 08830
Phone: (732) 476-5600
Fax: (732) 476-5666


Shortly after I started working at Microsoft in 1998, they assigned a woman named Laura Mason to mentor me on my new role. She claimed to be a Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserves and an EA-6 Prowler flight officer. The EA-6 Prowler is based on the A-6 Intruder, which is the aircraft I have been writing that I was in when we were shot down somewhere in Africa in 1986. There was Wally Simpson with his music degree and who I talked to frequently. As I have written before, the USS Cole DDG-67, struck by terrorists on 10/12/2000, was named for a Marine who started off as a Musician in the U.S. Marine Corps. My theory for several months has been that I was the Commanding Officer of the USS Cole when it was commissioned, with the rank of Commander, and my alias, used probably because of my long-term career in the U.S. intelligence community, was Stewart O'Bryan. There was my first manager at Microsoft named Jayne Donovan who kind of looked like "Captain Janeway" from "Star Trek: Voyager." She once referred to me as her "hit man." Another time she asked me if I wanted to go on a "jihad." In my first meeting with her, I was complaining vigorously about the lack of concern for accurate billing of labor in that group and she asked if I wanted to go on a "jihad" to change it. I didn't say anything in response to that question, but in hindsight, I guess that is actually what I did do. My peer mentor once characterized a conversation I had with her around that time about the group's frustrating lack of concern over accurate labor billing as "grappling" with me. I would remember that term she used when I was watching a "Star Trek: Enterprise" episode where they first referred to the towing contraption as the "grappler." Over the past few months, I decided that based on Jayne Donovan's comments, she knew that I had fought in Afghanistan against the Soviets in the 1980's. I have found references that Reagan was concerned about human rights abuses against the Afghan's and so I assume he sent me in there to fight with the mujaheddin. One good example I reviewed was that Reagan dedicated the third flight of the space shuttle, Columbia, to the Afghan people, with the flight landing on 3/30/82, which would have been when I was still a Midshipman at the USNA. I think I flew on the first five in a row. I was probably sent into Afghanistan several times in the 80's to fight or train or both the mujaheddin and I had a theory I was exploring a while back that I flew with the Pakistan Air Force against Soviet bombers that were flying into Pakistan. I have this symbolic memory of when the U.S. Navy leased some guided-missile frigates to Pakistan back in the 80's and I think that represents me flying with the Pakistan Air Force. I believe all that experience against the Soviets is why Grace Stahre wrote something to me about the Russian mafia finding me. There was Rhonda Halffman, who worked in the Premier Support for Developers that I would start working in after my first year, where my first year was with Premier Support For Enterprise. There were several of us new employees of Microsoft that went to the Microsoft office near Dallas, in Las Colinas, for indoctrination into Premier Support. She had already been working for the company but she was down there with us attending the class. What stands out in my memory is that she had a scar on her neck, which I didn't see again a few years later. I was puzzling over that when I remembered that in the movie "Star Trek: Insurrection," which premiered the same week I started at Microsoft, the "Data" character had a scar on his neck similar to hers because he had been shot with a "phaser." I was sitting in a conference room in our downtown Bellevue high-rise building one day with another co-worker and she made a comment about "taking me downtown" with them. I remember when that was because the Nisqually earthquake struck when we were sitting in that conference room. As I started thinking that I had been one of the pilots who flew a F-16 in Iraq to strike that under-construction nuclear reactor, I remembered that conversation and decided that was what she meant by going "downtown."

There was the woman whose name reminds me of Kosovo. Another woman who went to law school. Based on that detail, and that Tom Cruise and Demi Moore, portrayed U.S. Navy lawyers in a movie, suggests to me that I was also a U.S. Navy lawyer, among my other roles. The woman with the nickname A.J. whose real name was Ecea. I never did find out why she was nicknamed A.J. or how to pronounce her real name, but I found myself thinking a few months ago that her nickname "A.J." was a really big clue. I was also puzzling over whether "ecea" was actually an acronym for "Enterprise, Columbia, Endeavour, Atlantis," the names of NASA space shuttles. Why only those shuttles, I haven't figured out, as I have probably flown on them all.

As I feel something like doubt entering my mind that I have visited the moon Phoebe at Saturn, I come back to why, in my symbolic "memory," did I have a girlfriend named Phoebe. Early on a few months ago, the first thoughts I was having about this puzzle was when I "remembered" when I met Phoebe. I "remembered" that she sent me a letter later, writing that I should never forget when we met at that dance, because she never would. My theory is that "dance" is some kind of symbolic reference to all the moons that were circling Saturn and when I walked into the dance floor and and the other young women were standing on one side of the room, I picked her out from the crowd to dance with. There is also symbolism, I am thinking lately, to how a "dance" could refer to my interaction with the comet, that monstrous mountain of ice and rock. I forgot to write about this earlier, but I think my "memories" of creating a moonshine still with my buddy Randy Cole, when I was in about the 7th or 8th grade represents a device I used to create oxygen when I was on Callisto at Jupiter. That theory was reinforced when I remembered that scene from "Star Trek: First contact" where one of the engineers was holding that copper tubing and asked "Geordi" about it. Further reinforcing my theory about Callisto is the town of Bay City, Texas. I started studying the map of the town because it, along with Clemville and Sargent, have the zip code 77414. I have been thinking I returned to Earth on 4/14/77 and my last stop in the outer solar system before returning to Earth was Callisto at Jupiter. What made Bay City very interesting was a detail I noticed about the city streets. According to the map, the streets running north-south are Avenue A, Avenue B, and they follow that naming pattern through Avenue M. The notable exception to that naming pattern, on one map source, is the street that should be named Avenue C. Instead of Avenue C, though, it is named Avenue Calle, which makes me think of Callisto, the moon of Jupiter I believe I visited on 11/26/76. Even further reinforcing that theory is "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home." That movie premiered on 11/26/86 and most notable, according to sources, is that "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home," was the only original series Star Trek movie that premiered on a Wednesday, while all the others premiered on Fridays. My theory, based on "memories" of the day my step-brother died in a car-wreck on 11/25/86, that was the day I was declared killed-in-action after the Navy lost contact with me as I was escaping the Libyans in Africa. As for the Bay City, Texas area, I feel there are other clues there but haven't found them yet. It seems important that Highway 59 is nearby, which runs from Laredo, Texas, into Houston, and then continues north through Arkansas where I "remember" growing up. Quite the road trip.

Yesterday I realized that as I had been establishing the time line of the journey I believe I made in the 1970's, I had not established a date for my visit to Phoebe/Saturn. For all this time, I have just been thinking that it was shortly before I intercepted the comet, which would have been in the days leading up to 7/4/76, when the bombs actually detonated with me probably breaking orbit with the comet the day before and being millions of miles away at that point. If my calculations are correct, my average speed for the first part of the trip was fast enough to travel from the Earth to the Earth's Moon in less than 2 hours. My overall timeline is that I launched on 11/2/75, on Mars 1/21/76 to 1/23/76, Phoebe/Saturn from 6/7/76 to 6/10/76, Comet around 7/2/76 to 7/3/76 where it was blown up on 7/4/76, Callisto/Saturn 11/26/76 to 11/29/76, Earth 4/14/76. I think NASA knew I had decided to continue my pre-programmed flight to Jupiter, but I may have told my family that I was going to do something to end it all quickly so they wouldn't agonize over me running out of oxygen and suffocating. Some of them thought I was going to stay on the comet with the bombs, others just thought I was stranded on Mars and that I was going to open the cabin to the zero pressure of the outside environment. I have been thinking that NASA cut off communication with me after I left the comet though and I didn't talk to anyone until I returned to Earth almost a year later. An earlier theory was that my communications transmitters were damaged which prevented me from communicating with Earth. I don't know which part is correct.

The lesson to all this, about them harassing and trying to intimidate me, etc., is really a message to all of you. It is Bill Gate's "War On Heroism" in that you shouldn't be a hero and report their criminal activities because they are going to make your life a living hell if you do. That is one of the reasons they haven't yet just killed me out right. Bill Gates and accomplices, such as Dave Reichert and George W. Bush, want you to see me suffer as much as possible so you don't get any ideas about resisting their criminal activities.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

My privacy is important to Microsoft. They want as much as they can get.

The detail in my "memory" that was actually the first clue that I may not have actually lived in all the places I "remember" was my "memory" of living on a street named Wexford in a town named Taylors. The Taylors I recognized because the first ship that I "remember" being assigned to in the Navy was the USS Taylor FFG-50. Not long after 5/9/06 though, I started thinking that there may be a lot more to those "memories" than I consciously understood. So I started looking for the context of the name "Wexford" and I just before I read about it, I knew it was going to be something startling and I was startled to understand what it meant. County Wexford, Ireland is the birthplace of John Barry, who was selected to receive Commission Number One in the United States Navy in 1797 and is also considered the Father of the U.S. Navy. It was that detail that got me thinking that my own service in the U.S. Navy was much different that I remembered. In my "memory," that duplex on Wexford was the second place I lived after I left the Navy in 1990. I find it interesting to note that the USS John Barry DDG-52 is the second Aegis-class guided-missile destroyer in the U.S. fleet. I also found some symbolism to the first place I lived at before I moved to Wexford. I can't actually remember the name of that place as I can "remember" Wexford, but I found it on the map and I looked up that the name is Preserve at Wood's Lake, which is next to airport. The "preserve" word in that name made me wonder if this all is something about preserving my memories or something else. That clue about Wexford in Taylor's is a good analogy to how certain member's of my family have taken a rather clever approach to bringing me back around to recognizing them. It is a slow process and they are being careful because there is just such a tremendous amount of information to remember. Their approach, and this is what is so clever, is that they speak to me about details I recognize from the identity I currently identify with but of which I have no memory of their involvement. By speaking in details that connect their lives with my current identity, I find myself pondering who they really are to me. And then, there is something in my mind that understands it, that knows who they are, I just don't consciously know who they are to me. This is one of the earliest examples I can think of and I think it represents that when I was sleeping, I was able to process their messages I had received during the day. When I wrote about that dream in my journal back in March, though, I had really no conscious idea what it all meant as I do know. I had no idea that I had one daughter, much less several, and that I had been on the space shuttle as I believe that was the reference in my dream. And it wasn't my daughter in the dream, it was her mother. As for the "foreign dreams," that I was referring to and which I had written about a lot in my journal, I believe that is confusion associated with amnesia. I couldn't understand why I was dreaming of experiences that were so foreign to my life and later I started thinking that I was having dreams about, for example, certain stressful times when I was a fighter pilot in combat. As for that woman in the last paragraph, it was probably a memory that was trying to resurface, but it was so foreign to me, because there were so many details about all that I had forgotten, I could barely make any sense of that dream. I think one part of the dream is about me flying on the first space shuttle mission. I think the part about the trailer is because she was an actress and that was her trailer on a movie set and I had stayed with her there once when I was on leave. Another possibility is those trailers you see the shuttle astronauts walking by as they are enroute to board the shuttle. It may be that my girlfriend had one just like it on her movie set.

Sleep journal 3/19/06
Yesterday was some kind of foreign dream that was more of an emotion than a visualization. I couldn't remember any of the details although I felt like I had been seeing details. All I remembered was feeling like it was something intense, there was some intensity to the communication, almost overwhelming like a very strong and clear signal on a radio. After I woke up, I could only characterize the message as positive. Today the first foreign dream wasn't too clear either. It had something to do with me, some other characters, and something about the stars. We were under the stars, or we were talking to the stars. I can visualize the sky with the stars but they may have also been a metaphor for people. Then I left somewhere and there was something about a goose, not sure what that meant, maybe something to do with staying meant something about a cooked goose.

The second foreign dream had a lot of detail. I was sitting on a bus with someone that I knew but I don't know who it was. It may have been [name of famous daughter redacted] but that makes no sense. I was sitting next to her and she was someone that I had lived with before, someone I had a relationship with, like a girlfriend. I was getting off the bus to a place I was staying that I don't recognize from anyplace I've been in real life. She asked me if I was really staying there, she may have commented that it was amazing I was staying there, or someone else said that. Apparently, it was the same place she and I had lived during our relationship. It was some kind of little travel trailer. A young woman was letting me stay there. I was taking up a little open seat or bench in a hallway of the trailer. I had a little storage bin to put my stuff in.

Before STS-41-D, which I think has some symbolic connection with me and "441" and 4/14, was STS-41-B. The significance of that mission is that it was the first untethered space walk from that shuttle and I think I was the first person to do that. I believe the shuttle returned to Earth on that mission on 2/11/84 to symbolize that I launched from Earth on 11/2/75 for my 17 month mission to the outer solar system.

After the hostages were released in 1981 by the Iranians, they were flown to Algiers, Athens, Germany, and then the U.S. I think I was flying that plane at some point, maybe from Algiers, or from Wiesbaden, to the U.S. because they landed at Stewart air base, which was an airstrip that had been constructed to teach army cadets to fly. I believe that field was selected because I was flying that plane and because I was a Midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy at the time.

It is also no coincidence to me that someone in Congress pushed through this legislation, S 3359 IS, about revoking the tax on ether, which used to be used as an anesthesia. I was in the VA hospital at the time because of those jackals and I was poisoned around the time, along with other attempts on my life. The reason I was poisoned that time, along with trying to kill me, is because Microsoft needed a rejoinder to put into the content they have created by stalking me all these years. As they started to sell the content they created by stalking me all these years, people would raise a lot of questions about why they didn't incorporate my complaints about their criminal activities into their content. They poisoned me, causing me a serious digestion problem, so that they could record with hidden cameras, a doctor in the VA telling with a laugh that I was "full of shit." That was going to be the video that ends the segment about their criminal activities.

The greatest lesson from all this, I guess, is about how I have wasted decades of my life fighting to keep the peace for you people. I have wasted decades away from my children thinking that it was important that you people could live in peace. I can't even benefit from that peace myself. After all those years of trying to keep the peace, all I have to show for it is a lot of scars and a lot of psycho zombies stalking me 24 hours a day every day of the week. You people deserve the ultra-greedy and cowards such as Bill Gates and George W. Bush because they represent you. You follow them because you recognize that those are you primary characteristics. You are nothing but greedy, self-centered, cowards.

The primary issue here, the reason Microsoft/Corbis is trying to kill me and get me killed, with the help of Dave Reichert, George W. Bush and accomplices, is because of the money that can be made from my image after people find out about my life. My image is probably worth over a trillion dollars worldwide, if not priceless, because of all the details I have described. Every salesperson in the world will want to use my image in some manner to get your attention. If Microsoft/Corbis can get me killed, they will have a much easier time selling all the details about me they have been stealing over the decades. An example is when that crane fell over in Bellevue a few weeks ago. The first thing I noticed was that it fell over pointing directly at the Microsoft Civica building that is next to that construction site. Then I realized that the construction project was for a building named Tower 333. After I looked closer at details I found on the web, I decided they are part of the criminals that are trying to steal my image for their financial gain. The building was announced on 8/2/2000, which they did because I graduated the USNA in 1982. The company that made the announcement about the new construction is owned by a guy that was chairman of the Federal Reserve in Dallas, Texas, from 1981 to 1983, when Reagan was President. One of the member's of Microsoft Board Of Director's was long ago selected by President Reagan as Labor Secretary. Some other details about that Bellevue Tower 333 that caught my attention are that the contact was a VP named Lancaster and his telephone numbers was 966-7666 and fax 966-7886, where I believe those numbers were selected specifically because they are relevant to me, with the first one pointing to the years 1966 and 1976.

Another example is something I recently noticed about someone I worked with at Microsoft that I thought was a friend. I believe Microsoft put him in the cubicle next to me specifically so they could record our interactions with hidden cameras as Microsoft/Corbis developed all their content about my life that they could later sell for their financial gain. I believe he did this specifically to connect with my image in order to increase sales of his book and that is reinforced by the numbers in the ISBN numbers that are relevant to me. That sequence of "332059" makes me think it is some kind of reference to my 100th birthday in the year 2059. That "321" sequence could be a mirrored reference to 1/23/76, the day I left Mars. The book was released, according to, on September 30, 2005, or 9/30/05. That is a variation of " 3 5 9" or "5 9 3."

Tuesday, October 25, 2005 10:08 PM

The meaning of the Knight

Hi, I've been asked this a few times about why we chose to have a Knight on the cover of The Build Master. Here is my explanation that for some unknown reason was left out of the book:

By definition a Knight is a nobleman or noblewoman, a seeker of virtue, defender of the crown (metaphor would be corporate or group culture), a protector of faith or philosophy. Knights carry themselves with chivalrous conduct and can be a very formidable warrior if needed. The suit of armor is a good defense for the unjust attacks they may receive (from non-build team members).

Knights are also known to have been seated at the round table (WAR meetings) with the King to discuss peace and the well-being of the common folks (the employees doing the work). I see Build Masters or SCM personnel as the modern-day-high-tech Knight.

Speak softly but always carry a big sword!

Build Master, The: Microsoft's Software Configuration Management Best Practices

Published by: ADDISON-WESLEY
Author: Maraia, V
Number of pages: 248
ISBN: 0321332059/9780321332059

Two other co-workers on my team, whose desks at the time were on the other side of me from the Linda Hamilton-hair-lookalike, released a book on April 4, 2001. That is "4 4 1."

MCSE Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database Design and Implementation: Readiness Review Exam 70-229

by Sharon Bjeletich, Eddy Hahn

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Microsoft Press;
Bk&CD-Rom edition (April 4, 2001)
Language: English
ISBN: 073561251X

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Sometime in 1992, according to my symbolic memory, I moved back to South Carolina, from Memphis, to work for a company with the initials U.F.P. A few months ago I was studying an earnings history document I got from the Social Security Administration and it dawned on me that U.F.P., which my work history document indicated was located on a street named Enterprise Drive, was listed on there because of the "United Federation of Planets," which was the governing body in Star Trek. Then I looked at the company I worked for before that. Their initials were ISA-ISS and they were based in Alexandria, VA, and I "remember" that the company was formed by a former USN officer. I decided that was a reference to "International Space Station," and the ISA was a reference to an, as far as I know fictional, "International Space Agency." I worked for U.F.P. through 1995 and in 1996, according to the work history from the Social Security Administration, I worked for a company named Eagle that was located in a town named Columbia. The next year, 1997, I worked for a company that had the initials MPCSI, and I think that is a reference to my work, I assume, with the U.S. intelligence community and military law enforcement. The "MP" would be recognized as Military Police and the "CSI" is popularized on television as "Crime Scene Investigation." So in 1992, according to my "memory," I moved back to South Carolina, to provide electronic support for banking equipment, especially Automated Teller Machines (ATM), where UFP had a maintenance contract with a bank named First Federal.

I have been puzzling over those details for a long time, but the first one that piqued my interest, as my perception began to suggest I had never actually lived in any of those places, or at least not as I "remember" it all, was that I moved to a town in western South Carolina named Central.

For while I have been puzzling about Seneca, SC, which is near where I lived in Central, SC. My primary territory, although sometimes the whole state, was the upper portion of SC west of Greenville. The bank branch in Seneca was the branch that was farthest west in my territory. I spent most of my time covering Clemson and Seneca. Recently I remembered something interesting about Clemson University: Their school mascot is the Tiger, just as is Princeton University. I found it interesting to remember a few weeks ago that last year, during Christmas, the choir from Princeton University was singing Christmas caroles at the homeless shelter I was in and I thought they were sure a long ways from home. So anyway, that is probably why my symbolic memory has me living in nearby Central, along with my career in the intelligence community, all of which Microsoft/Corbis has been secretly exploiting for their financial gain. The primary objective of Microsoft/Corbis has been to let the terrorists know where I was so they would kill me. Microsoft/Corbis would have an easier time selling all the content they have developed over the years and decades they have been stalking me.

Another very interesting detail I have been pondering about with regards to Seneca is a young woman I used to work with at that bank, First Federal. The first time I met her was at that branch in Seneca. I was supposed to meet her out there one night because the machine had gone off-line and there always had to be an actual employee of the bank there to unlock the door and the machine to let me in. She and I eventually started dating for a while and as I look back through my "memory," I see the numerical sequence 76 showing up so I tried to figure out what was her connection to my mission to the outer solar system in 1976 to destroy the comet. The most notable clue was that her car was the Geo Storm model and she had two of those when I knew her. The first one was silver, which she totaled in a wreck, and then she got a teal colored model. I thought I found some kind of meaning to those colors but I forget now what that was. But the Geo Storm must have some kind of reference to the comet because "geo" roughly translates to "world" and I am thinking that clue of Geo Storm means that the comet would have caused a firestorm if it had hit the Earth. These relationships with women are especially interesting because I think that kissing one of them is some kind of symbolism about a military operation I was part of. It is strange to really think about but also quite fascinating. I developed that theory when I was scanning a newspaper article from the 1980's and I found a reference to the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, which was the site of a lot of air battles and I suddenly remembered a girlfriend I was kissing named Becky. In my "memory," Becky and I were in my blue 1967 Chevrolet and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that the engine, which was idling as we sat there kissing, was producing two streams of white smoke rising up behind the pickup. I have been thinking for a while that those pickups represent fighter aircraft, where the first one I had was a red Ford 1967, and represented the F-16 because that Ford pickup was a single exhaust engine, just like the F-16 Falcon. The blue 1967 Chevrolet represented the F-14 Tomcat, I believe, because that Chevrolet was a dual exhaust engine, just like the F-14. My initial thoughts that those two smoke columns behind that pickup, which I can still visualize, even though I am also starting to visualize them from the perspective of an F-14 pilot, even though I have no memory of ever flying an F-14, were two very large anti-aircraft missiles rising up behind me as I was lining up on a target of my own. So anyway, back to that woman at First Federal, a very interesting detail I "remembered" was when she was telling me that the people at her other job referred to her by the initials B.L.T. The reason was that her first name was actually two names combined and those people assumed she used both names as initials. She told me however that she actually used B.M.T. as her initials because her middle name was Michelle. I pondered over that for a while, and other than other clues that are important to me, I eventually settled on the importance of combining those two details to form the initials B.L.M.T. I can't remember what my first theory was about that in connection with the comet, it seems there was a connection there but I would have to look back through my journal to see what it was. But there was a really big clue, or at least, it seemed to be very important to me even though I couldn't understand why. I eventually decided that it was a reference to Butte, Montana. The "B" is for Butte, and the MT is the postal abbreviation for Montana. That became very obvious to me when I discovered that one of the zip codes for Butte, Montana, ends with a 50 and the letter "L" in Roman numerals represents the value of 50. That opened up a few other clues that I wrote about in my journal. I think this clue about Butte was after I had been thinking about how the zip code for Whitehall, MT, ended with 59. It also seems important that south of Whitehall is the town of Silver Star and more than a few of you out there should recognize that. On the road north of Silver Star, leading to Whitehall, after about 4 miles, Highway 41 splits off. Another detail that really startled me was when I was studying the map around Butte and I saw the town of Anaconda. That reminded me of the name of a woman I had gone out with once in SC and that I couldn't remember her name. I could remember her last name but I couldn't remember, until I saw the map, that her first name was "Anonda." That really startled me to remember that. That led me to study the map of Lancaster, SC, and I decided that the Highway 521 and Highway 9 that run through there are relevant to me. When I count all the days from, and including, 11/2/75 to 4/14/77, the result is 530 days. My theory has been that I was in space for 521 days, and then I spent a total of 9 days on the surface of Mars, Phoebe/Saturn, and Callisto/Jupiter. The reason Lancaster, SC, is that "Anonda's" aunt set us up on a blind date and her aunt was my primary contact at a bank in Lancaster that I provided computer support for.

As for that other young woman I was dating, Bobbilynn, I was trying to remember what we did on our first date and I think it was to go see the movie named "Kindergarten Cop," which had just premiered. I "remember" that we drove down to Anderson, SC, in my red 1990 Mazda RX-7 sports car, and my theories were reinforced when I saw that the road leading down to Anderson was Highway 76. I don't think I got to this earlier, but one really important detail I noticed was that the road running in front of that Seneca bank branch was Highway 123 and Highway 76. I considered that a good clue that it was representative that I launched from Mars on 1/23/76, but I puzzled over that for a while. If Seneca represented the extent of my territory, why would it represent Mars? Based on these theories I have been writing about, I went much farther than Mars. The distance from Earth to Mars can vary by a great deal because we orbit the Sun at different rates, but I think the distance that is considered average is 100 million miles. If my theories are correct, I traveled out into the solar system for over a billion miles. Just a short while ago I discovered that when mapping out the trip from Seneca to Knoxville, just about the mid-point of the trip, using the "Shortest Distance" option, the route leading from Seneca to Knoxville turns into Highway 441, which leads into Knoxville and turns into Highway 441 and Highway 33 as it goes by the Sunsphere. As I wrote the other day, Reagan gave a speech at the Sunsphere on 5/1/82, and I think I was there in the balcony, with others in uniform that he pointed to, according to the speech transcript, before I left for a flight to the Falklands, probably later that day.

The town of Anderson also reinforced some theories I had been writing about in my journal related to the movie, "The Matrix." Specifically, that the character Keanu Reeves portrays is named "Thomas A. Anderson," reminding me of my theoritical name of Thomas Allyn Ray. As for "Anderson," I was reading in the wiki article that the name "Anderson" could be interpreted to mean "new son of man." And then I remembered that Thedia, the woman I "remember" as my mother, has a maiden name of Newman. So I am the "son of Newman" where that article talks about the "new son of man." I think that black cassock he wore in one of those movies is similar to something I wore in connection with my martial arts activities. It was the second episode I remember now and I had not seen that episode until a few weeks ago. As soon as I saw that movie and that cassock, I undertood that it was exactly the kind of outfit I was wearing in a dream I had earlier but I couldn't figure out what it was. Then, as I was looking it up to even know that it was called a cassock, I find myself wondering if that was why I was trying to find a place I went with my family on a river named Cossatot with some of our relatives that were named Reeves. It is fascinating the way all those details are stored in my mind. It wasn't 'cossatot' I was looking for, it was 'cassock.' I've done that with a lot of places on the map, such as Allyn, WA. I spent many, many hours studying the map of Allyn, WA, and making illustrations in computer files of maps.

For that excruiating year I spent in that homeless shelter in Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle, I used to go to two places to get away from that craziness for a while even though all the psycho zombies from outside that homeless shelter still follow me everywhere I go, as they have been for years and still do to this very minute. For example, some nearby restaraunt offered to provide Thanksgiving dinner for us last year and we all walked over there to eat. The guy, who was apparently the owner made some kind of explanation why he was providing dinner for us at that time even though it was the first time or the first time in a while. At some point, I felt his hand on my shoulder and he seemed to be leaning down and I was convinced that someone had just taken our picture and he was posing for it. People have been doing that around me for years and I was baffled by it. There was a Seattle P-I photographer in there but he wasn't in front of me at the time, although he usually had his camera pointing right at me. Now I understand why. Anyway, the one place I went to a lot was a place near 3rd and Thomas, which I didn't realize that was the street address until a few weeks ago. Another place I used to go to a lot, walking from that homeless shelter, was a Starbucks on Seneca Street within sight of the downtown Library. If that Starbucks had been on the other corner of that same block, it would have been on 3rd and Seneca and I probably would have been going in there all that time. As it was, Seneca and 4th was the closest I could get to Seneca and 3rd. Also near that park I used to sit in that is close to 3rd Avenue West and Thomas Street, is the area where the Seattle Space Needle is located. One of the building close to the Space Needle, to the northwest of the Space Needle, is the Seattle Children's Museum. I do not think it is a coincidence that the southwest corner of the Children's Museum, as illustrated on this map, is at the intersection of 3rd Avenue North and Thomas Street. Directly to the east of the Children's Museum is Paul Allen's Experience Music Project. Paul Allen's Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame is located within the Experience Music Project building. I have studied this photo of a Pegasus booster and I felt confident that I am in that photo, even more so now that I see the date on the photo is 9/5/1989. I think I am the person with crossed arms wearing the blue flight suit on the left side of the rocket near the wing and between the rocket and the chains that keep the spectators separated from the rocket. I keep thinking the person next to me, in the shadow of the wing, is Paul Allen, who is a major investor in the rocketry industry. He looks a lot like I guy I used to work for at a startup company in South Carolina, and since my "memory" is symbolic, maybe that is what it means. About two blocks away from the Experience Music Project is where the new campus for Bill Gates' Corbis is being constructed, at 5th and Republican. One consistent theory I have had for a few months is that I recieved the Medal of Honor for my U.S. military service, although I don't actually remember any of that. That theory was reinforced the other day when I was reading about the posthumous award of the Medal of Honor, on April 5, 2005, to Paul R. Smith, who was killed in action as a result of his bravery two years earlier. The "R" in his middle name stands for Ray. I believe my full name is really Thomas Henry Allyn Ray. The theory about my Medal Of Honor, though, is that over the years of my military service, I have been awarded the Medal Of Honor 5 times. I think there has been two times when I "hit for the cycle" so to speak. That means during two separate military engagements, I was awarded the Bronze Star, the Silver Star, the Navy Cross, and the Medal Of Honor for each engagement. One time recently, I was walking through Pioneer Square in Seattle and someone spoke the phrase "15 times" and I wondered if that meant I had been wounded in combat fifteen times or I had been into space fifteen times. That was back when my perpections about being in the space program were limited to thoughts that I had only been up on the space shuttle on at least one occasion. Then I wondered if it meant both. That I had been awarded fifteen Purple Hearts over the years and that I had been into space on the shuttle fifteen times. That was around the time I was thinking that the scars on my arms and legs aren't what I remembered and are actually old bullet wounds. I "remember" a time on the Wainwright when one of my co-workers, from Phoenix and named Reese, told me about a time a power drill went through his hand and I suddenly began thinking that is why I have a scar on my hand, right near the knuckle of my middle finger. The scar above my right eye, which I have started noticing on certain actors in certain movies, such as the "Major West" character from the 1998 movie, "Lost In Space," noticable when "West" and "Professor Robinson" had a heated argument in the engine room and the scar on "West's" eye looked similar to mine. I have started thinking that scar was from a cut with a knife when I was POW. A few months ago I was pondering over a "memory" about me getting into a fight with a guy whose name was pronounced "Rill" and I lost the fight, which was obvious from my face. Recently I started thinking that was a memory of someone beating me up, probably while a POW, because I was figthing with "Rill." But it wasn''t "Rill" that I remember fighting with, it was "Is Rill" or Israel. And I wasn't fighting against Israel, I was fighting with Israel and that is why my captors were beating me up, probably to get me to admit that I had been the leader of that strike in 1981, which I did not admit.

Also on my earnings report from the Social Security Administration is my after-school job from the 80's. Lately, I decided that the name "Mills" refers to the military. I pondered over whether there was any symbolism to connect my "memories" of working at Mills Store for 4 years and my theory that I attended the U.S. Naval Academy for 4 years. My theory was these details represent my attendance at the Academy when I focused on a seemingly important detail from my 3rd year working at Mills Store. It was during that 3rd year that my employer, Donald Mills, was elected mayor of the town. That summer, he was granted some funds from the federal government for road maintenance in the town and he put me in charge of a group of people to fix the potholes in the street. We worked all day fixing the pavement and then I put in a few more hours at his store after I let the crew off for the day. According to my "memories," that all occurred when I was in school and after my fourth year working for Mills Store, where the M.S. probably represents 'Midshipman,' I "remember" going on active duty in the U.S. Navy. It was around that same time, at the end of my third year at Ashdown, just before the beginning of my last year at that school, that I recieved the American Legion award, which was a medal. I believe that time period represents how the Osirak strike was in the summer of 1981 and I graduated from USNA that next summer, meaning that I went to Iraq around the end of the equivalent of my junior year at the USNA.

A few months ago, I read that the Israeli's who flew the F-16's into Iraq to strike the Osirak facility in 1981 had trained in their new F-16's at Hill Air Force Base in Utah. That gave me a lot of details to ponder. One is that it cleared up something I had been pondering for a while. In the tenth grade, I had a teacher named Mrs. Hill. She was the instructor of a special program titled TARGETS. That was an acronym for something similar to "Towards A Real Goal of Excellence for Talented and gifted Students." I decided that "Mrs. Hill" was some kind of symbolic representation for me teaching those pilots to fly the F-16's as we prepared for the Osirak strike. I pondered a few other details about Utah. In 2002, I was a participant of Ironman Utah, which was held in Provo to the south, and I remember that I signed up for the event sometime in 2001. In the summer of 2001, I had just completed a bicycling event called the Seattle-To-Portland ride and I covered 200 miles on my bicycle in about 15 hours. After completing that course, I think it was the same month, I saw an advertisement for the Ironman Utah competition and decided to sign up for it. That date it was eventually held on was Saturday, June 8, 2002, and was the first event to be held in that state. I think at the time, that was actually the only Ironman triathlon that occurred in the Western U.S.

Lately I have spent a lot of time wondering why they had it in Provo and on June 8th. I was just looking at the map and I noticed that Hill AFB is off I-15 Exit 338 and maybe that was the reason it was chosen as the training base. The map indicates that the driving distance from I-15 Exit 338 to Provo, Utah is 71 miles. Making this all incredibly interesting is when I discovered on the map the location of the hotel I stayed at in the week before the Ironman triathlon on 6/8/2002. The Salt Lake City hotel I stayed at was one mile from the intersection of Vine Street and I-15, where the map has a label for Exit 303. That hotel was probably the closest I could get to that intersection and I was incredibly stunned to realize I had made that selection. I was oblivious to it but it is a pattern that is hard to ignore.

On that fateful 6/8/2002 day of the triathlon, all hell broke loose when a storm blew through just in time to coinicide with the start of the 2.4 mile swim, which was supposed to be followed by a 112-mile bicycle and then a 26.2 mile run. The storm blew away all the swim course markers though and produced some serious waves. I didn't have to see much to know that I wasn't going to try to make that swim in those crazy waves and turned around and headed back for the dock. At one point, I submerged to see if I could find the bottom in case I got tired and I ws glad to know it wasn't very deep and was manageable. A few days later, I was reading a news article from the local paper about one of the guys that died during that swim and that article had a photo of me that was taken just after I broke through the surface to take a breath. After that debacle caused by the weather, the town of Provo was abandoned as a location for Ironman triathlons and they selected the town of Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, near Spokane, Washington, as a different location. I was pleased with the move because it was a better location and because it was a much shorter drive from where I lived in the Seattle area. Recently I noticed some very interesting clues about that choice that seem relevant to me and I suspect there are more that I haven't found yet. The first is when I was looking at a house I wanted to buy that was on a large hill overlooking the town of Coeur d' Alene. I was very interested in the house because it was huge, over 14,000 square feet, but it seemed cheap because it wasn't finished, although it looked as though it was. It was probably a money pit though. Anyway, the interesting clue, as anyone spying on me all that time knows, it was at or near Argentina Lane. Some other interesting clues are that the swim course is next to a seaplane base that has the FAA identifier of S76 and runways that are configured at 11/29 and 15/33. The bicycle course is interesting in that, at the extreme eastern end, it goes through an area named Higgins Point. I was writing the other day that the USS Higgins DDG-76 might be relevant somehow to my real life. At the other end of the bicycle course, the western side, the bicycle course goes along Mission Street and then turns onto Signal Street, which is as far west as the course goes. One time at Microsoft, after reading that the Vice President of Human Relations was an Ironman triathlete, I sent him a Microsoft MapPoint file that I had created to illustrate the bicycle course and I wrote that area is a good place to assess the competition, if he was going out there to race. He invited me to stop by his office some time but I never made it over there.

I participated in that first Ironman Coeur d' Alene in 2003, but I dropped out at the mid-point because it was too hot and I was becoming seriously dehydrated. I finished the next year, having quit Microsoft a few months earlier, while wearing a pair of Nike Pegasus running shoes. Interesting detail about those shoes and that date. Based on my theory, that day I finished that Ironman triathlon would have been exactly ten years after that "Stargazer" crash after its Pegasus rocket malfuntioned. I have been wearing that Pegasus model of running shoe for several years and often recorded it in my running journal on my computer because I had a system for tracking how many miles I put on my shoes.

Also consistent with my theories is the Millersylvania State Park south of Olympia, Washington. It is off I-5 Exit 95 and I went down there during 2002 and 2003 to complete an organized marathon course. I completed 4 marathons in one year at Millersylvania State Park and also I completed the Seattle Marathon during that time period for a total of 5 in one year, plus some triathlons. There are several details about that Millersylvania State Park that I now understand. The first detail that captured my attention about that location is that the marathon course leaves, after a short distance in the park, and then goes out onto Highway 121, which reminds me of my theory that I landed on Mars on 1/21/76. After about 5 miles along that same highway, the marathon course changes to Goddard Road, which reminds me of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, then the course turns onto Gibson Road, where I think Mel Gibson is one of my brothers. Then the course turns to 169th Avenue, which reminds me of my theory about Apollo 11 in 1969. The next street is named Lietner, which may be something I should remember but cannot.

I'm still not really sure why Butte, Montana. Maybe that is where my home is that I cannot remember. That would make sense though. On more than one occasion I have just taken off and driven to Montana. I didn't do anything. I just drove there, probably spent less than a half-hour, always in Missoula, and then turned around and drove back. As for my home that I can't remember, that would make sense why I have had the same dream over and over for the past decade. The dream is always the same in the theme and the location, but the details change a little bit every time. The theme of the dream is that one day, I suddenly find out that I still own a house that I used to live in near Greer, SC. On a sidenote, I moved to Greer and bought that house in Country Club Estates, after I moved from Central, SC, while I was still working for UFP. Any fan of Tom Clancy, such as me, can tell you that "Admiral Greer" was the one who recruited "Jack Ryan" into the CIA. Anyway, in the dream, I would suddenly find that I still had that home to go back to, which was great to know because I really missed the place. It was a very peaceful location and I really enjoyed living there. It was always the same in the dream. I could go back there anytime I wanted, even that very minute, and go home. Over and over I dreamed that I could go home at that very minute to that place I had forgotten about but that had not forgotten me.