Monday, February 01, 2010

God hates a coward.

Those who would give up Essential Liberty

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety"

A frequently-misquoted phrase commonly attributed to Benjamin Franklin. Many misquotations simplify or generalise the sentence somewhat, or add parts not in the original quote, such as "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both", one of the more common variants.

The original quote is taken from, "A Historical Review of the Constitution and Government of Pennsylvania," first published anonymously in London in 1759. The quote is an excerpt from a letter written in 1755 from the Assembly to the Governor of Pennsylvania.

Benjamin Franklin did publish the edition printed in Philadelphia, and most likely the original, but denied writing any part of it. The quote however may have originated from Franklin, but was excerpted for the book by the author.

A very similar quote is also sometimes attributed to Thomas Jefferson. However the website for the Jefferson Library makes it clear that Jefferson was quoting Franklin.

Memorable quotes for

Red Dawn (1984)

Jed Eckert: [they are surveying a wintery landscape, as several tanks gather on both sides to shoot it out] You got across *that*?

Col. Andy Tanner: Just part of it. I hope our guys are still there.

Jed Eckert: So this is the battlefield?

Col. Andy Tanner: It's a real war, kid. It's here every day.

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Subject: Sleep journal 4/1/06

I wish I had written down these dreams shortly after I awoke. I don't remember as much detail now. But I think that illustrates how I am sensing the difference between these foreign or manipulated dreams and what would be normal dreams. I think the foreign dreams stay with me longer. I remember more of their detail. I can visualize the details in those dreams longer than I can the dreams I think of as normal. I still don't know if they are reading information to me or if they are simply reciting words that I construct into something that makes sense to me. When I had a recent dream with my so-called imaginary girlfriend the other day, I can still almost hear her voice. I don't know if that means she was literally talking while I was asleep, or that I just have heard her talking enough to be able to assign her voice to any suggestion that the dream manipulator attributes to her.

This morning I dreamed I was traveling down a four-lane road towards Shelton. I was on a bicycle but I was effortlessly traveling at 75 mph. I thought to myself that I should be wearing a helmet. Then I was on a dirt road. There was a turn I needed to make to go up to the mountains I wanted to go to, but I was traveling at 58 mph and wouldn't be able to make the turn so I kept going until I slowed down enough to turn. As I was just writing that, I remembered that time, 12/23/01, when I hit that patch of ice and separated my shoulder. In this dream today, there was still some ice and a little snow around, but it all seemed to be thawing, as in a spring thaw. The road was muddy. I vaguely remember some people or a person being around there but I can't remember any details.


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Something is there, something. It is like a shadow. Or something you glimpse in the corner of your eye. It is familar unfamilarity that appears then disappears.

Kerry Burgess wrote:
In that movie Mission To Mars, there is that part where the second team arrive on Mars. The guy that survived for months there alone has lost it to some degree. The woman who lost her husband explains that extended periods of low-gravity can have that effect on the brain. As I write this, I almost feel like something is figuratively tugging at my mind. Anyway, if low-grav does have that effect, there needs to be a mechanism to help someone keep anchored in reality. Either by training them mentally or through artificial means of mind control. This adds weight to my hunch that I have some kind of device implanted in the back of my head. And it probably means it receives FM signals, although it could be any frequency, but FM would make more sense. Although it could be satellite too, really anything is possible without knowing the details. Although the possibilities are limited, I mean, this isn't Star Trek.