Saturday, June 09, 2007

"Way to go, Paula! Way to go!"

The more I think about it, the more likely Phoebe and I have been married since 1981.

From 3/3/1959 to 5/1/1967 is: 2981 days
From 5/16/1955 to 7/16/1963 is: 2983 days

Debra Winger

Date of Birth: 16 May 1955

An Officer and a Gentleman (1982) .... Paula Pokrifki

This actress was 14 years, 359 days, old on 11/25/1986. I recognize the date 11/25/1986 as when my family had a funeral service for me because they thought I had been killed in Africa. My thoughts suggest I was actually running down the continent where I would eventually find a United States embassy and would be transported by the USS Stark FFG-31. I believe the Stark was attacked because I was onboard and they were trying to kill me. Nothing ever changes. At least now we are closer than ever to exposing the traitors, such as Bill Gates and George W. Bush that are behind it all, among their other accomplices.

I wonder if I used the '14' as a reversed-'41,' assuming I had anything to do with this movie. I can remember watching this movie back in 2000 on television and I puzzled several times over that scene where the guy says he killed a lion with his bare hands. This is the actress who portrays the wife of the star of the movie.

From 12/1/1971 to 11/25/1986 is: 14 years, 359 days

Emily Mortimer

Date of Birth: 1 December 1971

The Ghost and the Darkness (1996) .... Helena Patterson

The date difference for the actors who portray "Worf's" parents from the "Family" episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" television series was 3459 days. The "Family" episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" premiered 3 years, 4.59 months after 5/13/1987, reminding me of my 3/4/1959 birthday in my father's homeland. I recognize the date 5/13/1987 as when I completed my escape from Africa after being shot down by anti-anticraft fire to become a POW of Libya. After about two months in that Libyan prison, I escaped into the desert, working my way south and living off the land of Africa for over a year until I made it out. The actress who portrayed "Picard's" sister-in-law is 19 years, 11 months, 26 days, older than me. That forms Ronald Reagan's birthday of 2/6/1911.

From 5/13/1987 to 10/1/1990 is: 3 years, 4.59 months


Airdate October 1, 1990

"Family" was the second episode of the fourth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. This episode takes place several weeks after the Borg attack on Earth shown in the episode "The Best of Both Worlds", and is sometimes considered to be a third part to the the "Best of Both Worlds" story arc, although it does not include any scenes with the Borg

I assume this commissioning date was selected for that '7' there in between the '33' and the '59' to represent good luck.

From 2/6/1911 to 7/12/2003 is: 33759 days


Commissioned: 12 July 2003

USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76), the ninth Nimitz-class supercarrier, was the first ship of the United States Navy to be named for President Ronald Reagan.

This episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" was precisely 3 years, 359 days, after 11/25/1986. I recognize the date 11/25/1986 as when my family had a funeral for me, thinking I had been killed in Africa. I had a dream the other night that suggests to me I was pulled from the wreckage of the aircraft and that is how they caught me. I had been thinking I parachuted from the A-6 TRAM bomber I was flying in but now I'm not so sure I ejected. But I don't know. My dream was only of people standing over me and I felt threatened. One of the guys looked similar to the actor who held Russell Crowe's character captive in "Gladiator."

This particular episode stands out most in my mind as representative of my escape across Africa because of their crash landing in the desert. The photos of them in the desert make me think it has something to do with me being lost in the desert in 1986 and 1987.

From 11/25/1986 to 11/19/1990 is: 3 years, 359 days


Final Mission

Air Date: 11.19.1990


Picard summons Wesley Crusher to the Bridge, where he informs the youngster that he has been accepted to Starfleet Academy. He further honors Wesley by asking him to accompany him on a final mission to help mediate a dispute on Pentarus V. When the U.S.S. Enterprise is called to investigate another nearby crisis, Picard and Wesley proceed alone, traveling with a representative of the planet, Dirgo, in his dilapidated shuttle. En route, the shuttle fails, forcing an emergency landing on a desert-like moon. Upon learning Dirgo is not traveling with water, Picard positions a makeshift arrow in the sand to indicate their direction and heads toward a mountain range for shelter.

Final Mission

On his way to Starfleet Academy, Wesley Crusher must care for an injured Captain Picard after their shuttle crashes on a desert moon.
Meanwhile, Dirgo's shuttle suffers a mishap, and has to crash land on Lambda Paz, a desert moon of Pentarus III. Since Dirgo's shuttle had no room for emergency supplies or potable water, Picard takes charge of the party and makes plans for their survival until a rescue party can find them. After leaving a marker by the shuttle, the three survivors begin a trek to a nearby mountain range in search of shelter from the scorching sunlight. During their hike, Wesley notes some strange energy readings in the direction of their travel.

Suffering from dehydration and fatigue, they find a cave with an increased level of the energy readings, and investigating, the trio find a strange fountain of water in it. The fountain is protected by a force field, and attempts by Dirgo to fire at the field with his phaser unleashes a sentry energy weapon which knocks the weapon from his hand and encases it in a fibrous shell. In the commotion, a landslide begins over Wesley, but Picard pushes him out of the way, suffering a broken leg, fractured arm, and head wound in the process. Weakened, Picard tells Wesley that he has to take charge, and deter Dirgo from any further rash attempts to breach the force field. But clearly, their need for water is greater than ever.

On the moon, Wesley jury rigs his combadge and Tricorder to interfere and possibly disable the energy sentry. Attempting this, he succeeds and disables the force field around the fountain. He brings water to Picard in one of the shuttle's survival kit cases, and regaining some strength and composure, Picard assures Wesley that he has always been proud of the boy.

Wesley is woken some time later by his mother, who informs him that Picard is all right and his vital signs are stabilized. As Picard is carried out on a stretcher, he grabs Wesley's hand and confesses, "You will be missed."

From 6/18/1942 to 2/14/1986 is: 3 days, 34 weeks 43 years


Nick Tate

Date of Birth: 18 June 1942

"Star Trek: The Next Generation" .... Dirgo (1 episode, 1990)

Final Mission (1990) TV Episode .... Dirgo

The actor who portrayed "Picard's" tormentor in the "Chain Of Command" episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" has a 0.59 connection to the day I recognize as escaping from the Libyans and the day I recognize as completing that escape.

From 7/29/1941 to 5/13/1987 is: 16724 days
From 3/3/1959 to 4/14/1986 is: 9904 days
9904 / 16724 = 0.59

David Warner (born July 29, 1941) is an English actor who often plays sinister or evil characters.
In "Chain of Command", a 6th-season episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, he was a Cardassian interrogator. He based his portrayal on the evil "re-educator" from 1984.

"the royals and the press"
October 1980 Sun headlines: "Charles Set to Make Lady Di his Bride Next Year..."

Diana is under siege by British tabloids.

Nov/Dec 1980 Charles tours India for eight weeks; he asks British royal reporters on the trip what they think of Diana Spencer and why they think she's the girl he should or will marry.
1980's The Sun's circulation rises to record levels.

January 1, 1981 On New Year's Day, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth say to reporters staked out nearby: "A thoroughly nasty new year to your editors..."Rupert Murdoch buys The Times and the Sunday Times.

February 24, 1981 Engagement is officially announced of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer. Tabloids follow Diana's movements constantly.

July 1981 Diana Spencer leaves polo matched distressed -- Charles says it is because of all the media attacking her.

July 29, 1981 Prince Charles and Diana Spencer get married. 750 million people watch worldwide. Diana starts appearing on the covers of dozens of magazines


February 18, 1982 The Star and The Sun follow Princess Diana and Charles to the Bahamas and in a sneak attack take pictures of pregnant Diana in a bikini. Queen calls the action "The blackest day in the history of British journalism." Lloyd Turner, Sun's editor, is sacked for the day.

Throughout the year, headline coverage on the marriage continues : "Loveless Marriage" "Disco Diana dumps Charles" "Old Flame the Prince Won't Forget..." "Fears for Di's Health"


December 25, 1992 In the Queen's Christmas message the distress over family turmoil and press revelations is clear: "Like many other families, we have lived through some difficult days this year...It has touched me deeply that so much [support] has come from those of you with troubles of your own. If we can sometimes lift our eyes from our own problems, and focus on those of others it will be at least a step in the right direction."

Afterwards, The Times writes: "What matters is the national sense that something is wrong with the state of the Royal Family, that, while the Monarch remains high in her subjects' esteem, the rest of 'the firm'is variously at fault and failing to live and work as it should."

the royals and the press
May 1960 Princess Margaret marries photographer Anthony Armstrong Jones. She is the first of the royals to be thought of as cool, glamorous, and soon becomes the paparazzi's target.

1962 BBC launches "That Was the Week that Was." The popular weekly program starts satirizing the Royal Family.

1964 Ray Bellisario is the first British paparazzo, dubbed "the peeping Tom" by the press. He sells photos of Princess Margaret in a swimsuit to the Sunday Express which publishes them. The Palace instructs editors not to buy Bellisario's pictures. The editors oblige.

From 12/7/1998 to 10/11/2001 is: 34 months, 4 days
From 12/7/1998 to 9/11/2001 is: 33 months, 4 days
From 10/12/2000 to 9/11/2001 is: 334 days

Thomas C. Wales (1952–2001) was a federal prosecutor and gun control advocate from Seattle, Washington, who was the victim of an unsolved murder.

Act 4. Scene VI

SCENE VI. Fields near Dover.

Enter GLOUCESTER, and EDGAR dressed like a peasant

When shall we come to the top of that same hill?

You do climb up it now: look, how we labour.

Methinks the ground is even.

Horrible steep.
Hark, do you hear the sea?

No, truly.

Why, then, your other senses grow imperfect
By your eyes' anguish.

So may it be, indeed:
Methinks thy voice is alter'd; and thou speak'st
In better phrase and matter than thou didst.

You're much deceived: in nothing am I changed
But in my garments.

Methinks you're better spoken.