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This was definitely for my wife

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Radiant cheerfulness

"The sunshine disappeared for a moment, but I think it was from a cloud that had dropped her off beside me. The side of her face sang that song as her flowing hair danced fearlessly across the old barbed-wire squeezing my heart. Again I asked the grumpy pavement to give me an arrow, a directional, anything, that shows me the way home."

I did see a beautiful young woman when I went outside that I wanted to give flowers to, but I couldn't, so that is a crime. She is probably sitting at home somewhere, wondering why no one sent her any flowers today. Somewhere else a group of flowers sit huddled together for the rest of their lives, maybe not even leaving their shelf, or maybe they went to another home, breathing in the smile of someone they weren't destined to care about as much.

bad news - good news

Certainly they wouldn't let me start consciously remembering my wife if I wasn't going home to her immediately.

It would be a bad news-good news kind of deal.

"The bad news is you have to spend 9 years away from your wife until we catch the Microsoft-Corbis-paparazzi terrorists that have targeted you. The good news is you get to go home to her today."

When does this end? What is the goddamned point to all this?

When does this end? What is the goddamned point to all this?

"Point Me At The Sky"

From 8/19/1952 to 3/29/1955 is: 952 days
From 3/3/1959 to 7/16/1963 is: 1596 days
952 / 1596 = 0.59

Marina Sirtis (born March 29, 1955[1]) is a British-American actress who is most noted for playing the half-human half-Betazoid Counselor Deanna Troi on the television and film series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Jonathan Frakes (born August 19, 1952) is an American actor and director best known for his portrayal of Commander William Riker in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

From 7/16/1963 to 12/13/2002 is: 14395 days
From 7/16/1963 to 11/25/1986 is: 8533 days
8533 / 14395 = 0.59

Release date(s) December 13, 2002

Star Trek: Nemesis (Paramount Pictures, 2002) is the tenth Star Trek feature film, and the fourth based on the popular television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

While the crew of the USS Enterprise prepares to bid farewell to longtime first officer, now Captain, William T. Riker and Counselor Deanna Troi, who have married each other in Alaska, they find the remnants of an android resembling Lieutenant Commander Data on a planet close to the Romulan Neutral Zone called Kolarus III. When the android is reassembled, it reveals its name as B-4, a predecessor to Data.

The day 6/26/1968 marked the point I was half the age of Patrick Stewart when I was born.

From 7/13/1940 to 3/3/1959 is: 6807 days
6807 / 2 = 3403.5

From 3/3/1959 to 6/26/1968 is: 3403 days
From 5/1/1967 to 6/19/1968 is: 415 days, or 59 weeks and 2 days

From 7/16/1963 to 6/19/1968 is: 59 months, 3 days
From 7/16/1963 to 6/26/1968 is: 59.3 months

Phoebe Cates was 59.3 months old on that day. That day showed up recently in some other calculation related to a movie but I can't remember know which one as I didn't understand what it meant at the time it showed up.

I have written about how the day 6/19/1968 was 59 weeks, 2 days, after 5/1/1967, and I think that was the day I first flew a supersonic jet aircraft by myself. I also wrote that I think I was out there in combat in the Vietnam War because I was anticipating my mission to the comet in 1976 and I was interpreting the scripture about Gideon to see if I was the one chosen by some unknown force to be the one to save the planet. And while that day 6/19/1968 was 59 weeks, 2 day, after 5/1/1967, I think the real clue is that on that day, Phoebe Cates was 59 months, 3 days, old. I am thinking that my family had already planned for her and I to marry at some point, as much of my life had been planned to that point, although I didn’t actually meet her until later, and I wanted to see if she really was the only born to marry me. Something about how if I survived that day, then she was the one I was destined to marry and love.

As with Debra Winger from "An Officer And A Gentleman" the girlfriend of the protagonist from the 1981 television series "The Greatest American Hero" also reminds me of Phoebe Cates and 5/1/1967. I "remember" portions of that television series too and it is all about how he has a special red suit that allows him to fly but he can't fly very well with it and he crashes into building when he tries to fly.

From 3/3/1959 to 5/1/1967 is: 2981 days
From 5/25/1955 to 7/16/1963 is: 2974 days

Connie Sellecca (born Concetta Sellecchia on May 25, 1955) is an American actress of Italian descent. She is best known for her roles as William Katt's girlfriend, Pam Davidson on The Greatest American Hero

I have been puzzling over the lyrics to this song for a while. I don’t remember ever actually hearing this song, but I think it is relevant to me somehow. It makes me think of 5/1/1967. According to information on the internet, it released 596 days after 5/1/1967. My thought when I made that calculation is that I might have used that ‘6’ to refer to 3 plus 3, but I’m not sure. I do think that Henry is one of my middle names, too, although I don‘t often use it. Later I realized that the release date was 3 days before the launch of Apollo 8, so maybe that has some bearing on it. If I am remembering it all correctly, the flight Apollo 8 was the 3rd space launch for me and it would be the first time humans orbited the Earth’s Moon. That date is also precisely 5.933 months after 6/19/1968.

That also reminded me, for some reason, a time I went to see Rachel Barnett, a girl I had been dating and that I was quite taken with. She was living with some guy that was the manager of a restaurant or something, and I drove my 1990 red Mazda RX-7 over there to his house and knocked on the door because I wanted her back and I wanted her to leave with me. There was nobody home though. She must be how I remember Phoebe Cates in reality and this must have been 2 or 3 years after I was a POW in Libya. I am not entirely sure what all the details in these artificial memories mean to my reality, but somebody probably knows.

So anyway, the lyrics are also kind of spooky considering what the year 2005 was like for me. Quite prophetic. That was over 2 years ago when I was starving for those 9 days and they did nothing but continue to crowd me as they continue to do to this very minute.

Released 17 December 1968

Point Me at the Sky" is a single by the British band Pink Floyd. The song, released on December 17, 1968, was an early Roger Waters composition. This single was the band's fifth. The song spoke of overcrowding and lack of food in the near future (2005). Because the recording quality on most pressings was marginal, there are many different interpretations of the song's lyrics. The single did poorly on the charts, and for this reason Pink Floyd did not release another single in the UK until 1979's "Another Brick in the Wall, Part II" from The Wall. Its B-side, "Careful with That Axe, Eugene," became over time far more popular.

Pink Floyd Lyrics
Point Me At The Sky Lyrics

Hey, Eugene,
This is Henry McClean
And I've finished my beautiful flying machine
And I'm ringing to say
That I'm leaving and maybe
You'd like to fly with me
And hide with me, baby
Isn't it strange
How little we change
Isn't it sad we're insane
Playing the games that we know and in tears
The games we've been playing for thousands and thousands and ....
Pointing to the cosmic glider
"Pull this plastic glider higher
Light the fuse and stand right back"
He cried "This is my last good-bye."
Point me at the sky and tell it fly
Point me at the sky and tell it fly
Point me at the sky and tell it fly
And if you survive till two thousand and five
I hope you're exceedingly thin
For if you are stout you will have to breathe out
While the people around you breathe in
People pressing on might say
It's something that I hate to say
I'm slipping down to eat the ground
A little refuge on my brain
Point me at the sky and tell it fly
Point me at the sky and tell it fly
Point me at the sky and tell it fly
And all we've got to say to you is good-bye
It's time to go, better run and get your bags, it's good-bye
Nobody cry, it's good-bye
Crash, crash, crash, crash, good-bye...

"Worf is reunited with an old flame"

From 7/16/1963 to 6/29/1989 is: 9480 days
From 7/16/1963 to 12/15/1978 is: 5631 days
5631 / 9480 = 0.593

The Emissary

Worf is reunited with an old flame.

Air Date: 06.29.1989
Stardate: 42901.3

Superman (1978 film)
Release date(s) December 15, 1978

Played by Suzie Plakson
Episode: TNG 146 - The Emissary

As a Klingon much affected by her human mother's cynical upbringing of all things related to her father's people, special emissary K'Ehleyr was killed by Duras in 2367 as she nearly exposed the cover-up of his family's true treachery at Khitomer. Having once mated with Worf when he forswear a marriage two years earlier, she stunned him just before her murder by revealing Alexander, the son she'd bore by him in 2359 during their first encounter. A non-conformist career woman, she never told Worf because he would demand they take the traditional oath of union.

Their later encounters came during her special diplomatic missions, during Duras' poisoning death of Chancellor K'mpec and while diffusing the emergence of a Klingon pre-Alliance sleeper ship in 2365 that threatened to attack unsuspecting Federation outposts. Inheriting a scathing sense of humor, she had kept her Klingon side's monstrous temper under tight control.

After K'Ehleyr's murder in his arms, with Alexander watching, Worf did not easily acknowledged the guilt about the anger he felt toward his onetime mate because she had not told him about their son until he arrived; the boy was affected by his mother's oft-voiced view that 'Klingons had a lot of dumb ideas about honor.'

I assume there is a logical reason I "remember" starting boot camp on 5/15/1984 and that date has some specific symbolism, and I hope, to Phoebe Cates.

Ah - yes. I have noted several times that I "remember" Tracie's birthday was the same day I got out of boot camp in 1984: July 16th. That is Phoebe Cate's birthday. That was her 21st birthday. I can still "remember" when I went back to Rhonda. I drove over to her house in my red 1986.5 Nissan XP pickup. Nobody was home, so I sat there until I "remember" Rhonda driving up with somebody, who she sent away and then tapped on my window to wake me up. I'm not sure if it was that night or a later night and I was over there again but I "remember" having her calling up her boyfriend and breaking up with him. Michael drove by her house and some point and saw I was there and came in. I kept trying to get him to leave until he finally did leave. I can still "remember" the first time I saw Rhonda when I was home on leave and I was running around town at night with Billy Parker. He set me up with Lea-somebody and I was sitting in the back seat of his Mustang with her as he drove around. I "remember" we stopped one time and Rhonda pulled up with somebody. I think she was angry about seeing me with somebody although I had broken up with her when I was in boot camp. I "remember" thinking how good she was looking though and I thought many time later why I didn't try to get back together with her. I actually sent an email to her through a few years back but I never heard back from her. Rhonda's dad was Max and Karen was her mother. They were very nice to me. I thought it was cool that Rhonda's parents were still married.

Rhonda Rochelle Ramsey. I guess she is some composite character about TriStar Pictures and Phoebe Cates. I met Rhonda during my last year working at Mills Store in my artificial and symbolic memories. The symbolism about that store is probably connected to my attendance at the U.S. Naval Academy. Mills - Military. Rhonda worked there at the store too, but I think that she was actually attending some kind of regular college at the time.

Memorable quotes for
Superman Returns (2006)
Lex Luthor: [notices Jason flinching away from kryptonite] Who is that boy's father?
Lois Lane: Richard.
Lex Luthor: Are you sure?

Rise Above

At the beginning of last night’s “The Simpsons” episode, there were two scenes where the scoreboard clearly contained 3-5-9.

Alec Baldwin is 334 days older than I am.

From 4/3/1958 to 3/3/1959 is: 334 days

Alec Baldwin (born Alexander Rae Baldwin III on April 3, 1958 in Massapequa, New York) is an Academy Award-nominated, Screen Actors Guild Award-winning, and a Golden Globe Award-winning American actor. The eldest of the Baldwin brothers, Alec Baldwin has starred in many movies and TV shows such as 30 Rock, and has hosted Saturday Night Live 13 times.

I thought a lot about this photo of the USS Taylor FFG-50 after I saw it. Especially because of the perspective of the photographer compared to my own artificial and symbolic memories. The USS Taylor FFG-50 is the first U.S. Navy ship I was assigned to in my artificial and symbolic memories. That camera perspective was also relevant to an experience when I was onboard this ship, which I have written about several times. The date on the photo was about a month after I quit Microsoft and moved out to Spokane Valley, WA. I was staying at a hotel named Crosslands at the time. I remember a woman at the counter at the hotel was talking to someone on the phone and she mentioned that people sometime call that hotel the “Crossroads.”

Crossland Economy Studios Spokane - Valley
12803 East Sprague
Spokane, WA 99216
P: (509) 928-5948
F: (509) 928-5941

The 3/9/2004 date on that photo was 5 years, 93 days, after 12/7/1998, my first at Microsoft while undercover. 5-9-3

From 12/7/1998 to 12/7/2003 is: 5 years
From 12/7/2003 to 3/9/2004 is: 93 days

040309-N-4374S-008 At sea aboard USS Taylor (FFG 50) Mar. 9, 2004 - The Oliver Hazard Perry-class ship USS Taylor (FFG 50) conducts a replenishment at sea (RAS) with the fast combat support ship USS Seattle (AOE 3). The guided missile frigate Taylor is part of the USS John F. Kennedy Strike Group and is currently taking part in a Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMTUEX). COMPTUEX is an intermediate level exercise designed to forge the strike group into a cohesive fighting team and is a critical step in pre-deployment training. During COMPTUEX, more than a dozen ships, and Carrier Air Wing Seventeen (CVW-17) embarked on Kennedy, conducted war game exercises using training ranges along the East Coast of the U.S. and the Gulf of Mexico. The exercise took advantage of existing ranges under the Navy’s comprehensive Training Resource Strategy (TRS). These ranges offer training facilities and realistic simulations, better preparing U.S. Navy ships and Sailors to participate in the Global War on Terrorism. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 2nd Class Michael Sandberg. (RELEASED)

JOURNAL ARCHIVE: Fri, 3/3/06 3:22 pm

This was a pleasant surprise. I was disappointed though when I first saw them that they were preparing to leave. I think this is the one at the link below. I love these ships. Who needs a parade when you can watch a U.S. Navy warship getting underway? If I could choose any ship I wanted for a personal yacht, it would be a Burke-class destroyer.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Prisoner Of War - again

I have puzzled over the U.S. Navy ship USS Donald Cook DDG-75 because it was commissioned on 12/4/1998 and I started at Microsoft on 12/7/1998 with my official federal undercover identity. It also piqued my interest because I was reminded of the year 1975, where I launched on 11/2/1975 for my 17-month journey to intercept the comet. That mission turned into a one-way trip at one point, but then I beat the odds and made it back home.

Donald Gilbert Cook (9 August 1934 - 8 December 1967) was a colonel in the United States Marine Corps and a Medal of Honor recipient.

Cook was born in Brooklyn, New York. He held as a Prisoner of War by the Viet Cong in the Republic of Vietnam from 31 December 1964 until his death.

USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) was named in his honor.

Medal of Honor citation

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while interned as a Prisoner of War by the Viet Cong in the Republic of Vietnam during the period 31 December 1964 to 8 December 1967. Despite the fact that by so doing he would bring about harsher treatment for himself, Colonel (then Captain) Cook established himself as the senior prisoner, even though in actuality he was not. Repeatedly assuming more than his share of their health, Colonel Cook willingly and unselfishly put the interests of his comrades before that of his own well-being and, eventually, his life. Giving more needy men his medicine and drug allowance while constantly nursing them, he risked infection from contagious diseases while in a rapidly deteriorating state of health. This unselfish and exemplary conduct, coupled with his refusal to stray even the slightest from the Code of Conduct, earned him the deepest respect from not only his fellow prisoners, but his captors as well. Rather than negotiate for his own release or better treatment, he steadfastly frustrated attempts by the Viet Cong to break his indomitable spirit. and passed this same resolve on to the men whose well-being he so closely associated himself. Knowing his refusals would prevent his release prior to the end of the war, and also knowing his chances for prolonged survival would be small in the event of continued refusal, he chose nevertheless to adhere to a Code of Conduct far above that which could be expected. His personal valor and exceptional spirit of loyalty in the face of almost certain death reflected the highest credit upon Colonel Cook, the Marine Corps, and the United States Naval Service.

Commissioned: 4 December 1998

USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) is an Arleigh Burke class destroyer in the United States Navy.

Named for Donald Cook, a Vietnam War prisoner of war who died in captivity, the destroyer was commissioned in 1998. It was one of the first U.S. warships to come to the aid of the USS Cole after it was damaged by suicide bombers on October 12, 2000.

8.83 years

Why would "Superman Returns" point to Phoebe Cates and me after all this time if I wasn't still married to her?

I can understand there is some great tragedy to us being torn apart after Libya, but why would a movie as recent 2006 point to us if we aren't married?

And why would I start noticing such details now - as I approach the one year point of the restoration of my real memories? Saving the best part for last? Saving the worst memories for last?

JOURNAL ARCHIVE: Re: Journal May 21, 2006, Supplemental
It seems odd now, with all things considered, when a girl I went to high school with was emailing me a while back. I remember she sent me pictures of her kids. I was glad to keep in touch with her and I was hoping to see her next time I traveled back there. She and I went to the prom together when we were in the 11th grade. She's not the same person as the Tamara person I mentioned earlier. One time, sometime in the '90s, my grandmother told me I should marry this woman I took to the prom. I reminded grandma that she was already married and had three kids. I think this memory has some importance, other than the obvious. Could she instead be the Helen Hunt character of my Cast Away life? One possibility is that she was communicating with me to test whether I still had an emotional attachment to her, where pictures of her kids would exacerbate those feelings by reminding me that those could have been my kids. Or maybe she doesn't actually exist. Her name reminds me of that saying about the diamond. An anagram of her first name combined with her last name reminds me of a phrase about "bargain diamonds."
When Picard returns to what he considers his real life, he starts over again by having to lose his heart. I wonder what the significance is of that? I don't think it is literal, in that I have a physical artifical heart, rather maybe I was heartbroken because I lost someone I cared about.

My song is about her.

From 7/16/1963 to 6/28/2006 is: 15688 days

15688 * 0.359 = 5631

From 7/16/1963 to 12/15/1978 is: 5631 days

Superman Returns is a 2006 superhero film based on the fictional DC Comics character Superman.

Release date(s) June 28, 2006

Release date(s) December 15, 1978

Superman (also known as Superman: The Movie, as it was called in pre-release advertising), was a popular and critically acclaimed superhero film. It was the first major motion picture to feature the popular DC Comics character of Superman, who had previously appeared throughout the 1940s and 1950s in a movie serial, a radio program, and a television series. The film was released by Warner Bros. in 1978. It was directed by Richard Donner and executive produced by Ilya Salkind, with music by John Williams. It starred top-billed Marlon Brando as Jor-El, and Christopher Reeve as Superman.

"Heartbreak Ridge"

The date 11/25/1986 is the date I recognize as when my family had a funeral for me because I was missing in Africa. I had been missing since a bombing strike on the facility where I was being held as a POW.

From 5/31/1930 to 11/25/1986 is: 20632 days
20632 * 0.359 = 7406
From 7/16/1963 to 10/25/1983 is: 7406 days

Clint Eastwood (born Clinton Eastwood, Jr. on May 31, 1930) is an iconic American actor, composer, and Academy Award-winning film director and film producer. While his recent work as a director, on films like Million Dollar Baby and Letters from Iwo Jima, is consistently praised by critics, Eastwood is perhaps most famous for his tough guy, anti-hero acting roles, including Inspector 'Dirty' Harry Callahan in the Dirty Harry series and the Man with No Name in Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Westerns.

Release date(s) December 5, 1986

Heartbreak Ridge is a 1986 film, starring Clint Eastwood (who also produced and directed) and Mario Van Peebles, about the 1983 U.S. invasion of Grenada, West Indies. A portion of the movie was filmed on the island itself.

The title comes from the Battle of Heartbreak Ridge, fought during the Korean War in 1951 by soldiers of the U.S. Army's 2nd Infantry Division, along with those of the French Battalion, against the North Korean Army. The character played by Eastwood was awarded the Medal of Honor as a result of his heroic actions there, and later joins the United States Marine Corps. In the film, he is a tough, grizzled Marine Gunnery Sergeant, with several wars and many battles under his belt.

The 1983 Beirut barracks bombing was a major incident during the Lebanese Civil War. Two truck bombs struck buildings in Beirut housing U.S. and French members of the Multinational Force in Lebanon, killing hundreds of soldiers, the majority being U.S. Marines. The October 23, 1983, blasts led to the withdrawal of the international peacekeeping force from Lebanon, where they had been stationed since the Israeli 1982 invasion of Lebanon.

The Invasion of Grenada, codenamed Operation Urgent Fury, was an invasion of the island nation of Grenada by the United States of America and several other nations in response to a coup d’état by Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coard. From October 25, 1983, the United States, Barbados, Jamaica and members of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States landed ships on Grenada, defeated Grenadian and Cuban resistance and overthrew Coard's government. October 25 is a national holiday of Grenada, called Thanksgiving Day, to commemorate this event.

She owns everything I value

This all reminds me of that “The Simpsons” episode where “Apu” finds out it is time for him to marry his arranged bride. He tries to avoid the arranged marriage but then he meets her and she is incredibly beautiful.

I’m so confused.

The notion occurred to me the other day that I might be married to Phoebe Cates in my real life and I pounced on the idea as though someone had thrown food into my cage and I hadn’t eaten anything in weeks. I wake up and I realize that I have been assembling a million piece jigsaw puzzle that is large enough to fill the sky and all the jigs I have been assembling, while there are one less than a million of them, they only make up 1% of the picture and she is that one millionth jig with her image on it that makes up the other 99% of the puzzle.

I am going to feel quite lousy if it turns out we are not actually married in my real life.

I woke up also thinking again about who is a girl I dated named Melody Barber. She worked at the First Federal bank in Greenville, as did I and she quite beautiful. I remember writing about all this in journal a long time ago. I was writing about driving up to her house one time to take her out to dinner and I recalled details about her house and yard. I noted the boat in their driveway had “Barbers of Seville” on the stern and I was wondering if there was some special symbolism to that other than what it would mean if it had been a real memory. The notion is why would I even have such a memory? I was thinking about all that again a couple years ago when the Military Personnel Records center sent me copies of my DD-214 for my official federal undercover identity and the letter that was sent with it was signed Thomas R. Seville.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

that is not your business

I can still "remember" Jim Shea mentioning that song "Moving In Stereo." He was astonished that I had never heard it before. I had never listened to The Cars until after I knew Jim Shea and that conversation in 1988.

The Cars is the first studio album by American new wave band The Cars, released in 1978. (see 1978 in music). In 2003, the album was ranked number 282 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. "Moving in Stereo" was used as the theme for Phoebe Cates' famous pool scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High

There also is something curious about these figures. I have been thinking a lot about that band Oingo Boingo too and how much I enjoy their music. The figures work out with a 0.59 relationship with Phoebe Cates birthday and when I returned to Earth on 4/14/1977. When anchored to her birth date, the figures point to a date 3 weeks, 3 days, after I returned from my mission to eliminate the threat from the comet.

From 3/3/1959 to 6/22/1982 is: 8512 days
From 4/14/1977 to 5/8/1977 is: 24 days, or 3 weeks and 3 days

From 7/16/1963 to 5/8/1977 is: 5045 days
5045 / 8512 = 0.59

Nothing To Fear is the second album by Oingo Boingo, released in 1982 on A&M Records.

Released June 22, 1982

The USS Arleigh Burke DDG-51 was commissioned so close to when Phoebe Cates was 335.9 months old. She was that age 9 days, or 0.3 month, after the 7/4/1991 commissioning date. I wrote earlier about the relationship of “An Officer And A Gentleman” star Debra Winger’s age to hers and then to when I first flew a jet aircraft by myself on 5/1/1967.

This is a very interesting detail to note. The difference between this actress’s birthday and Phoebe Cates birthday, when divided by 2, is 359. That is especially interesting considering the roles Connie Nielsen portrayed in “Gladiator” and “Mission To Mars.” In “Gladiator,” she was the daughter of the King and also the mother of the son of the character Russell Crowe portrayed. That actor who portrayed his son also portrayed the son of the character Bruce Willis portrayed in “Unbreakable.” In “Mission To Mars,” she portrayed the wife of the astronaut who led the mission to Mars, although he died before they made it to the planet.

From 7/16/1963 to 7/3/1965 is: 718 days
718 / 2 = 359

Connie Inge-Lise Nielsen (born July 3, 1965) is a Danish actress.
In 2000 she became known to worldwide audiences as Lucilla in Ridley Scott's internationally acclaimed Academy Award-winning epic Gladiator, where she starred opposite Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix. She has since then starred in some notable American films, including Mission to Mars (2000), One Hour Photo (2002)

The actress who portrays the wife of the character Bruce Willis portrays in "Unbreakable" also has a logical connection to my birthday and Phoebe Cates birthday.

From 3/3/1959 to 4/8/1966 is: 2593 days
2593 * 0.593 = 1537

From 3/3/1959 to 5/18/1963 is: 1537 days
From 5/18/1963 to 7/16/1963 is: 59 days

Robin Virginia Gayle Wright Penn (born April 8, 1966) is an American film actress who first became famous on television, playing Kelly Capwell on the soap opera Santa Barbara. She shot to stardom after her roles as Buttercup in The Princess Bride and Jenny in Forrest Gump, the latter role garnering her a Golden Globe Award nomination for best supporting actress.

According to information I found on the internet, Phoebe Cates is married to Kevin Kline and I found it interesting how his birthday compares to mine. If his birthday was 3 days earlier, he would be 593 weeks older than I am.

From 10/24/1947 to 3/3/1959 is: 4148 days, or 592 weeks and 4 days

In keeping with the theme of Phoebe and the moon, I find myself thinking a lot about a track from a Foreigner album, as well as the titles of other tracks on that album. The thought occurred to me that I had known her for a while already and I was waiting for her to turn 18 because I was going to start dating her. Something about I thought she was as glorious as when I was approaching the Saturn moon Phoebe on 6/7/1976. The title of the album also makes me think about how I think I am the 4th of 7 paternal siblings.

4 is the fourth album by American rock band Foreigner, released in 1981. Several singles from the album were successful, including "Urgent", "Waiting For A Girl Like You" and "Jukebox Hero".

Released July 2, 1981

Track listing
all songs written by Lou Gramm and Mick Jones, except where noted

"Night Life" – 3:11
"Jukebox Hero" – 4:29
"Break It Up" (Jones) – 3:48
"Waiting For A Girl Like You" – 4:11
"Luanne" – 3:48
"Urgent" (Jones) – 4:51
"I'm Gonna Win" (Jones) – 4:18
"Woman in Black" (Jones) – 4:42
"Girl on the Moon" – 3:49
"Don't Let Go" – 4:49

Girl On The Moon

Its night, again
Time for my mind to go wandering
Off on a journey, through space and time
In search of a face I can never find
So I close my eyes and look inside

I cant forget
The night that I saw her we never met
She felt so close to me as I reached for her hand
She drifted away like the desert sand
It was her and she was gone

I wish shed come back tonight
Like a star shining bright
I dont know where shes from

Shes like a girl on the moon
A girl on the moon
Shes like a girl on the moon
A girl on the moon

Yeah its night, once again
And that same old feeling is setting in
It all seems so familiar but I hope this time
That the girl on the moon will soon be mine
All mine, tonight

Am I asking too much
Should I leave my dream untouched
Should I even know where shes from

My, girl on the moon
Shes my girl on the moon
Girl on the moon
My girl on the moon
Girl on the moon
My girl on the moon
Girl on the moon
Girl on the moon
Girl on the moon
Fille sur la lune
Girl on the moon
Fille sur la lune

The thoughts have also occurred to me that NASA is releasing the photos I took of Mars and the Saturn moon Phoebe, but in the context of the known space craft that have been out there. For example, there is this photo of Mars that I think about a lot. I combined with a photo I came across of USS Samuel B. Roberts FFG-58 recently, which I noticed after that journal entry about the Mars photo, and I found the similarity interesting. I had noted earlier in my journal because I puzzled over whether there were foot prints in the soil. But it could have been tracks from the rover. That Mars photo does also remind me of that scene from the 1977 “Star Wars” with “Luke Skywalker” watching the multiple suns setting on “Tatooine.”

Another very interesting detail is that Phoebe Cates was 59 months, 3 days, old on 6/19/1968. That is the date I have written about when I think I earned my first Medal Of Honor during the Vietnam War. I was shot down by anti-aircraft fire though and was rescued by Lt. Clyde Everett Lassen from extremely hostile territory, for which he also received the Medal Of Honor. I think I was out there at that time because of the timing of the operation in relation to 5/1/1967. I have found clues that associate details about my life to the namesake for Lt. Lassen, the USS Lassen DDG-82, as well as the space shuttle flight STS-82. I am thinking that someone arranged for me and Phoebe Cates to meet because of the connection of those dates.

I can’t remember now why I started to focus on 5/1/1967 as the day I first flew a jet aircraft. It just came to me. I found it easy to believe though because in my artificial and symbolic memory, my first vehicle was a red, 1967 Ford pickup. And then somehow I started looking at 5/1/1967 because that was 59 days after my 8th birthday on 3/3/1967. The red color of that 1967 pickup suggests to me that is a symbol for high-performance and that it signifies a supersonic jet fighter. The reason I think it was a fighter is because it was a pickup. The cargo bed of a pickup could symbolize how the fighter jet carries weapons on it fuselage. I think my father drove an 18-wheel freight truck because that symbolizes a large bomber or transport plane. It probably means I have flown both or my family thought I flew a transport plane for FedEx, for example, while I was really a pilot in the military. I puzzled over the significance of that red, 1990 Mazda RX-7 and I finally decided that it represents the stealth fighter and/or bomber. I couldn’t reconcile the RX-7 as a fighter because it wasn’t a pickup truck. But then I thought about how it was a hatchback and the thing about the stealth fighter, the F-117, is that all the weapons are stored internally, or so I understand. I also had a burgundy 1992 Plymouth Voyager so I guess that represents something about the space ship I had for the mission to the comet.

From 5/1/1967 to 6/19/1968 is: 415 days, or 59 weeks and 2 days

When I earlier started having thoughts that Phoebe Cates might actually be married, those thoughts followed with "don't get your hopes up" as though someone is preparing me for the reality of losing her again, as in "Cast Away." The thoughts persist though. There's not so much an urgency to the thoughts, but they are clear thoughts, again as though some part of my consciousness that still remembers my real identity is giving me another clue to my real life. It could be that we really are married and she is waiting for me to finish this deployment and return home. It could be that the house I have had the recurring dreams about for almost the past decade I have been 100% deployed is a house we lived in.
"The Inner Light" is the twenty fifth episode of the fifth season of the science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, the penultimate episode of the season.

Airdate June 1, 1992

The Enterprise-D is followed by a space probe. When the probe scans the ship, Picard staggers and is rendered unconscious.

He wakes to find himself being tended to by a women, who tells him he has come out of a fever. She refers to him as Kamin, and claims to be his wife. He establishes that he is on a non-federation planet called Kataan, and sets about finding a way to send a message. Outside he meets a man by the name of Batai, who is troubled by his strange questions and apparent lack of memory. Picard visits a lookout offering a view of the town of Ressik. Later his "wife" tells him that he works as an ironweaver and he enjoys practicing the flute. He notices she is wearing an necklace with a decoration in the shape of the probe.

I always thought the woman “Picard” was married to looked familiar, in the context of my artificial identity. She resembled a woman named Liz Lumadue that I went out. I met Liz at the bank where we both worked. That is probably an important clue but I am not entirely sure what it could mean.

Eline was a native of Kataan who lived in the community of Ressik. She was the wife of Kamin, the identity under which Jean-Luc Picard experienced a lifetime of memories in 2368 after encountering a probe launched from Kataan.

Eline had been in love with Kamin for quite some time, since she was the age of seven. Kamin's first gift for his wife was a necklace that resembled the Kataan probe.

Eventually, they got married and after 8 years had two children together, Meribor and Batai, named after a mutual friend of the same name, who died a few years later.

Kamin was very fond of Eline's cooking, especially liking her soup. When he was ill, she refused to take him to the hospital but nursed him back to health herself. She thought of him as the best iron weaver in the whole community and always had to put away his shoes for him, as he always forgot to.

She had undergone surgery late in her life and only partially recovered, dying a short while later and leaving Kamin to bear witness to the death of their culture. (TNG: "The Inner Light")

Eline was played by Margot Rose. In Morgan Gendel's never produced sequel to "The Inner Light", the Enterprise found Eline in suspended animation. [1] The probe-shaped necklace that Eline wore was auctioned off in the It's A Wrap! sale and auction.

Kamin was an ironworker on the planet Kataan sometime during the 14th century.
In 2368 the USS Enterprise-D encountered a probe launched from Kataan shortly before their sun went nova. The probe initiated a memory transfer with Captain Jean-Luc Picard and in less than 30 minutes he experienced a full 25 years of Kamin's life, including his marriage to Eline and the birth of their children.

However, Picard's former life was not completely obscured during the memory transfer and he retained many of his former interests, such as astronomy and music. During the period he experienced Kamin's life Picard struggled to master the Ressikan flute, made observations of the stars from Kataan, and conducted studies of the soil and climate of the planet. By the time his grandson was born Kamin had concluded that Kataan was a dying planet. He lived just long enough to witness the launch of the probe that he would encounter aboard the Enterprise several hundred years later. (TNG: "The Inner Light")

3 weeks, 2 days, before Phoebe Cates turned 359 months old, was this episode:

Airdate May 24, 1993

Second Chances is a sixth season episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Brief Synopsis
Returning to the site of an eight-year-old mission, Commander Riker encounters an identical double of himself, who tries to rekindle a relationship with Troi.

She was 333 months old on 4/16/1991.

Q-Pid is an episode from the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was the 20th episode of the 4th season, aired on April 22, 1991.
Q returns to repay Captain Picard for saving him in "Déjà Q." Picard requests nothing, so Q decides to save Picard from himself by testing Picard's love for his old flame Vash.

On stardate 44741.9, Captain Picard is preparing to give a seminar to several experts in archaeology, including Kloff-Von-Droff, Swizer, and McFarland (Picard notes that they are "giants in the field of archaeology"). However, his ex-girlfriend Vash appears (see "Captain's Holiday") before the conference aboard the Enterprise. Vash states that she came in through the "window". Vash instigates an argument (asking why he never spoke of her with his friends), and although Picard still loves Vash, he is not willing to apologize.

After the dispute, Q appears and notices that Picard has fallen in love with Vash, but Picard denies this. Q is determined to show Picard the danger of his attraction to Vash. Q transports the bridge crew to medieval England where Captain Picard is Robin Hood and the bridge crew are the merry men (Worf, however says "Sir, I protest! I am not a merry man!").

Q assumes the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham and has imprisoned Vash, now Maid Marian. Picard must rescue Vash as she is sentenced to die for treason.

At the end, Picard frees Vash and admits that he loves her. Vash loves him too, but she goes away with Q, who has become intrigued by her.

The actress who portrays "Vash" is 5 years, 9 weeks, 3 days, inclusive, older than Phoebe Cates.
Jennifer Hetrick
Date of Birth: 12 May 1958
"Star Trek: The Next Generation" .... Vash (2 episodes, 1990-1991)
... aka Star Trek: TNG (USA: promotional abbreviation)
- Qpid (1991) TV Episode .... Vash
- Captain's Holiday (1990) TV Episode .... Vash

It was on Risa that Vash also met Captain Jean-Luc Picard, himself on shore leave from the USS Enterprise-D. After initial conflict the two found themselves kindred spirits of a sort and began a romantic relationship.

Picard and Vash parted, recognizing that their lifestyles were incompatible. But their attraction was heartfelt, and each continued to remember the other fondly. (TNG: "Captain's Holiday")

A year later Vash reappeared in Picard's life when she attended the annual Federation Archaeology Council symposium hosted by the USS Enterprise in orbit of Tagus III. Her unannounced visit surprised Picard, who greeted her warmly. However, the warmth between them faded slightly when Vash found that Picard had never mentioned her to his colleagues after meeting her on Risa.

And that part about "Picard" never mentioning her to people he knew. That reminds me of when, in my symbolic and artificial memories, Tracie told me that Bobbilynn had never mentioned me when I was dating Bobbilynn and she found that odd because they were best friends. I also felt disappointment because I wondered why Bobbilynn would not have mentioned me to her. I was always disappointed that I was not still involved with Bobbilynn when Tracie and I were dating and then married.

When I first started reviewing that episode “Captain’s Holiday,” I was puzzling over it from the context of my artificial memories. I was “remember” a time at a dance club called the Phoenix near the airport in Greenville. I can “remember” sitting in that club with some friends, such as Barbara Kelly, and we were talking to the lead singer of the band. Barbara explained that he was her hair dresser at his day job, although that band was all lip-synchers, I think. I can still visualize it all, but it is all most certainly fiction in my mind. I “remember” one time I was talking about how I liked the band The Cure and he was surprised that I would like that kind of music. I “remember” that Barbara’s boyfriend seemed to be jealous of the time we spent together, judging by his comments that were something about me being the button-down-shirt type and how she probably liked that. These all seem like trivial memories, but they must be something important to my real identity. Why else would I remember any of it? All these artificial and symbolic memories were taught to me at some point in 1998 after the medical procedure that suppressed my real memories.

Dan Bartlett - Traitor. Pending Convict.

The following are national traitors and should be detained at Guantanamo for interrogation for betrayal of the United States and for providing material support to traitors of the United States:

Dan Bartlett
Karl Rove
Harriet Miers
John Ashcroft
Bill Gates
Steve Ballmer
Jim Allchin
Brad Smith
Dave Reichert
Norm Maleng

“What did you call me?”

This is another brick in their wall of theft of my intellectual property. It reflects their efforts to hijack my identity. I must have devised this plan, that they are now trying to hijack, long before I realized what kinds of criminals exist in the world. These jokers are without a doubt the worst of the worst. George W. Bush is one cowgirl that is going to spend many years in prison.

From 3/3/1959 to 8/21/1968 is: 3459 days

John Timothy Griffin (born August 21, 1968), the current interim US Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas. He received attention in the 2006 Dismissal of U.S. Attorneys controversy when he was chosen to replace US Attorney Bud Cummins.

Documents released by a subsequent Congressional investigation showed that, in the summer of 2006, White House "officials were eager to free up the prosecutor's slot in Little Rock, Ark., so it could be filled by Timothy Griffin, a GOP operative close to White House political advisor Karl Rove, at all costs."[3] Prior to this he was a top Republican researcher and aide to Rove.[4] He was hand selected by Rove to be a US Attorney

Dismissal of U.S. attorneys controversy

The dismissal of U.S. Attorneys controversy, also referred to as Attorneygate,[1] is an ongoing political dispute concerning the dismissal of eight United States Attorneys by the George W. Bush administration in late 2006 and early 2007. The controversy received nationwide attention in March 2007. Multiple news organizations, as well as administration critics, have described it as a "scandal"[2][3][4] or "furor".[5] Attorney General Alberto Gonzales described it as "an overblown personnel matter."[6]

The dismissed United States Attorneys had been appointed by President George W. Bush and confirmed by the Senate. A key issue in the controversy is the political nature of any Senate-confirmed appointment to office, and the 2006 revision of the USA PATRIOT Act, amending the United States Code to permit the term of an interim U.S. Attorney to last until a presidentially nominated replacement is approved by the Senate. The amendment gives the United States Attorney General (the Presidential Cabinet officer authorized to appoint interim U.S. Attorneys) the power to appoint U.S. Attorneys without Senate approval.[7] On March 20, 2007, the Senate voted to overturn this provision by a vote of 94-2.[8] On March 26, the House of Representatives overturned it as well, by a vote of 329-78.[9]

Another concern involves the actual reasons for the dismissals. Critics say that the attorneys were fired for failing to prosecute enough Democrats (at the request of Pete Domenici and Heather Wilson), or as retribution for prosecuting Republicans (such as the prosecution of Randy Cunningham by Carol Lam or the investigation of Rick Renzi by Paul Charlton). The administration and its supporters say the attorneys were dismissed for job-performance reasons "related to policy, priorities and management", and that United States Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the president. Under U.S. law the President has discretion to dismiss these Attorneys without cause, but legal scholars have stated that firing attorneys to block investigations and pursue political retribution could violate the duty of the President to faithfully execute the laws under the constitution and could be construed as "corrupting" a government proceeding in violation of federal law.

Plot summary for
Gremlins (1984)
Gremlins begins with inventor Rand Peltzer trying to find a quick gift for his son Billy before returning home from a New York trip. He settles on a unique pet in a Chinatown curio shop--a cute, furry creature known as a Mogwai. Before he leaves, he is warned by the shop's owner that three rules must be obeyed by a Mogwai owner: 1) Keep it away from bright light, 2) Don't get any water on it, and 3) Never, never ever feed it after midnight. Rand takes note of these rules and returns home with the Mogwai to his idyllic small-town home of Kingston Falls. Rand's gift is an instant hit: Billy loves his adorable new pet, naming it Gizmo and taking it everywhere he goes. Unfortunately, he and his friends also begin breaking the rules of Mogwai care. When water is accidentally spilled on Gizmo, it causes him to multiply and produce a number of mischievous little brothers. Among these is the mean-tempered Stripe. Soon enough, the new Mogwai get hold of some food after midnight and this causes them to change from cute fur-balls into nasty, scaly monsters dubbed 'Gremlins.'


Phoebe Cates ... Kate Beringer

So if I have this figured out correctly, on Christmas Eve when I was 9 years old, I was on Apollo 8 when humans first orbited the Earth's Moon. So there I was - at 9.81 years old, one of the first humans to orbit the Earth's Moon and with a 3 month old son back on Earth.

Memorable quotes for
Gremlins (1984)
Kate: Now I have another reason to hate Christmas.

Billy Peltzer: What are you talking about?

Kate: The worst thing that ever happened to me was on Christmas. Oh, God. It was so horrible. It was Christmas Eve. I was 9 years old. Me and Mom were decorating the tree, waiting for Dad to come home from work. A couple hours went by. Dad wasn't home. So Mom called the office. No answer. Christmas Day came and went, and still nothing. So the police began a search. Four or five days went by. Neither one of us could eat or sleep. Everything was falling apart. It was snowing outside. The house was freezing, so I went to try to light up the fire. That's when I noticed the smell. The firemen came and broke through the chimney top. And me and Mom were expecting them to pull out a dead cat or a bird. And instead they pulled out my father. He was dressed in a Santa Claus suit. He'd been climbing down the chimney... his arms loaded with presents. He was gonna surprise us. He slipped and broke his neck. He died instantly. And that's how I found out there was no Santa Claus.

Apollo 8 was the second manned mission of the Apollo space program, in which Commander Frank Borman, Command Module Pilot James Lovell and Lunar Module Pilot William Anders became the first humans to orbit around the Moon. It was also the first manned launch of the Saturn V rocket.

NASA prepared for the mission in only four months. The hardware involved had only been used a few times—the Saturn V had launched only twice before, and the Apollo spacecraft had only just finished its first manned mission, Apollo 7. However, the success of the mission paved the way for the successful completion of U.S. President John F. Kennedy's goal of landing on the Moon before the end of the decade.

After launching on December 21, 1968, the crew took three days to travel to the Moon, which they orbited for 20 hours. While in lunar orbit the crew made a Christmas Eve television broadcast in which they read from the book of Genesis. It was the most watched broadcast to date.

This is the movie I can still "remember" taking Bobbilynn to see. I can "remember" driving in my red 1990 Mazda RX-7 with her down Highway 76 to a movie theatre in Anderson, SC. She lived near Clemson, South Carolina, as did Tracie Rhodes, who I later married, at least in my artificial and symbolic memories. This “memory” also reminds me of a time later when Tracie and I started dating and I took her to dinner in Anderson and I was feeling depressed that she wasn't Bobbilynn.

Release date(s) December 21, 1990

Kindergarten Cop (1990) is a film directed by Ivan Reitman and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger stars as John Kimble, a tough loner police detective, who goes after drug dealer Cullen Crisp (Richard Tyson), before he can get to his ex-wife and son. Pamela Reed plays his partner Phoebe O'Hara, a teacher-turned-cop and Penelope Ann Miller plays Joyce, the teacher who becomes Kimble's love interest.

The actress who portrayed the love interest of the “Kindergarten Cop” was born precisely 5.933 months after Phoebe Cates.

Penelope Ann Miller (January 13, 1964), sometimes credited as Penelope Miller, is an American actress. She starred in several major Hollywood films during the 1990s, and has continued appearing in supporting roles in both film and television.

Debra Winger portrayed the love interest of the protagonist in “An Officer And A Gentleman.“

Debra Winger's birthday compared to Phoebe Cate's birthday:

From 5/16/1955 to 7/16/1963 is: 2983 days

Their age difference is practically the same as my age on the day I recognize as when I first flew a supersonic jet aircraft by myself the first time. That is also a valid reference because the character Richard Gere portrayed was going into the U.S. Navy aviation field.

From 3/3/1959 to 5/1/1967 is: 2981 days

This might also be why Bobbilynn Michelle Townsend.

This movie premiered in the summer after I graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy a few months earlier.

An Officer and a Gentleman is a 1982 film which tells the story of a United States Navy aviation Officer Candidate who comes into conflict with the Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant who trains him. The original music score was composed by Jack Nitzsche and Buffy Sainte-Marie. The film is marketed with the tagline "Life gave him nothing, except the courage to win...and a woman to love."

The film was written by Douglas Day Stewart and directed by Taylor Hackford. It was shot mostly on location at Port Townsend, Washington since the U.S. Navy would not permit the motion picture to be filmed at Pensacola, Florida (the traditional site of Naval Aviation Officer Candidate School).

Debra Winger (born May 16, 1955) is an Academy Award- nominated American actress.
... 1982, she starred opposite Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman, for which she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress.

There is also a very close relation of actress Linda Hamilton’s birthday with mine and Phoebe Cates. Linda Hamilton portrayed the character “Sarah Connor” in the 1984 movie, “The Terminator,” which was about her unborn son, “John Connor.” I have written about how Microsoft-Corbis positioned a look-alike of “Sarah Connor” in the cubicle next to me in 2000 around the same time they installed John Connor as the Microsoft Chief Financial Officer.

From 9/26/1956 to 7/16/1963 is: 2484 days
2484 * 0.359 = 891.756
From 9/26/1956 to 3/3/1959 is: 888 days

Linda Carroll Hamilton (born September 26, 1956) is an American movie actress
Hamilton's next role was in The Terminator in 1984.

The Terminator (also known as Terminator in some early trailers and posters) is a 1984 science fiction/action film featuring former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger in what would become his best-known role, and also starred Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn. Directed by James Cameron, who was only 27 years old at the time, the premise of the movie is that a "Terminator" cybernetic organism (played by Schwarzenegger) has been transported back in time from 2029 to May 12, 1984 to assassinate a woman named Sarah Connor (played by Hamilton). Issues raised by the film include nuclear war, time travel, causal loops and artificial intelligence.

I have been thinking about a plot element from the 1984 movie, "Red Dawn," for a while. I think about how the character Lea Thompson portrayed had a crush on the character Powers Boothe portrayed. And I see a connection here with the birthday for Phoebe Cates, but I think the symbolism is connected to Phoebe in the comments makes about his wife. I don't know if I was ever married to Phoebe Cates but I think his comments about his wife in the movie reflect my feelings at the time for Phoebe Cates in our relationship, whatever that was.

From 6/1/1948 to 5/31/1961 is: 4747 days
4747 / 0.3359 = 1594.5173
From 3/3/1959 to 7/16/1963 is: 1596 days

Powers Allen Boothe (born June 1, 1948) is an American television and film actor.

Lea Katherine Thompson (born May 31, 1961, in Rochester, Minnesota) is an American actress.

Release date(s) August 10, 1984

Red Dawn is a 1984 film by John Milius about an invasion of the United States by the Soviet Union and Cuba, and the resulting guerrilla actions of a group of American high school students in the fictional town of Calumet, Colorado. The movie features Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey, and Powers Boothe.
The film’s plot involves a Soviet and Cuban/Latin American invasion of the United States in the late 1980s, igniting a world war. The story is about young people resisting the resulting Soviet occupation.

The film is set in a small Colorado town. The opening scene featured a massive airdrop by airborne forces into the town and school. The storyline centers around a group of teenagers who flee to the hills to escape the Soviets, and eventually begin an insurgency against Soviet occupational forces. The Colorado high school students call themselves the Wolverines after their school’s team/mascot and proceed to launch raids, set ambushes, use sniper attacks, plant bombs, and even execute a Russian prisoner and one of their own (who had been forced to betray them to the Soviets) during their campaign.

Over time, the Wolverines are joined by a downed fighter pilot, who instructs them in more formal military tactics, culminating in the Wolverines liberating a "political prisoner camp" in town where the Soviets had rounded up citizens whom they thought might offer resistance to their occupation.
Erica Mason (Lea Thompson) - Toni’s younger sister. She is soft-spoken and always observes what is going on. She forms a crush on the downed pilot (Tanner).
Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Tanner, USAF (Powers Boothe) - A fighter pilot from Texas whose F-15C was shot down (asked how he got shot down, he indignantly replies, “It was five to one. I got four.”), he was discovered by Erica Mason. She took him to the Wolverine base camp, where he taught the kids some military tactics. They planned several attacks, but he was killed when he jumped on a Russian tank and tried to overtake it.

Friday, April 27, 2007

“Yeah, I'm sure he's saying that”

Not only is there a difference of 1218 days between my birthday and Tom Cruise's birthday, but the birthday of Katie Holmes, his new wife and co-star of the recent “Batman Begins,” is 12/18/1978.

From 3/3/1959 to 7/3/1962 is: 1218 days
From 7/3/1962 to 11/2/1965 is: 1218 days

Kate Noelle "Katie" Holmes (born December 18, 1978) is an American actress who first achieved fame for her role as Joey Potter on The WB teen drama Dawson's Creek from 1998 to 2003. Her part on the show, only her second professional role, made Holmes a star. Her movie roles have ranged from art house films such as The Ice Storm to thrillers such as Abandon to blockbusters such as Batman Begins

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were married on 11/18/2006. That was 359 months, 3 weeks, after 11/28/1976, the day I recognize as when I left the Jupiter moon Callisto to begin my return to Earth, which occurred on 4/14/1977.

The movie “Top Gun” premiered precisely 59.3 months after 6/7/1981. That is the date known as the Operation Opera strike by the Israeli Air Force on the nuclear reactor that Saddam Hussein was building.

Top Gun is a 1986 American film directed by Tony Scott and produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer in association with Paramount Pictures. The screenplay was written by Jim Cash and Jack Epps Jr., and was inspired by an article written by Ehud Yonay for California Magazine entitled "Top Guns." The film stars Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Anthony Edwards, Val Kilmer, Tom Skerritt, Michael Ironside, Tim Robbins, and Meg Ryan.

The film follows LT Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell, a young naval aviator who aspires to be a top fighter pilot in a prestigious naval school which trains the top 1% of all Naval Aviators. Maverick gets his chance to attend the school after one pilot drops out, allowing for him and his RIO (Radar Intercept Officer, the "back seater" in the two-man F-14) LTJG Nick 'Goose' Bradshaw to train with the best.

The film opened on May 16, 1986 to good reviews, the aerial scenes being most notably praised. The film accumulated over $350 million world-wide, and broke home-video sales records.

This is a curious combination of dates, similar to what I wrote the other day about “Cast Away.” These dates for “Top Gun” reflects the love interest of “Maverick” to my real birthday and then in comparison to the birthdates for the actress that portrayed “Goose’s” wife with the birth date of Phoebe Cates. I was thinking a lot after I woke that she must have really been someone special to me.

From 7/9/1957 to 3/3/1959 is: 602 days
From 11/19/1961 to 7/16/1963 is: 604 days

Kelly McGillis (born July 9, 1957 in Newport Beach, California, USA) is an American actress, whose notable movies include Witness (for which she received a Golden Globe nomination), Top Gun and The Accused.

Meg Ryan (born November 19, 1961) is an American actress who specializes in romantic comedies, but has also worked in other film genres.


Top Gun (1986)

Phoebe Cates (born Phoebe Belle Katz on July 16, 1963 in New York City, New York) is an American film actress best known for her roles in several teen films, most notably Fast Times at Ridgemont High. At the height of her popularity, Harper's Bazaar named her as one of America's 10 Most Beautiful Women of 1984.

I find myself thinking a lot about the similarity of two scenes from the 1986 “Top Gun” and then the 2000 “Cast Away”:

Memorable quotes for
Top Gun (1986)

Viper: How ya doin'?

Maverick: I'm all right.

Viper: Goose is dead.

Maverick: I know.

Viper: You fly jets long enough, something like this happens.

Maverick: He was my R.I.O., my responsibility.

Viper: My squadron we lost 8 of 18 aircraft. 10 men. First one dies you die too, but there will be others. You can count on that. You gotta let him go. You gotta let him go.

Memorable quotes for
Cast Away (2000)

Kelly Frears: I always knew you were alive, I knew it. Everybody said that I had to let you go. I love you. You're the love of my life.

Chuck Noland: I love you too, Kelly. More than you'll ever know.

I guess that is supposed to be a reference to make me look at details associated with the director Stephen Frears. He was 59 years old at the 12/22/2000 release of “Cast Away” but I couldn’t find any other interesting connections to his birthday and the release of that movie. The name “Kelly” reminded me of my undercover first name, Kerry, as well as “Kelly” from “Top Gun,” who was “Mavericks” love interest. Following a hunch, I found it interesting to note that director Stephen Frears was 59 years, 3 weeks, 5 days, old on Phoebe Cates 7/16/2000 birthday. Since the numbers don’t precisely match up, maybe that reflects how close she and I were.

Stephen Arthur Frears (born June 20, 1941) is an Academy Award-nominated English film director.

He has since directed a number of successful films in both Britain and America, including The Hi-Lo Country (1998), High Fidelity (2000), Dirty Pretty Things (2003) and Mrs. Henderson Presents starring Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins. In recent years he has also occasionally returned to directing for television, perhaps most notably helming The Deal, a dramatised account of the alleged deal between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to decide which of them should become leader of the Labour Party in 1994, for Channel 4 in 2003. His latest film, The Queen, was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. It was also made for television but was given a cinematic release; it achieved immense critical acclaim, box office success and awardage. Frears himself received his second Academy Award nomination for his direction of the film and Helen Mirren won the Academy Award for Best Actress.

Dame Helen Mirren, DBE, (born on July 26, 1945) is an Academy Award-winning English stage, television and film actress. She has also won four SAG Awards and assorted BAFTAs, Golden Globes and Emmy Awards during her career.

During her career, she has portrayed three British queens in different films and television series. These include Elizabeth I in the television series Elizabeth I (2005), Elizabeth II in the film The Queen (2006), and Queen Charlotte, the wife of George III, in The Madness of King George (1994). Her role in The Queen gained her numerous awards including a BAFTA, a Golden Globe, and an Oscar. During her acceptance speech at the Academy Award ceremony, Mirren praised and thanked Elizabeth II and stated that she had maintained her dignity and weathered many storms during her reign as Queen

I also puzzled over the number of days between my birthday and Stephen Frears birthday in comparison to Helen Mirren’s birthday and Phoebe Cates birthday. At first I thought they were precisely the same but when I looked again, I noticed two numbers were transposed and I wondered if that was deliberate.

From 6/20/1941 to 3/3/1959 is: 6465 days
From 7/26/1945 to 7/16/1963 is: 6564 days

I wrote earlier about how that track "New Moon On Monday" makes me think it reflects the final flight to Earth's Moon with Apollo 17. Apollo 17 landed on the Moon on 12/11/1972, which was a Monday. But it also made me think of 6/7/1976. That is the day I recognize as when I landed on the Saturn moon Phoebe. I have been thinking that "New Moon On Monday" was Apollo 17 because that was a new trip to the Earth's Moon. But 6/7/1976 was a visit to a different moon, and during that mission, was the first visit I made to any moon. My first stop was at Mars, which is a planet. And then the Jupiter moon Callisto was the next new moon after Phoebe, but that wasn‘t a Monday. Those lyrics and sound effects make me think the song represents several trips and that it includes Apollo 17 and the Jupiter moon Phoebe.

The clues got even more interesting as I continued to examine the details, and I realized that "New Moon On Monday" also pointed to Apollo 8, which was the first time humans had orbited the Earth‘s Moon.

And it is all anchored to Phoebe Cates birthday. She was obviously quite special to me.

From 7/16/1963 to 6/7/1976 is: 4710 days
From 6/7/1976 to 11/21/1983 is: 2723 days
4710 - 2723 = 1987
From 7/16/1963 to 12/23/1968 is: 1987 days

Seven and the Ragged Tiger is Duran Duran's third studio album, released globally in November, 1983. It would prove to be the last studio album for the band's original lineup until 2004's Astronaut.

Released 21 November 1983
Track listing
2. "New Moon On Monday" – 4:16

Phoebe Cates (born Phoebe Belle Katz on July 16, 1963 in New York City, New York) is an American film actress best known for her roles in several teen films, most notably Fast Times at Ridgemont High. At the height of her popularity, Harper's Bazaar named her as one of America's 10 Most Beautiful Women of 1984.

Apollo 8 was the second manned mission of the Apollo space program, in which Commander Frank Borman, Command Module Pilot James Lovell and Lunar Module Pilot William Anders became the first humans to orbit around the Moon. It was also the first manned launch of the Saturn V rocket.
After launching on December 21, 1968, the crew took three days to travel to the Moon, which they orbited for 20 hours. While in lunar orbit the crew made a Christmas Eve television broadcast in which they read from the book of Genesis. It was the most watched broadcast to date.

Apollo 17 was the eleventh manned space mission in the NASA Apollo program. It was the first night launch and the final lunar landing mission of the Apollo program.
Launch: December 7, 1972
Lunar landing: December 11, 1972

December 23, 1968: Monday
December 11, 1972: Monday
June 7, 1976: Monday

"New Moon On Monday"

Shake up the picture the lizard mixture
With your dance on the eventide
You got me coming up with answers
All of which I deny
I said it again
Could I please rephrase it
Maybe I can catch a ride
I couldn't really put it much plainer
But I'll wait till you decide
Send me your warning siren
As if I could ever hide
Last time La Luna
I light my torch and wave it for the
New moon on Monday
And a firedance through the night
I stayed the cold day with a lonely satellite
Breaking away with the best of both worlds
A smile that you can't disguise
Every minute I keep finding
Clues that you leave behind
Save me from these reminders
As if I'd forget tonight
This time La Luna

What this also reminds me of again is a conversation I “remember” from my artificial memories of talking to Maria Coleman at her desk. She is the friend I “remember” that was the assistant to the President of the First Federal bank where I worked. I was dating Tracie, my future wife, at the time, as Maria was commenting about how I never talked about her the way I used to talk about Rachel Barnett or Bobbilynn Michelle Townsend. Something how I was crazy about those too but I didn’t seem as crazy about Tracie. I have thought about that conversation a lot over the years and how I was not going to get involved again with anyone unless I was just as crazy about her.

I am thinking that Rachel Barnett and Bobbilynn Michelle Townsend reflect my feelings for Phoebe Cates and Julia Roberts. Those fictional characters in my artificial memories were created years after my relationships with those two woman. I can still visualize so much detail with both of them. I am thinking though, that my experiences with Bobbilynn has something also to do with the comet. I “remember” the first time she came over to my apartment at Wexford. It was very cold that night. I rented the movie “RoboCop” and we were watching it on my Mitsubishi television. The heater on my apartment quit working that night and I only had one blanket, which I gave her as she sat there on the couch watching the movie. I “remember” that it was blanket that I got a long time earlier from Jim Shea, formerly of Hollywood, Florida, and there was an image of a tiger on the blanket. I have thought often of that blanket over the past few years. The last time, in my artificial memories that I “remembered” seeing it was when I was sitting in the back of my white Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo one night and the drive-in theatre near Charlotte, NC. I used to like to go there by myself and they always presented 3 first-run movies each night on the weekends. As all the vehicles I drove in my artificial memories are symbolic, I believe that Grand Cherokee represented the Space Shuttle. So anyway, later that night, as Bobbilynn was leaving my Wexford apartment, we were standing at her car, a Geo Storm, and I asked if I could kiss her and she replied by asking “I don’t know. Can you?” I have puzzled over that for a long time. These are all symbolic memories and the true meaning is very interesting to ponder. It is an exercise in philosophy or poetry in a lot of ways. You read it and you understand what you are.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Maybe you know what this means. Maybe you don’t.


To grow vigorously; flourish

Princeton University is a coeducational private university located in Princeton, New Jersey, in the United States of America.


Dei sub numine viget
(Under God's power she flourishes)

The current President of Princeton University is 1 year, 359 days, older than Thedia Newman. Thedia Newman Draper is the name of my mother in my official federal undercover identity.

From 9/17/1947 to 9/10/1948 is: 359 days

Shirley Marie Tilghman (born Shirley Marie Caldwell, September 17, 1946) was elected Princeton University’s first woman president on May 5, 2001, and assumed office on June 15, 2001.

A leader in the field of molecular biology, Tilghman served on the Princeton faculty for 15 years before being named president. She is renowned for her pioneering research in mammalian developmental genetics, her national leadership on behalf of women in science and promoting efforts to make the early careers of young scientists as meaningful and productive as possible.

I also find myself thinking that her last name is probably pronounced the same as Pat Tillman's last name.

Her predecessor at Princeton University was 41 years, 3 weeks, 3 days, old on 7/2/1976. That date 7/2/1976 is the date I recognize as when I intercepted the comet somewhere in the outer solar system. After I got there, I planted 4-B41 thermonuclear bombs on the comet and the comet exploded on 7/4/1976. The thought occurs to me now that I should say that while these events include symbolic elements, the event I describe represent literal events. For example, the timing of the events feature symbolic elements, but the events I describe actually happened. It is frustrating that I cannot actually remember going to that comet and exploding it, but I am quite certain it really happened and that I will soon remember it all again.

From 6/8/1976 to 7/2/1976 is: 24 days, or 3 weeks and 3 days

Harold Tafler Shapiro, Ph.D (born June 8, 1935) is a former president of Princeton University and of the University of Michigan.

Born in Montreal, Quebec and trained as an economist, Shapiro earned his B.Comm from McGill University and his Ph.D from Princeton University's economics department in 1964. He joined the faculty of the University of Michigan that same year and held a variety of academic and administrative appointments until his selection as President of that University in 1980, a position he held until he was called to Princeton in 1988. As Princeton's president, he oversaw the largest increase in the University endowment in the history of the school.

Harold T. Shapiro

Harold Tafler Shapiro, an alumnus of Princeton’s Graduate School, came to Princeton from the University of Michigan, where he had been president for eight years.

Shapiro returned to Princeton as its president in 1988. Under his leadership, Princeton celebrated its 250th anniversary, expanded its motto (at his initiative) from “Princeton in the Nation’s Service” to “Princeton in the Nation’s Service and in the Service of All Nations,” and completed the most successful fund-raising campaign in its history, raising a total of $1.14 billion. During his tenure, the University’s endowment quadrupled from approximately $2 billion to more than $8 billion.

This is an interesting observation. I noted that I was 6088 days old when I launched on my mission to the outer solar system. That is also the time span from the day I recognize as my first day at Princeton University and the day HMS Sheffield of the Royal Navy was hit by missiles because I was on board. I have been thinking that I was onboard the HMS Sheffield that day because I am directly related to the crown royals of Britain, although I don’t consciously remember any of that.

From 3/3/1959 to 11/2/1975 is: 6088 days
From 9/2/1965 to 5/4/1982 is: 6088 days

I have been thinking that Tracie Rhodes, the woman I was married to in my artificial and symbolic memories, is a composite character of two women that I was in love with at different times. One is Julia Roberts. Before her was Phoebe Cates. I think I combined details of both into the woman I “remember” marrying in my symbolic and artificial memories, although the woman I “remember“ was nothing as grand as those two.

I didn’t fully understand this until after I wrote the part of about the ‘disconnected’ symbolism in my last post, but I believe that is precisely what it means. There is characteristic of Helen Hunt’s birthday that actually creates a kind of disconnected symbolism and I thought it was kind of spooky after I realized what I had written. The difference between my birthday and Helen Hunt’s birthday is the same difference as Phoebe Cates and Julia Roberts birthday. There is a 31 day difference, or disconnect, between Helen Hunt’s birthday and Phoebe Cates birthday. I think this is one of those methods I wrote of where we look for something logical but yet still hard to program software to decode. This particular detail about the relationship of their birthdays reflects that Helen Hunt represents my feelings for both of those women and the regret……something else I can’t quite articulate. But that is what that detail represents: the character Helen Hunt portrays reflects my feelings for those two women at different points in my life.

My birthday to Helen Hunt's birthday is 1565 days.
From 3/3/1959 to 6/15/1963 is: 1565 days

Phoebe Cates birthday to Julia Roberts birthday is also 1565 days.
From 7/16/1963 to 10/28/1967 is: 1565 days

I wonder if she is Michael's girlfriend that I "remember" wailing at his funeral. I can't remember her name. But, as I recall, they had broken up sometime before and he was dating someone else when he died. I think her name was Bethany but we all still thought of that other girl as his girlfriend.

Michael was my step-brother in my artificial memories that I “remember” being killed when he wrecked his pickup truck the night of 11/25/1986. In my symbolic memories, which are probably literal on this point, I “remember” feeling a lot of guilt over his death. I “remember” that if I had driven that night, he probably wouldn’t have been killed. That probably represents something about how I was not the pilot of that aircraft that night we were shot down and that I normally was a pilot.

I can still visualize sitting there in the funeral home with the rest of the family as friends passed by his coffin before the family did. I can still visualize her not wanting to be led away the two or three people that were trying to lead her away as she was sobbing.

I found myself thinking about how Phoebe Cates starred in a movie in 1987 titled, “Date With An Angel.” The movie premiered on a Friday, as most movies do, and the previous day, a Thursday, was 359 days after 11/25/1986, the day I recognize as when my family had a funeral for me because I had been missing for a long time in Africa. By the time that movie came out though, I had already made it back home and my family and friends knew I was alive. I am thinking that Helen Hunt’s character, in terms of contextual symbolism, represents Phoebe Cates, although, Phoebe and I hadn’t been seeing each other for a long time. I was married to someone else before I was shot down by anti-aircraft fire on 2/14/1986. By the time I got back on 5/13/1987, my wife had gotten a divorce because she thought I was dead and eventually remarried. I think I "remember" all that in terms of a girlfriend named Amanda. I think she represents my wife when I was missing in Africa. She waited a long time but then finally moved on with her life, as she should have.

I keep wanting to say I told Julia what really happened to me in Africa in 1986 and 1987, but yet, I also want to say that I never did tell her. With these thoughts, I also "remember" a Valentines Day when I was dating Tracie. I had been sitting there in my Wexford apartment in the living room in the dark and I must have been very depressed. I "remember" that Tracie drove over to my apartment and she was angry because I hadn't called her that day. She was saying something about how she expected better from me.

I am thinking that artificial memory of Tracie being angry at me actually represents Valentines Day of 1988 and I was depressed because I was remembering that day two years earlier. I might have had trouble back in those talking about things that were bothering me. And I probably wouldn’t talk about those events anyway, no matter how much I cared about her.

I have been thinking that Phoebe Cates is represented in my memory by a woman named Phyllis. She was the girlfriend of my best friend when I was on the USS Wainwright CG-28 in Charleston, South Carolina. I have often thought of how similar in appearance was that friend, Jim Shea, to Mel Gibson. He also resembled the photos I have seen of Senator John McCain when he was younger. So, Jim Shea, in my symbolic and artificial memories, was from Hollywood, Florida, and he had a beautiful girlfriend named Phyllis and I thought he was stupid for breaking up with her. I “remember” she gave me a nice hug the last time I saw her. After they broke up, Jim started dating a woman named Julie. We would all go out on the town a lot as a group of friends. I “remember” that Julie was there to drive me home from the hospital. She brought a pizza to me when I was in the hospital, but I was knocked out from medication. I “remember” one of the other guys in my room said he was glad they moved me into his hospital room because I had so many good looking women coming in to visit me.

"The Fan"

Helen Hunt, from "Cast Away," is very close with her birthday to being in the middle of my birthday and Julia Robert's birthday. But the symbolism disconnects in a sense because I am thinking that I met Julia immediately after I returned from Africa. The precise mid-point between my birth date and the one listed for her is 6/30/1963. I guess that makes sense considering that we never married, if we even dated, which I can't actually remember in the conventional.

From 3/3/1959 to 6/15/1963 is: 1565 days
From 6/15/1963 to 10/28/1967 is: 1596 days

I also noted that Julia Roberts is from Smyrna, GA. The woman I “remember” as my wife, that I think is symbolic of Julia Roberts, was from Birmingham, Alabama, and Smyrna, according to map tools on the internet is in the middle of where I lived in Greenville, SC, when Tracie and I started dating.

A similar pattern exists, as I have written, with the actor Tom Cruise, and I think that is because he is the best friend of Thomas Ray, as well as the primary near-literal representation of Thomas Ray in movie form.

Tom Cruise’s birthday is in the middle of the birthday of Thomas Ray as well as my artificial identity. Tom Cruise is from Wayne, New Jersey, according to information on the internet, and Wayne is my middle name.

From 3/3/1959 to 7/3/1962 is: 1218 days
From 7/3/1962 to 11/2/1965 is: 1218 days

Barry Bonds was born 59 months, 3 weeks, 5 days, before 7/20/1969. That day 7/20/1969 was when Apollo 11 landed on the Earth’s Moon.

I am reminded of that DeNiro film "The Fan" because the character Wesley Snipes portrayed played for the Giants.

Barry Lamar Bonds (born July 24, 1964 in Riverside, California) is a Major League left fielder for the San Francisco Giants.

The Fan is a 1996 thriller film directed by Tony Scott and starring Robert De Niro, Wesley Snipes, and Benicio del Toro. Based on the novel of the same name by Peter Abrahams, The Fan is a psychological thriller that follows Gil Renard (De Niro) as he progresses into his own insanity. The majority of the film revolves around the sport of baseball, and explores the overt dedication displayed by some of its fanatics.

I remember noting this next article in my journal on my computer when I first read it. The article indicates he made those comments on 3/22/2005. That was almost at the point of 59 weeks after I quit Microsoft. I was beyond frustrated by that time at the cage I was living in 24 hours a day that Microsoft and other paparazzi types such as KOMO4 and Seattle P-I had created for me all those years that I was writing in my journal about jumping off a bridge. You would think they would show some decency, but there was nothing. Nothing but zombies following me, invading my privacy 24 hours a day. How can anyone live like that? I was just doing my job working with my official federal undercover identity. And it wasn’t like it was hard to figure out. And yet - those events alone were over 2 YEARS ago! And still I live in this cage of the paparazzi!

Updated: March 23, 2005
"I'm tired of my kids crying. You wanted me to jump off a bridge, I finally did," Bonds told reporters Tuesday, shortly after returning to training camp. "You finally brought me and my family down. ... So now go pick a different person."

A similar trend was evident, for example, when I went to Salt Lake City, Utah, for Ironman Utah 2002 triathlon. The hotel I stayed at was one example. But I think that is also why the swim start was selected for that new event - because it reflected characteristics of my real identity. This is how the stalkers and paparazzi types tell you they have control over your life. It is typical celebrity stalker type behavior. They want you to know they are part of your life and you can’t do anything about it, as they continue to do to me to this very minute in the supposed privacy of my apartment and everywhere I go outside as they have done for the past 9 years I have been working with this official federal undercover identity I still maintain.