Tuesday, November 02, 2010

"The second you don't respect this, it kills you."

I have not had any similar aches and pains as this problem with my shoulder, which still lingers slightly, in a long time. The funny part about this is that in the days leading up to this observation, over the span of several hours during two days, as best I recall, I was experiencing an extensive line of thought about Kerry Burgess having returned. The real Kerry Burgess and not me pretending and lying about being Kerry Burgess and lying because I do not have any alternative except to maintain this identity and who can prove anyway that I am not Kerry Burgess?

The extensive line of thought was that Kerry Burgess suddenly appeared in my living room and he was almost in a state of shock because, for him, the Stargazer aircraft had just made contact with the ground after spiraling down to the Earth from forty thousand feet above and then being vaporized by the sudden impact. I walked over to him and explained that he was all right and he called me "Tom" but he wasn't sure because I look a lot different now and I explained that I am not Tom and that I am supposed to be him, Kerry Burgess, and I have the memory of Kerry Burgess, until 1990, but I have specific knowledge of Tom Reagan, and so I am neither. I am someone completely different. We discussed how I am one of the undercover identities that was created for Kerry Burgess and that he helped design.

The real Kerry then wanted to know where Tom was and I explained that I think Tom does not exist right now, similar to how you did not exist in this world until a few minutes ago and that this is the year 2010 and you have not existed in this world since the year 1994. I also explained that Tom Reagan emerged from the 27 June 1994 crash almost immediately after the crash but then Tom died again in 1998. Instead of the real Tom Reagan emerging again in 1998, this person I am now emerged and I went to work in this identity.

I was also thinking about where Tom Reagan went in 1998 and he did emerge but he is very far away and has been there by himself all this time and he is on his way back. Unlike the real Kerry Burgess that emerged after 16 years, Tom Reagan has aged naturally and he looks normal as he would have for someone who has aged 16 years. Kerry Burgess emerged at the same age as he was in 1994.

So the funny part is that, during all that thinking, sometime, I am pretty certain was on 30 October 2010, Kerry Burgess was standing in my living room and he wanted to know why I had the matches laid out on my keyboard.

JOURNAL ARCHIVE: 10/31/10 3:14 AM
Damn, my left shoulder has really started hurting the past hour or longer. It is something that is close to my shoulder, actually, but under the clavicle and the pain in on my back to, about where the shoulder blade would be. The pain is almost bad enough that I cannot really move my left arm, although it is not that bad. The feeling may be closer to a muscle spasm in the area of my left shoulder blade.

JOURNAL ARCHIVE: 10/31/10 1:58 PM
My left shoulder is still just as painful as it was when I noted it

[JOURNAL ARCHIVE 31 October 2010 excerpt ends]



The Walking Dead (New)

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Days Gone By

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